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  1. Had one used Dr Juan Arellano in Mex?
  2. Muñekita

    Anyone use Dr Juan Arellano?

    No I didn't. I used a doctor here in California.
  3. I had my band for 10yrs and last april I had a revision to MGB. Weightloss has been slow, but it has helped me to loose a bit more. The band only helped me loose a bit and then stayed at the same weight for about 8yrs. With the mgb I have lost a few more lbs, and I feel great! Best of luck on your journey!
  4. How did you come to decide on the MGB? who is doing your revision? Congrats on doing you, at the end of the day, it's all about you
  5. Anyone have a Mini Gastric bypass?
  6. Yes went yesterday. He said not to worry that loss if much slower after a revision, to just give it time. And that I also have my height, weight and age and slow metabolism to take in consideration. He said to be patient and just keep doing what I'm doing.
  7. Thank you. I had a band revision to mgb on April 3. Weightloss has been slow for me though, only 20lbs. I'm 5'0
  8. How is your journey with the mgb going?
  9. Can you share your numbers with me. Age, height and weightloss numbers. Thank you
  10. Muñekita

    MGB weight loss stalled

    I had band revision to mgb at the beginning of April, only lost about 21lbs so far and haven't lost any more I expected better weightloss than the band, but it seems to be going super slow, and it has stopped
  11. I had a band revision to mgb at the beiggining of April, lost only about 21 lbs and haven't lost any more
  12. Muñekita

    Mini gastric bypass

    So I had my band out and had mgb in beginning of April and only lost about 21lbs. Feeling kinda bummed here Are revisions this slow? Anyone else have a revision to mgb? How has the weigholoss been for you?
  13. Anyone had a mini gastric bypass?
  14. Anyone had Endoscopic balloon dilation?? Can you share your experience? How did they sedate you? Why did you need one done? How did you feel afterwards?
  15. Muñekita

    Endoscopic balloon dilation

    How did they sedate you? Through Iv?
  16. Muñekita

    Mini gastric bypass

    I have read of people who have done the mini gastric bypass because of reflux with their sleeve. There are 2 groups of fb for people with mini gastric bypass and they could answer your question better there. Join the groups. I had a band and I just did revision no MGB.
  17. Anyone had a band revision with Dr Ariel Ortiz???
  18. Anyone used plastic surgeons in TJ? or any San Diego Docs with similar prices to those in TJ? What was your experience when using docs close to the border or on the other side of the border? Just researching as prices are ridiculous here in Cali!
  19. Can rny be revised to mini gastric bypass?
  20. Has anyone used Dr Helmuth Billy for the MGB? Who was your surgeon? How are you doing on your journey? Any complications? How Far Along Are you?
  21. Who has had the MGB the longest? Any complications?
  22. Hopefully insurance will cover it. My doctor seems to think so, but I haven't gone through the process. If insurance doesn't cover it, I'm not having it. That is a cost/debt I won't take on at this point.Msg you
  23. I need my band and plication revised to Gastric bypass. I am self pay, do you recommend anyone in So California? Currently my surgeon is way expensive for a revision, so I'm trying to find a new doctor.
  24. Will you be self pay? Or insurance is going to cover you? Sent from my SM-G900V using the BariatricPal App