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    maynellrmnderm reacted to cinnamon in Post-Op Doctors In Atlanta, Georgia (Usa) Area   
    Is anyone aware of any doctors in the Atlanta, Georgia (USA) area that provide post-op care for plication surgery? I'm looking for some Atlanta, Georgia (USA) area recommendations.
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    maynellrmnderm reacted to betterfly in Please Help- Info On Post Op Diet Needed   
    I am looking to when I should schedule surgery and wonder how long after are you on liquid/soft food diet? How long till you can eat solids again?
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    maynellrmnderm reacted to h21 in More Exercise Preop = Less Saggy Skin Post Op?   
    For those of you postop that didn't get much sagginess/excess skin post op how much did you exercise preop, and was it more weights or cardio? Do you think it helped? Does age matter?
    I know losing slower helps prevent sagginess, just wondering what else I can do. Losing my hair and saggy skin is still better than being fat and unhealthy, but I would like to prevent this as much as possible.
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    maynellrmnderm reacted to stina in Liquids 3 Days Post Op?   
    I just had surgery on Wednesday and I'm back home now, however I have a few questions.
    I'm on the clear liquid diet and wanted to know how much I should be consuming, for instances yesterday on day two I couldn't even finish a caprisun,had ice cubes and had a small popsicle that's it.
    Today I probably had about 6oz of gatorade and 6oz of broth and some ice cubes and that's all.
    I can't imagine getting 64oz of Water in.
    Also does the sipping stop or will that continue to be the case with drinking here on out?
    Any reply will be helpful thanks!!!
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    maynellrmnderm reacted to lap_of_luxury in 2 Weeks Post Op. Down 13 Pounds   
    I had plication done Feb. 3 and today I have lost 13 pounds. I am feeling pretty good after 5 days of diareaha.Immodium was very helpful!I still do not feel any physical hunger so staying on a liquid diet is working well for me. I discovered 3 new Soups this week-v8 makes a brocolli Soup and a potato Soup. A local grocery store, HEB, has a great tortilla soup. Alos, when i go to a restaurant and ask for soup with mostly broth, the waitresses have been very obliging.
    I hope all of you are doing well. I start back to work on Monday. I am taking Calcium and Vitamins daily and drinking at least 48 oz of Fluid.
    I hope the worst is behind me and great weight loss is ahead!
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    maynellrmnderm reacted to Chub in Post Gastric Sleeve Plication Surgery Hunger   
    I had my surgery 5 days ago and I haven't been hungry since the day before my surgery. I have to force myself to have broth, or Protein shakes every 4-6 hours. I am very thirsty so have kept up on my Water intake. Is this unusual?
    Also I haven't lost anything, in fact I was 263 on surgery day and now 265? Am I doing something wrong or is this normal?
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    maynellrmnderm reacted to onlyspice6 in Lapband Plication Newb   
    Hi all... I'm about to have lapband and plication this coming Tuesday the 11th of OCt.... I've been on a full liquid diet for a few days and its been pretty easy, I'm just really scared of complications and having to have more surgeries. I have never had a surgery before in my life and I'm really nervous, I'm doing this for a better life not for a more complicated scary one. I mentioned in another thread, that I DO currently have gall stones...But my doc said he doesn't want to take out the GB at the same time, because it can cause infection in the stomach... but ChowChows story of gall bladder attacks post op followed by more surgery, well it really scared me .. My doc said that my gall bladder may or may not act up post op, and that if it does, it'd be easier to take it out if i weighed less (it'd be less dangerous) .... I'm just really nervous as it is I keep hearing conflicting things from people. Any insights/encouragement would be greatly appreciated I guess i just need a little reassurance here, from some of you veterans of the game... especially if you have had the same thing as me.

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    maynellrmnderm reacted to chowchows in Ticker Factory issues?   
    Working fine for me now...was absolutely crazy yesterday.
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    maynellrmnderm reacted to TijuanaPlication in Ticker Factory issues?   
    You can get one from tickerfactory.com
    LilMissDiva has a tutorial on how to setup tickers here http://www.verticalsleevetalk.com/topic/13516-ticker-tutorial-for-vst-lbt-with-pictures/ SleevePlicationTalk works exactly the same as the VerticalSleeveTalk forum
    I just logged in OK
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    maynellrmnderm reacted to eurogirl40 in Ticker Factory issues?   
    I don't have one here do you get it?
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    maynellrmnderm reacted to chowchows in Ticker Factory issues?   
    Anyone else having issues with the Ticker Factory tickers today? It will not let me update. When I put in my password to update it starts making a brand new ticker, just curious if I am the only one?
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    maynellrmnderm reacted to chowchows in Bras?   
    Thanks for the tips-I will check them out!
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    maynellrmnderm reacted to eurogirl40 in Bras?   
    I 'm a size 38D and the ones that works for me are the wacoal, they are beautifull and comfortable. A bit expensive but worth every penny. http://www.wacoalbras.com/
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    maynellrmnderm reacted to dripstop in Bras?   
    When I was at the "in-between stage", I found a good bra at kittens, it did the trick.
