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  1. What a difference a year makes! Before was New Year's Eve 2014, my surgery was January 15, 2015 and what I look like now. The amazing part of this journey of discovery is that I know and believe I'm amazing in both pics, but I am kinda feeling myself on the after pic! One of the best ways I've chosen to take care of myself! HW:275, SW: 256, CW: 172
  2. I don't think I was excited. I was nervous, apprehensive. I think we are all different and show up to surgery differently and that's OK. Happiness may show its self later when you start getting your life, health and mobility back, as you shed pounds and experience those wonderful nonscale victories.
  3. MisforMimi

    African American Sleevers

    Hi Freemimi, Some do stall -we must keep perspective on the ultimate goal. Stalls are temporary. There are other threads on stalls you can search using the search tool. Good Luck and welcome to the losers bench.
  4. MisforMimi

    When did your surgery "kick in?"

    @@Dub, 3-4x/week. Training for C25K and usually a good hike on the weekends or swimming.
  5. MisforMimi

    When did your surgery "kick in?"

    @@CindyWinFlorida, I say go in proud of your accomplishments. I think my body was just slow adjusting to the procedure. Everyone's body is different. Keep up the good work!
  6. I am NOT DONE, but I'm happy!!! Like Pharrell happy! LOL 70 pounds down. 30-40 more maybe? I don't have a goal. Enjoying the journey!
  7. MisforMimi

    When did your surgery "kick in?"

    @@goodnuff, you're welcome. I'd been hearing that docs were making pouches bigger than previously to help with complications for which I am grateful no doubt, but I wanted to see numbers closer to my cohort and I just wasn't until now. I have not changed exercising, but what did happen with the loss of appetite was that I stopped snacking COMPLETELY. I know a lot of folks on here abide by snacking, and coolers and having all kinds of food on hand but for someone with a tendency to overeat, it just triggers grazing which is a bad habit to break and always comes with some sort of unnecessary justification. I think that made the difference for me actually allowing myself to get lost in something and feeling hunger. It takes awhile but it can happen.
  8. @@craigcu and @@dollybee this group is not active anymore due to poor attendance. Join the Washington State Bariatrics Facebook Page for support and info on meet-ups. There is a meetup happening the second weekend in August at Alki in west Seattle.
  9. MisforMimi

    Friday: Matters of the Mind

    Needed this one today! I'm going into my 3 month post-op appointment on Monday and I'm feeling a little nervous. I don't want to compare myself with others (that is a rookie move that will leave me feeling horrible) but I'm not a super-satisfied with my progress. And that is for me to change and no one else. There are things I could be more diligent about - like water consumption. I hate it and I know there have been several days where I just don't drink any. Like none. Really. My protein consumption is not up to the 80g everyday. I used to be religious and now I'm like eh. These are all things I have the power to change. Imagine how pissed I would be if my success was determined by someone else?? I'd be knocking that person around saying chop chop whats the hold-up?! Point being... I'm not giving up!
  10. MisforMimi

    12 weeks post op

    Yay! Go girl! :-) :-) :-)
  11. MisforMimi

    Seattle sleevers!?

    Crowd-sourcing: Hey Everyone, Kay Feather aka primal and I started a WLS support group out of what we thought was a real need in the community for face-to-face support and the opportunity to put faces to names, profile pics and avatars. It has met a few times on the Northend/Bothell area. The attendance has been hit-or miss since its inception last November. I'm wanting to throw out there a couple of questions and hoping to get some responses. Do you need face-to-face support beyond what is offered at your care facility? What would increase or decrease the chance of you attending? If you like the idea of a meet-up in what forum (cafe, church, restaurant etc), location (north, south, east, central), what topics would you like to see addressed or appeals most? Would you be interested in events like hikes or races? Or are you happy with on-line support and support from your surgery facility's . Thanks everyone for your feedback in advance!
  12. MisforMimi

    Regret stage!

