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  1. I have been experiencing a daily issue with gas and bloating. It doesn't seem to matter what I eat or when I eat it but EVERY SINGLE DAY. I get all bloated and gassy around 5 o'clock. I have no real issues with anything else just the gas. I am doing some yoga poses when i get home in the evening to help and I am still taking gas-x pills and strips (is it possible to OD on gas-x?) But This is increasingly becoming an issue. I have skim milk in the morning with my Protein shake. Usually fish for lunch and more fish or chicken for dinner. I'm 1 month post. Does anyone else experience this?
  2. Sleevie J

    Biggest regrets about getting the sleeve?

    I forgot one.... I regret initially obsessing over the numbers on the scale. The scale can mislead and deceive you into believing you are not as successful as you really are. I now put my trust into my measurements and how my clothes fit.
  3. Just for laughs. With the obesity issues facing this country isn't it about time we put Santa on a weight loss plan. The accumulation of fat around his mid section is a precursor to future health issues. He binges all night on Cookies and and likely suffers from diabetes. Are we sending the right messages to kids? I think it's time for us to wake up and realize that Santa is a ticking time bomb. Santa needs an intervention. We need to put out more carrots and less cookies. He needs more exercise and less sleigh rides. Maybe he should look into weight loss surgery. Next year I would like to see a slimmer, healthier Santa.
  4. I swa the wrod flan and have not been able to from a coherent thought ever since.....Flaaaaan! I really liked (past tense) flan, I really really liked flan.
  5. Really Seela? Your recent attempt at humor was lacking. Correct me if I am mistaken but black people do not use foundation because they are black ("blackness" is not something to be hidden or corrected) just as white people do not use foundation because they are white. Of all the analogies in the universe this was your choice of words? Seems a bit odd, mismatched and underhanded. Hopefully your future comments will have more thought and consideration prior to posting. Have a great day.
  6. Sleevie J

    15 Things Jesus Did Not Say

    This is too funny! I love it. I got one. "The meek shall inherit the earth's leftovers."
  7. You look amazing in that dress! You and your husband are such an inspiration to me. I know you will reach your goal in no time.
  8. Sleevie J


    But talk to your doctor first.
  9. Sleevie J


    I spoke with my surgeon and nut about this last week and was ok'd to have 1 cup per day but no sugar or sweet creamers etc... i asked my nut if instant mixed with my scoop of protein drink and soy milk was ok and she said that was a great idea. but only 1 cup and I MUST get in all of my water.
  10. Miralax works really well. It mixes in water and has no taste. I add it to crystal light.
  11. Sleevie J

    Gas pains!

    Congratulations! You ain't seen nothing yet. You are so right, the gas pains really are the worst part of the entire surgery. And, they stick around for a few weeks. But it does get better everyday. Walking as difficult as it may be made the biggest impact on the gas. Enjoy your narcotics the next few days but get off of them as soon as you can tolerate since they contribute to the gas. Good luck. I was sleeved on Oct. 14 and today I did a 6 mile walk and my clothes already feel a little loose. I wake up feeling really good about my decision each day. Good luck in your journey. Now hit the narcotic pump and nod off.
  12. The Isopure ready to drink is 40 grams of protein per 20 oz bottle. I also get protein from pureed meats and I make a 24 oz protein shake every morning using 1-2 scoops of unjury w sf flavored syrups and soy milk, sometimes a spoon of instant coffee, greek yogurt, or a banana etc... I try to make sure that every oz of food or drink counts.
  13. Ding Ding Ding we have a winner! Wags is the winner of the 30 second dream vacation. To redeem your prize simply close your eyes and for the next 30 seconds dream of the most amazing, exotic vacation you can imagine. Enjoy your stay compliments of Sleevie J. Seriously thank you I do plan to place an order.
  14. Sleevie J

    200 lbs. GONE !

    You are my sleeve hero! AMAZING! Im so motivated reading your post.
  15. Sleevie J

    Recipes for pureed foods

    I had my 2 week appt today too. Best ever recipe someone posted was chicken pureed in blender w lite mayo and a little broth to help puree. Place a few oz in bowl add small amt of Franks red hot wing sauce and a little bit of lite blue cheese dressing. This was soo good.
  16. Sleevie J

    Vitamin Suggestions

    I take GNC Womens Ultra Mega liquid multi vitamin. I also have the Bariatric Advantage chewable but I plan to start those around month 2 or 3. My Dr. and nut both said it is a excellent choice and when I had blood work done last week everything was in a normal range. BTW Unjury ships super fast. When I order powders I get them in like 3-4 days.
  17. I'm sending positive vibes your way. I know what it's like to have no support. But my situation is different. Try calling a meeting and sitting everyone down and just again explaining that if something happens to you then the show stops for everyone. So its in their best interest to help you get through this and after another week or 2 you will feel much better. I just said a prayer for you.
  18. I huffed repeatedly sniffed a friends glass of wine while she was in the bathroom. I was hoping to get buzzed. FAIL.
  19. Sleevie J

    Should I Buy a Vitamix?

    I love my vitamix! I have been able to make the freshest soups to enjoy as I am still post op liquids. I use it at least twice a day for soups and protein smoothies.
  20. Sleevie J

    One week post op

    Hi, I had surgery on monday and went home on wed. Everything has been great. getting in nearly all my fluids about 60 oz and protein about 60 grams. no pain meds in 2 days. having regular bowel movements (if thats what you want to call them) but noticing since last night a little bit of chest pain upon deep breaths. I feel great otherwise no headache, no nausea, no fever, etc.. wondering if i should call the dr?

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