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  1. babysteps

    Need No gym options

    kind of, that's a good way to put it. I buy the protein they have and the workouts are pretty fun. They go from beginner to gym rats.
  2. babysteps

    Need No gym options

    I have Beach Body OD I'm not a seller but it does work for me when I use it. Cost 100$ a year for all the workouts you would ever want. I like the 21-day fix and just a few others.
  3. babysteps

    Third Revision...

    Sleeve for a year 2012 almost killed me had to RNY 2013, I am looking at the Overstrach now more for a long run touch up. I have only gained back 20, 30lbs since. Gain is easy to drop as long as I adjust my eating and working out. Don't let it worry you if you have to get a 3rd life happens.
  4. babysteps

    Overstitch procedure

    You just have to keep me posted I want to know everything on how you are doing 2, 3, 4 weeks from now everything!! Please
  5. babysteps

    Overstitch procedure

    I was just looking into this a few days back. I'm 6 years out and 40 pounds of gain that's not really that bad but not really too happy with it. The out of pocket cost here is 6,500$ for it in and out the same day.
  6. Slow but I was told that's how it would be but it's not to slow 10 lbs a month. I'm down 58lbs in 5 months. 233 to 175.
  7. babysteps

    June Dates (class of 2013)

    I have decided to make my date officially in June!!
  8. babysteps

    May surgeries!

    I'm going to pick a date in June so I'm going to move to the June ppl. I wish all of you the best
  9. babysteps

    What ya eating tonight?

    Pork chop green beans shells and cheese that's what I had tonight was pretty good. Funny thing I just got the ok to eat all normal food after 7 months from my sleeve. Now here in 2 1/2 weeks I go back on the perop diet for my Rny at the end if May first of June lmao.
  10. babysteps

    May surgeries!

    I'm just worried it won't work just like my sleeve has not worked I was self pay for that and will be for this and that's a lot of money. I still don't understand how I can eat so little workout and not loss weight I eat about 800-1000 cals a day I'm 7 months now with my sleeve. I so hope this works o.0 and I hope I drop more then the 35 lbs I did with the sleeve.
  11. I still worry so much about getting the Rny. I was sleeved 7 months ago to only loss 35lbs I stopped losing weight after 3 months from the sleeve. My worry is that I won't loss with the Rny. So I would be happy with loosing the 60/65 lbs I still have to go. I eat right and work out with the sleeve as is but that was not the huge problem the problem was I need the metabolic reset of the Rny so they think lol.
  12. babysteps

    What ya eating tonight?

    I had a Greek style turkey burger still not feeling too well today
  13. babysteps

    What I received from my Pen Pal!

    It's ok everything was still cool and Ty
  14. babysteps

    What I received from my Pen Pal!

    I got such cool stuff from Christie unjury Unflavored protein powder so been wanting to try this. Some cool bars that I have never seen before Finally a water bottle big enough Ty so much I love it all. I want to do this again was so much fun
  15. babysteps

    What I received from my Pen Pal!

    I've been wondering how them popcorn chips are you will have to let me know

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