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    Ok so we were at the bar last night and this girl who has always wanted my hubby's d**k didn't say anything to me have me dirty looks all night was grabbing up on him and I just was cool minded my own business Bc I know he's coming home with me and she's jealous Bc we have been together for so long and have been thru a lot of bs the whole tune I was thinking tho in the back of my mind I can't wait to be skinny then I will feel like I can stand up for us I know it's crazy and I'm def have some insecurity but I feel like everyone looks at skinny ppl different and I wanna be respected a little more. so then when I get home there is a big long comment on our pic of us kissing that I'm mrs piggy and I'm fat and he should cheat on me and I should never wear shorts Bc I have no knees Bc I'm fat I was totally mortified and was like everything she's saying is true I know it was wrong that she said all the things but it's all true... I know this is all over the place but I'm pissed and venting lol so my new outlook is I can't wait for everyone to eat there words who ever said anything nasty about me when they don't truly know anything about me!!!
  2. melonpie05

    2 and a half years post op :)

    I'm 21 about to be 22 coming up on my 6 month mark I'm extremely disappointed I feel like I should be down more than 70lbs decided to start back to the basics
  3. Down 70 most recent 60lbs difference same dress lol
  4. Down 54lbs 50 to go surgery date 10/23/12 went from 254 to 200 I'm 5'3
  5. melonpie05

    Got The Bill

    Ok I got the bill today and proud to say that I have to pay $6 out of 35,000 excited hell yeah I am
  6. melonpie05

    Young Gastric Bypass Patients

    Thank you it was one of those dresses to make my ex jealous lol
  7. melonpie05

    Young Gastric Bypass Patients

    What a amazing transformation you look great
  8. Some recent pic surgery date 10/23/12 start weight 254 down to 210
  9. melonpie05

    Young Gastric Bypass Patients

    I'm 21 had my surgery 10/23/12 down 42lbs
  10. melonpie05

    Friday Weigh-In!

    Surgery 10/23/12 254 Today 216
  11. Got a super fast approval dr submitted thurs and I was approved today surgery oct 23rd I'm beyond excited its so real now so for next couple weeks I'm going to get house spotless and get myself prepared
  12. Everyone looks so awesome I'm down 40lbs now only 14 until onderland and I'm 6 weeks out
  13. melonpie05

    Tummy Tuck?

    Omg you look awesome I better start saving Bc ur results are amazing
  14. Everyone looks awesome it's so amazing to watch everyone trasformb
  15. Before 254 now 224 sd 10/23/12
  16. Worm how weird is it that we both had it done at McGee and I have to have mine done twice at 2 weeks out I was blocked and was vomiting everything even Water very painful as well I was regretting my surgery and I didn't want operated on again I was very scared about that so I think I know Ur pain we both prepared ourself well but I still believe I didn't prepare myself enough the mental part of this all is just a lot I say it's getting easier I'm a month out now but I hope it gets better for us both
  17. So I'm four weeks post op today down 30lbs started back to work at 2 1/2 weeks but just got sent home from hospitial on Sunday I had a bowel obstruction that had to be fixed going back to work today super sore so going go try and take it easy but I have to work Bc of holidays my body is just tired ready to feel good again but so thankful I can hold stuff down I couldn't even drink before without extreme pain so things are def looking up everyone have good holiday
  18. Ok so last week was my two week check up and I was having issues keeping everything down water is the worst it hurts me so bad well she let me go on to puree hoping more solid would help me Bc some cases it does she told me to give purée a week and if still having issues call and they would order me barium swallow well I called today to do so Bc I'm vomiting all the time she wants me to come to er where I had surgery and stay for a couple days she's asked how much I drink and I'm lucky if I can finish a bottle of water that with throwing up as well so she said I'm just irritating it if it is narrow and I prob have swelling so she said they would prob keep me a few days to get me hydrated and sealing to go down anyone else have this issue I'm almost 4 weeks out
  19. melonpie05

    Called Dr

    Ate a egg today it stayed down there sending me home thank goodness for once I feel like everything is working I feel full after a few bites and drinking doesn't hurt at all so relieved to be fixed

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