    It does get better! I'm 9 weeks out. Try not to focus on taste, just get the nutrients in you. Things that worked for me was sf chocolate pudding with unflavored protein. Cream of tomato soup, popsicles, cream of rice cooked in chicken broth and unflavored protein powder. Dannon fit and light yogurt only the toasted coconut and vanilla flavor. I made shrimp bisque soup strained....Then the ricotta cheese bake with pesto when I went to soft foods....Keep walking, although at that stage I would get worn out. I liked the chewable gas x.....Hang in there, you got this!!! :-) :-) :-) :-)
  13. There was a chef in my support group at the hospital where I had the surgery. She was down 70-80 pounds and was very happy with her sleeve. She said that she still fussed over food, needed it to be perfect etc etc. She said that it just helped her not consume so much food in the volumes she previously could and she loves exploring her other hobbies outside of food. I'm definitely a foodie. I know I chose bypass because I wanted a greater chance of resolution of pre-diabetes and high blood pressure. I've also heard people generalize the surgeries into 2 camps. Sleeve for overeater's and bypass for folks with metabolic issues. I can truly say that at 38 I was ready to give up my illustrious affair with sugar and I wanted the surgery that would best aid me in that resolution. Ultimately its up to you and your soon-to-be surgeon. Congratulations, welcome and good luck!
  14. MisforMimi


    My blood pressure was normal last Friday 120/80 without medications. I've never seen a number so low. So happy!!! I'd go through this over and over again to achieve this result!
  15. MisforMimi

    Almost 4 weeks post op gastric bypass.

    Welcome! Glad you are here. Check out the Men's forum. Lots of good info on this site
  16. I have been absolutely complication free since surgery. I stayed 3 nights and 4 days. It's my doctors practice. I was happy as a lark! I lucked out and got a private room.
  17. MisforMimi

    Looking for mentor in Olympia WA

    Good Luck finding someone. Hi from Seattle.
  18. MisforMimi

    Bilatoral medial thigh lift

    @JaimeLogical, what is the substance being used in breast implants these days? Just curious? My breasts came in sagging DDs at 9 years old! I'm definitely perking the girls up at the end of this!
  19. MisforMimi


    How far out are you? How much are you drinking? If food is making you sick still, you could have a conversation with your doctor or back up to previous phases, like softer foods or shakes. There used to be a saying in the South: Don't start none won't be none. Meaning if you can employ a little more honesty and diligence you could nip this before it's a problem. Check out an AA meeting just to see if anything resonates. Can't hurt.
  20. MisforMimi

    African American RNY Sisters

    Good luck to everyone having procedures soon! You can do this!
  21. MisforMimi

    Am I going crazy?

    I think I was scared until I was knocked out, but there were other emotions too. Confident that I was being taken care of, confident in my body's natural ability to heal and do what it needed to do, confident in my surgical team and family support. Some how the confidence outweighed the fear and I moved forward. I'm 3 weeks out and and still don't believe I did it! You'll do great.
  22. Hmmmm.....I'd definitely like the LB grey sweater textured that listed as first sweater in post and the 18 stretch fit jeans Brand NY. She can have everything else. I don't know what the precedent is on this, first come or what.
  23. MisforMimi

    January 15th, 2015 Anyone?

    @@downsizingdiva, Team 15, is doing great. First post-op on Monday. I think I'm down 13# but 21 since I decided to really go through with the surgery. I'm sporadically taking my BP meds, I can tell I don't need them. I'm tolerating all foods well except real spicy stuff and raw onions. I'm great at getting the protein in, but water and hydration is a challenge. I'm so focused on the protein because I've decided I'm not taking biotin and I want to keep my hair!! It's pretty. Lol I'm working on my exercise regime. Walking on the treadmill is great but I wanted get outside too Seattle and is about to get REAL wet. I found a Zumba class and a water HIIT class if you can believe it! Ppl are talking about forever diets. I'm tryna find my forever exercise program!!
  24. I'm in Seattle. Pacific Standard Time, baby! Go Hawks! :-)
  25. MisforMimi

    Tri-cities, Washington?

    Not in your area. I'm in Seattle. Just saying hi! :-)

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