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  1. ljmasterdebater

    Any Teens out there ?

    I was 17 when I had it and it was the best thing I ever did and you should tell her in my opinion and encourage your daughter with the process should she choose to get the procedure.
  2. It was not reported in the news it was kept private and I heard from a reputal source so you don't have to believe me but it did happen okay
  3. ljmasterdebater

    Any Teens out there ?

    Try it on a computer and if not ill invite you to join it
  4. ljmasterdebater

    Open surgery anyone?

    okay well it was just a suggestion and i hope it all goes well for you. i havent seen that anywhere either but im sure if you google it you may be able to find info about it and it may lead you to here. Again Best of Luck!!
  5. i was offering my advice not trying to be rude. i did not intend it to be that way sorry if i offended anyone
  6. What do you do when you feel like you over splurge and the scale the next morning says something different then what you thought it was yesterday? Has this ever happened to any of you? I will be the first to admit that it has happened to me and then i get right back to what I know. In my opinion its okay if you fall off the handle we are human beings but knowing how to get back on track is what counts. Things that help me are doing liquids for a day and then slowly introducing foods back into my diet specifically the atkins frozen meals they are amazing and filling and I even have left overs for the next day or meal. What happens for you? PS: If any of you recognize the topic title let me know. (Hint- for those of you into musicals you should know this right away!!)
  7. ljmasterdebater

    Going to the Movies was hard...

    good for you what movie did you see?
  8. why don't you send alex a private message and tell him the situation.
  9. ljmasterdebater

    What brand of Greek yogurt do you like?

    I like the oikos greek yogurt a lot
  10. ljmasterdebater

    Anyone Between the ages of 17-21

    You can go under social groups and search sleevin' teens Sent from my iPad using VST
  11. ljmasterdebater

    Paying and this site

    Thanks for the clarification laura Sent from my iPad using VST
  12. ljmasterdebater


    Well this sucks having to now pay for support that should be free what will be next having a tax on oxygen and public restrooms!?! Sent from my iPad using VST
  13. ljmasterdebater

    Senior Prom! 187 Pounds

    you look great! congrats on the weight loss!
  14. ljmasterdebater

    Protein ideas?

    special k protein water
  15. ljmasterdebater

    So Governor Christy had lapband surgery.

    yea i know that and in case you didnt notice other people on here are saying the same thing i did so there is no issue 1ST AMENDMENT RIGHTS!!!!!!!
  16. ljmasterdebater

    popsicles and ices and weight loss

    im 17 and was sleeved December 21st 2012 and thats really all i ate and that was the amount i lost in 5 days, but it depends on the person. How old are you?
  17. how old are you? im 17 and am 4 months post op it is rough especially when you are young but from one young person to another it definitely does get better. if you are between the ages of 17-21 join my social group on here called Sleevin' Teens. best of luck!
  18. ljmasterdebater

    Anyone Between the ages of 17-21

    Join its free and will be interesting to see what happens on my group.
  19. ljmasterdebater

    The BIG Book on the Gastric Sleeve!

    Alex what surgery do you have anyway?
  20. ljmasterdebater

    Any Teens That Have Already Been Sleeved?

    im 17 and 3months post op doing great hard in the beginning but it will get better.Im down 68lbs since surgery December 21st, 2012. i am glad i made this decision. Best of luck to you and i hope everything goes well.
  21. ljmasterdebater

    Im 20 and scared!

    just drink a lot of water walk a lot and eat proteins like chicken, fish and turkey. i have days where i treat myself and dont feel guilty cause its not all the time. and i aside from drinking just water incorporate ice tea too just to have something new. Best of luck when is your surgery?
  22. ljmasterdebater

    Im 20 and scared!

    im 17 and had my surgery December 21st, 2012 best thing i ever did down 67lbs now.
  23. ljmasterdebater


    what i mean is i dont regret it i just wonder how life would be with the RNY. not that i regret it or wish that i had gone a different path just curious how much more drastic my life would have changed. I have lost 58lbs with the sleeve.
  24. ljmasterdebater


    im happy with my decision but sometimes i wonder what my life would be like the RNY
  25. ljmasterdebater

    Patience & Pennies

    did you have the sleeve or the lap band im very confused?

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