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    March 2014 Surgery!

    I'm only on day 3 of my pre-op diet.. I can have cream soups, sugar free pudding, juice, skim milk, popsicles, low cal gatorade, protein shakes, tea and coffee... In two days I have grown quite fond of cream of chicken, if you can believe that. I think you kind of get tired of all the sweet stuff after a while . Hope all goes well for you. Can't wait til I'm on day 10 of this diet.

    March 2014 Surgery!

    Praying everyone has a safe surgery and quick recovery. My surgery is 3-31 and I am very excited. I went for my preoperative testing/bloodwork today (eka, abg,chest xray, etc).. the abg hurt! They stuck me 3 times, thankfully they got enough blood the 3rd try. Did any of you experience pain afterwards? It wasn't unbearable but more pain than I expected. Also, those of you who have had surgery, is there additional testing required the day of surgery or was this it for testing?
  3. Yes I called yesterday but today. I am planning to call back around 3 today. They just keep saying they have no word from the insurance company yet. It's kind of frustrating when you have called and been given the green light and the clinic stalls you.
  4. Well guys, still no word from the clinic yet but hopefully they will be calling me soon with the next steps of the process. Anxious!

    Surgery in a few hours!

    Prayers go up to you and wishing you a speedy recovery.
  6. Just wanted to give those of you pre op in Central Mississippi or going through the Transformations Flowood, MS program a heads up on your psych eval. I went to one of the doctors on the preferred list and was told to pay my Co pay on the day of my psych eval ($134.00). What they lead you to believe is that everything is good after that and insurance will pay the balance after you have completed medically supervised diets if required BUT they don't tell you that you need the psych evaluation in order for the surgeon to submit to insurance and insurance won't approve without it BUT (yes another but) the doctor will not release the psych evaluation results to the doctor for insurance approval until you pay in full (another $561.00 that I was not prepared to have to pay). So how will insurance pay the claim if you need the psych eval in order for them to determine that they will pay which the doctor won't release until he is fully paid?They claim they will reimburse you when insurance pays, if it pays. I do understand that the doctor has to be paid, I just wish they would make it clear to you so that you can make arrangements to have that money set aside. It would have probably been better for me to go to one that takes cash ($400 range) where I could have paid half up front and the balance when I was ready for submission. I used Dr. Criss Lott in Richland, MS. As it stands now I will be going to see my pcp Monday to get the wls referral and paying the $561.00 so that I can get my psych eval results released. If all goes well I should have my file submitted to insurance next week. There is a big possibility that I will be denied because my 3 month consecutive medically supervised weight loss. I have completed it but during that time I had stomach ulcer problems and the doctor visits shifted towards that instead. Insurance could say the weight loss is not be documented enough. Im going to cross my fingers and see. But at least after it's submitted I will know what, if anything, I am lacking. I really just wanted to let you all know to be prepared to pay for your psych evaluation in full. Hope this info helps someone.
  7. My appointment went well, it was with the surgeon's nurse practitioner. I lost 2 pounds! They just had me sign financial, collection, and privacy agreements. There was also a brief surgeon questionaire. I was weighed and my blood pressure taken. The practitioner went over my.medical records in detail, gave me the results of my previous labs and answered my questions. She said that as long as you have met your 6 month medically supervised diet (if required), had your psych eval and have your pcp letter of recommendation for.wls, then they submit to insurance asap. She said that there is still time to get the surgery before years end. I don't think I will meet the requirements before years end but it's good to know they are helping those to get in that have. She said there are no.further appointments until approval when you would then come in and.speak with the surgeon, attend an all day class, get your surgery date and start your 2 week pre op diet. All other tests (pulmonary function, ekg, abg & chest xray) will be performed day of surgery. Recovery is 2 weeks. She said the doctor doesn't like to go beyond 2 weeks but will based on the patient, because it makes it look like there were complications. I had to pay 25 for this visit.. I was advised to.start taking 5000 units of vitamin d and zinc. She said most people she's hair the first 3 months but it comes back quickly and the.zinc would help with this. (sorry if you read this twice. I posted this under both threads where I asked the question earlier and wanted to share my experience)
  8. Sure. My appointment isn't until 3 central time but I will post my experience immediately after.
  9. I have my first meeting with my surgeon or his practitioner today. Does anybody know what this visit normally entails? Just wondering what to expect.
  10. Hello! Great to have someone else here that is in the Transformations program. The jury is still out for me on the issue of me having met my 6 month diet plan. I am going to get my pcp records and try to have the surgeon submit them for insurance approval next week just to know where I stand. At the most I have 3 more months to go. I have my 6 months in but I had other health issues while going through and those issues kind of took precedence over the weight loss so the weight loss plan may not be documented well enough for BCBSMS. I have done my psych evaluation and will hopefully have my pcp recommendation letter next week. I have a meeting with the surgeon or his np next week as well. Wish you luck on your journey.

    Abnormal ekg

    Thank you all for your responses. I feel a little more at ease now.
  12. Anybody ever had an abnormal EKG and have to be sent to the cardiologist for further testing? What type if testing does the cardiologist do? Should I be worried? Im praying it's nothing and that it's just one less test to take later.

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