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  1. Oh I loved getting some real food in me!!!! I'm glad your new tummy is handling it well.
  2. loserbaby

    Oh My Tuna Mini Muffins

    Oh yummy! I love tuna! I will try this tomorrow!
  3. loserbaby

    Happy birthday to me!

    Happy birthday!!! That's a great loss too by the way
  4. loserbaby

    goal weight achieved

    Good news!! I can't wait to right a post like this
  5. Lol! I hope that I see someone different in the mirror soon!
  6. Oh no! I'm only four months and everything seems ok so far. I hope they figure it out soon. Good luck and let us know.
  7. loserbaby

    Almost 4 months and down 92 lbs

    92 pounds?? In four months??? That had to be a record!!! You have done great!
  8. Oh dear! No one is going to scold you! If they do let me know!! I'll tell them a thing or two lol! Bless you and your baby Have you tried going back to the basics? Protein and vegetables?
  9. loserbaby

    Something interesting about all the profile pics

    Mine is from this morning lol!!!
  10. loserbaby

    Before and after

    Wow you look great!!!!
  11. loserbaby

    How old am I?

    I think you might be young.... 19.
  12. loserbaby

    100 mile challenge

    Hope you get cleared! Nothing like having a new toy and not being able to use it..
  13. loserbaby

    My brain

    Oh no, I can see what the worry is.
  14. Yes, I know what you mean! So when you meet new people do you want to tell them I won't always look this incredibly fat!
  15. I'm new here, but you should post in the veterans forum. I think you will find support and ideas there

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