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  1. I created a social group where us teens can meet to gain advice and help through this sleeve journey. Where we can encourage others and receive encouraging words from others in the group. Join the group its called Sleevin' Teens which is located in the commnty section under social groups, i know its corny but it works for us teens who want to ask for help and receive it from others our age. I hope that this will be a success for all of us teens living with the sleeve.
  2. We all know that the holidays are the hardest part in regard to staying on program. During this time we usually find ourselves (pre-sleeve) indulging in every little thing presented to us. Now (post-sleeve), what do we do when we find ourselves doing that now? In my experience with the sleeve I find it depending on the food (head-hunger) that it is easier to satisfy the need and move on. By satisfying the need I don't mean eat a whole sleeve of Oreo cookies (not that we could at this point anyway ). Satisfy the need and move on. Once you do that during the holidays like have a cookie or a piece of cake move on and forget about it, but make sure to get back on program and don't let that one cookie or piece of cake bother you. Getting back on track is easier said than done. I tend to go back to all the post op diet basics like liquids,mushy foods, and soft foods, but that has been hard for me to do lately. What I am going to be trying is my own version of the 5:2 diet. The 5:2 diet for those of you who don't know you just go back to basics and do 3 days of bariatric foods (post-op diet) and than 2 days of fasting. I felt that this didn't work for me so I am reinventing it to suit my needs. I am doing 2 days of liquids, 2 days of mushy foods, 2 days soft foods, and 1 day starting my regular diet again. If you find yourself indulging a bit to much this holiday season try what I am going to be trying and see if it works for you to restart your system again. I will be testing it out starting Sunday the 8th and I will keep you up to date on how it works. Let me know if any of you have an tips that you do to restart yourselves when you treat yourselves a little to well.
  3. ljmasterdebater

    Is watermelon a bad snack to have ?

    I'm over a year out and I've had watermelon before and it does not bother me at all. just be careful because of the moisture of it that it might turn out to be one of those "slider" foods. but my doctor allows his patients to have it during the mushy phase of the post op diet, so i wouldn't worry if you have it once in a while.
  4. ljmasterdebater

    Any Teens out there ?

    I was 17 when I had it and it was the best thing I ever did and you should tell her in my opinion and encourage your daughter with the process should she choose to get the procedure.
  5. I don’t care What they’re going to say Let the storm rage on, The cold never bothered me anyway

    1. BeatrizS1974<3 sleeve

      BeatrizS1974<3 sleeve

      How's it going LJ! Long time no chat! Hope all is well.

  6. ljmasterdebater

    2014 New Year's Resolution

    i like that theory of SMART it is smart because it lets you set realistic goals without over thinking too big of a goal. Good idea Rib thanks for sharing!
  7. I recently heard of a story where a woman who had undergone Sleeve Gastrectomy surgery had eaten a whole cheeseburger 2 weeks after her surgery and her stomach erupted and she unfortunately passed away. So this leads me to think about how many times I eat something without thinking. We all had this surgery for a reason, so why would we want to detriment ourselves like that? This was a tragic story that I heard and I wanted to share it not to scare anyone but to enforce the think before we eat for all of us even myself. I wanted to post this for all sleeved persons so that we as a community can come together and make sure that no matter how far we are into our journey that we will always think before we eat something that might not be good for our sleeves. Please if you have nothing nice to say don't say it at all. Thank you!
  8. It was not reported in the news it was kept private and I heard from a reputal source so you don't have to believe me but it did happen okay
  9. It is idiotic but several people on and off the forums here and at the other forums struggle with the mental aspects post op. I don't think it really matters if this is myth or not. He had a good intention behind this and means to help others by possibly making them thunk twice. For myself, I think twice have for many years. But it does take practice for food addicts like myself. Some don't care about post op plans and will eat what they want when they want. They show up here every so often. This reminder is a helpful one for at least myself. Thank you for your support with my forum post.
  10. While I fully respect your opinion this is an actual event that occurred.
  11. ljmasterdebater

    Welcome Teens!

    Ready4Change13 how did your surgery go and how are you doing with it so far?
  12. ljmasterdebater

    Welcome Teens!

    I hope this finds you all doing well. I just wanted to take the opportunity to welcome you all to this group because i feel it is neccessary for us teens going through this to be able to help each other through the sleeve journey and be able to find solace when we need help living with the sleeve as it can be a tough journey to go through. Welcome to the Sleevin' Teens Group!!!
  13. Weight finally stopped fluctuating and I'm back to my normal weight. Working out has helped me so much with this little dilemma.

    1. WhispersOfAngel


      That's awesome, glad you're back on the losing side again :)

    2. Tink22-sleeve
  14. ljmasterdebater

    Any Teens out there ?

    i sen you an invite
  15. ljmasterdebater

    Any Teens out there ?

    i started it and i try to keep it flowing with posts but I'm in college so its hard to keep it up to date with forum posts but still join and you can always start one on my social group ill invite you to it.
  16. ljmasterdebater

    Any Teens out there ?

    Try it on a computer and if not ill invite you to join it
  17. ljmasterdebater

    Any Teens out there ?

    im 18 and was sleeved when i was 17 and I'm 10 months post op there is a social group that i started called Sleevin' Teens that is under the community in social groups and search it up in there and join.
  18. http://www.verticalsleevetalk.com/groups/show/228-sleevin-teens/
  19. hey sleevinIT i was 17 when i did the sleeve and now I'm 18 and a freshman in college and couldn't be happier with the sleeve I'm 10months post op and down 103lbs. i have a social group on here called Sleevin' Teens please come and join it
  20. Would have gotten the job if I had better availability. Not disappointed looking to future for better opportunities.

  21. got my first job interview so happy!!!!!!!!!!

  22. ljmasterdebater

    How many bites?

    well for me it depends on the food but normally like 5-6bites and I'm 10months out sometimes more like i said depending on the food
  23. ljmasterdebater


    i prefer turkey bacon over regular bacon it gets crispier if you bake it and I've had no problems with it and I'm 10months out
  24. I was 17 when I had the surgery and now I'm 18 and down 103lbs and couldn't be happier. My philosophy is age doesn't matter the surgery changes your life for good. Since you are 18 i have a social group on here called Sleevin' Teens please join it and tell your story on there.
  25. ljmasterdebater

    Hungry? Pre op

    sugar free ice pops