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    Advice on maintaining

    Wow, you look great!

    Post Op March 2014

    Is anybody else having a problem with slow weight loss and fluid retention? What I mean is my weight loss can be really slow then all of a sudden it will pick up and I will lost 5 to 10 pounds relatively quickly then almost instantly ( like within 24 to 48 hours) I will have regained all the pounds lost. I'm guessing this is fluid retention but nothing is really working for me to keep this from happening. I have cut my sodium intake and have increased, decreased then increased again my water intake and none of it is helping. My weight loss is very, very slow and it seems like the only way I lose weight is if I eat nothing. I can pretty much eat whatever I want and I don't get sick but I don't pig out just because I can eat normally either. My nutritionist says I just need to increase my metabolism by eating more frequently because I pretty much used to starve myself to lose weight and that my body may just be used to not having a high intake of food and holding on to the little bit it gets. I guess I'm just venting and thinking am I not doing this right or is it that I am one of the unlucky few that it just doesn't work for. I'm hoping that in the next few weeks things pick up.
  3. First day back at work after surgery. It's already been a very long day. Good day to all!


    Post Op March 2014

    I've had it for 2 weeks and mine doesn't seem to be going away. Im hoping the doctor can give me some type of direction other than a sleep aid on Wednesday because I've tried that and increasing my iron but neither worked.

    Post Op March 2014

    Has anyone had a problem with restless legs at night since surgery? I had a gastric bypass on 3-31 and have had a problem with it since coming home from the hospital. I constantly move at night to relieve the numbness and tingling sensation.

    March 2014 Surgery!

    Surgery was Monday and I have to say I feel like crap. The gas is killer and the pain is real. Today is the first day I have felt like getting up and doing anything. With that being said every day gets better. I do gave a small drain that my doctor says he will take out before I go home. It doesn't hurt or anything. I really can't tell if my incisions hurt yet because of the gas. I have been walking to combat it so we will see if it works. I hope all of you had a safe surgery and are recovering well.

    March 2014 Surgery!

    I'm at the hospital waiting on the nurse to come and finish my admission questions. Then off to the pre op holding area to meet with the anesthesiologist before surgery. Wish me luck as I do the same for you all!

    Post Op March 2014

    For those of you who have had surgery, did you find it uncomfortable to sleep in your own bed when you got home? My surgery is Monday and I was wondering if I needed to invest in a wedge or bed rest pillow. I've heard that some people have to sleep in a recliner for the first week or so.
  9. Time is winding down...SURGERY MONDAY!!!

    1. Zoey716


      Best of luck on Monday!! You got this!! :)

    2. butterflypinup


      Thats awesome! We will want to know how you are doing!

  10. 1 week until surgery but before that the dreaded "Clear Liquids" diet....

    1. Nurse96


      When is your date? Mine is next week too...on Thursday, 4/3. Good luck to you!



      My date is Monday,3/31. I am very excited and a little nervous. Wishing you much luck and a speedy recovery!

  11. Four hour pre-op education class today... should be interesting!

    1. LilMissDiva Irene

      LilMissDiva Irene

      Wow thats a lot of educating. =) The more the better tho.


    March 2014 Surgery!

    I'm only on day 3 of my pre-op diet.. I can have cream soups, sugar free pudding, juice, skim milk, popsicles, low cal gatorade, protein shakes, tea and coffee... In two days I have grown quite fond of cream of chicken, if you can believe that. I think you kind of get tired of all the sweet stuff after a while . Hope all goes well for you. Can't wait til I'm on day 10 of this diet.

    March 2014 Surgery!

    Me too. The 31st can't get here fast enough but I'm still nervous. Im on day 2 of my preop diet and so far so good. Wish you well on your journey to the losers bench!
  14. Liquid diet...so far, so good....

    1. Mikee57


      that's good news...Congrats

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