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    maynellrmnderm reacted to chowchows in Bras?   
    I've worn a few from Walmart and thought they were ok at first, but the underwire always seems to push through rather quickly. Maybe it's just me...Playtex brand does the same thing, although I really like the fit of some of their "secrets" line. Ok, I guess I should admit, I have been on the hunt for the perfect bra my entire adult life..the weight loss thing has just brought it to the forefront and FOH discontinuing my 95% acceptable bra ruined my day. LOL!
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    maynellrmnderm reacted to TijuanaPlication in Bras?   
    I got a nice no-name one from Walmart. It's wired, full cup, push up one and it does fine for my C cups LOL! They had quite a few to choose from and they're not expensive.
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    maynellrmnderm reacted to chowchows in Bras?   
    Can anyone recommend a good bra for the inbetween stage? I have been wearing Hollywood Exxtreme Cleavage by Fredericks of Hollywood for the last year and I LOVED them. They are underwire, comfortable, sexy, padded, have push up support and don't really show under clothing. Suddenly, out of nowhere, unless I am a 38DD (I most definitely am not a DD cup!) I cannot buy the full coverage version of this bra and have to settle for "demi". Don't they know that anyone over a B cup shouldn't have demi?! Demi just means that if I bend over I fall out of the bra! I am so upset. I should have known though, everything I like always gets discontinued. My best friend always tells me not to like anything she likes, because she knows that everything I like is doomed, lol! Foundation, hair dye, bras, lipstick, perfume-it's gone if I like it! So anyway, back to the topic...can anyone recommend a good bra with LOTS of support, an underwire and push up for the saggy skin issues?
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    maynellrmnderm reacted to FatToPhat in The World According to Eggface   
    Thanks for the link! It looks like it has some great recipe ideas.
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    maynellrmnderm reacted to eurogirl40 in The World According to Eggface   
    The problem with me is that most recipes need different seasoning,and I don't have it when I star making the dishe,So I just do something else,So I don't have to go to the store.
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    maynellrmnderm reacted to mednar in The World According to Eggface   
    I was reading posts over on the VSG forums and came across http://theworldaccordingtoeggface.blogspot.com/
    Under the links and resources, there are some recipes that looked good, particularly the "BITES" section. I've always had a hard time eating a nutritional Breakfast. Mostly because I never get up in time to make something before heading to work. The idea of using a muffin pan to make scrambled egg "muffins" seemed like something I could accomplish on the weekend and have ready for the week without too much hassle. There's all sorts of stuff that looks good on there.
    Just thought I'd share. I'm almost two months out, and I've about reached my limit with just plain dairy Protein (string cheese, plain cottage cheese, plain greek yogurt), etc. I've been eating a lot of that since surgery and have been trying to find ways to fix things that are simple but different.
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    maynellrmnderm reacted to guitar819 in Expected stomach capacity   
    I know this is an older post, but I'm going through the same thing as you with the food, and I'm so worried about not losing, or stretching the tummy out. How have you made out with this? How much have you continued to lose? I'm only 5 weeks post-op. Any info is appreciated!!
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    maynellrmnderm reacted to mednar in Vitamin Supplements   
    I'm wondering if your doctors recommended that you take supplements, and if so, what they recommended. The nutritionist at my doctor's office didn't. I was diligent about taking Iron, a B supplement, and a Multi-Vitamin early on.
    I've not been as diligent lately. I started bruising really easily. The purple/green kind, where I can't even remember what I hit, then get a bruise. Over the last two weeks, I went back on them, but then today, I noticed another on my wrist.
    Have any of you experienced that you bruise more easily? Not sure if I should be worried or not.
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    maynellrmnderm reacted to HuntingGunDogs in Expected stomach capacity   
    I just wanted to be ready with food before hand.
    I am on the same page with U.
    I think the shakes and Soups will be great and I will go from there.
    I ordered some good stuff and winter being here, I got the hot chocolate flavors with high Protein.
    I an armed and READY
    Locked and Loaded as they say at the Range.
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    maynellrmnderm reacted to TX40 in Expected stomach capacity   
    The Protein Drinks for diabectics (even though I am not a diabetic) worked great for me...Ensure or something like that...they will give you a list of approved foods..I did broths and Protein Shakes mostly...once I found something that worked well..I stuck with it....I didnt order anything special, I found what I needed at Wal-Mart or Target. Not to worry..they will give you great post op instructions and suggestions as you get closer to surgery time.
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    maynellrmnderm reacted to HuntingGunDogs in Expected stomach capacity   
    There is so much to learn about all this. Where did U all get UR pre op and post op foods? I ordered from 4 places to try some stuff, get Vitamins, check shipping time, etc.
    Cost seems close to the same but shipping times VARY.
    I got alot of liquid shake Meal Replacement stuff, chicken Soup, Hot Co Co, Protein drink mixes, Vitamins and alot of samples were sent. Soups, oatmeal, etc
    Is it really important to eat the bariatric stuff??
    Can I just get the drink mixes, oatmeal, Meal Replacement stuff at the health food store or does it have to be bariatric stuff??

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