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  1. slowtogo

    What's the story behind your profile name?

    Lol- I did this for my 49th birthday except mine is red.
  2. slowtogo

    Scared! Here's My Story...

    Have you called your doctor?
  3. slowtogo

    Tighter Am And Pm?

    Fwiw- my pouch is tighter in the am. And I am rny.
  4. slowtogo

    Pissed Off Husband

    No solid food means no solid stools. They will firm up as you add food back into your diet.
  5. I like the syntrax matrix protein drinks-
  6. slowtogo

    The Last 10 Lbs

    It's taken forever- My surgery was April 26 2012. I am at 139.4 Lbs lost. My goal is 145 lbs- ironically it's about half the woman that I was- given that I started at 289.
  7. slowtogo

    Marriage And Too Many Emotions

    Have you considered counseling?
  8. I've been really blessed. The only thing I struggle with is bread.
  9. slowtogo

    Gotta Get This Off My Chest

    I Must admit I have to laugh about the names. (Based on how many posts one has done. ..) I have seen pre-ops ends up with many hundreds of posts prior to their surgery. This may give some the opinion they have been doing this a long time. It's always fair to ask one when their surgery was. Newbies or veterans- we all have questions some times. And newbies often have the same questions. And veterans sometimes forget the early things like what could meds to take. It's all good. We are all here for the improvement of our health. Despite the type of surgery or how long its been. It's one day,one step, one moment at a time.
  10. Call your doc just for grins and giggles. None of us are medical professionals- that's why we pay them the big bucks.
  11. slowtogo

    Second Guessing Surgery!

    The surgery was a life saver for me. It's one step at a time, one day at a time. It requires life changes. You have to decide if it's worth it to you. There are risks. There are rewards. I still don't like looking in the mirror. But it sure is fun being told you are sexy. Lol!
  12. slowtogo


    Still doing it. Example-"food porn taboo" and hit the double arrow to go to the end. It won't let you. Says the page doesn't exist. I not only restarted it but cleared my cache.
  13. slowtogo


    Still doing it
  14. slowtogo

    The new me

  15. slowtogo


    Beef stew?
  16. slowtogo

    April 2013 Post-Op Group

    Hockey, My levels jump up if I get dehydrated. So drink drink drink. (Hug)
  17. slowtogo

    Chia seeds

    Not immediately. But eventually, yes.
  18. slowtogo

    Bowling at 4 Weeks Post Op?

    I wouldn't. You are throwing a ball. The pressure will be higher. F=m*a (force=mass× acceleration)
  19. My menu. Hmm.. varied it is. Lol. Breakfast is usually a one- two egg omelet with cheese and heavy cream instead of milk. (Low carb- don't care about the fat) 1/2 glass skim milk. Or Fage 0% yogurt and one- two Cheesesticks as a chaser. Piece of fruit for snack- or two cups of popcorn if I am bad. Lol. Lunch- My favorite is the child's menu at qdoba- I love their gumbo with steak, small portion with cheese and sour cream no chips. Milk at next snack. And dinner-Protein and veggies. Like a 4 oz steak or piece of chicken no breading. ( so grilled) Milk again. Skim. (1/2 cup ) And my snacks- free rein on fruit. Once in a while a small piece or two dark chocolate. Prefer it with nuts. No carb without protein. Lol. Also, I add nuts to make sure I get my calories and protein.
  20. And calories in vs calories out doesn't always work. That's why diets only work for a while. That starvation mode and metabolism change really impacts it. I have been on a plateau for at least 6 months, hovering around 160. I have finally started losing weight again. Measured 155 this am. Journaling my food, playing with exercise, taking my vitamins ( which I had gotten lazy about and had my vitamin d drop. ) vitamin d appears to be one of the big secrets for successful weight loss. Imho.
  21. slowtogo

    Going Grey after RNY

    I went totally grey. I color now.
  22. slowtogo

    Goals out loud

    My goal is to reach the 140s. I feel like I will never reach it but I am only 7.4 lbs away.

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