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  1. Hey good day all old & new. I havent been in the forum for some time... I had my sleeve done back in 2014 as of now i have gain majority of my weight back. Im looking to get a revision.. question was it hard to get insurance to approve for a revision to a bypass? I suffer from acid reflux in the middle of the night it will shoot up through my nose uncontrollably. Not often but i just dont enjoy it when it does.. Also did it help with loosing weight and keeping it off Sent from my SM-N960U using BariatricPal mobile app
  2. Savvigirl


    Hey it does get better my surgery was oct 3 I was on liquids up until Friday now I'm on puréed which is the worst stage ever we rush to get to a different stage but be careful you aren't hungry you are mentally craving the flavor of foods and socializing over dinner .... Now puréed piss me off cause its worthless fixing these meals n I only eat two or three bits and now someone how food doesn't taste the same taste buds are gone its gone I'm no longer in love with it right now because after two or three bits I'm feeling full and I don't like that feeling ... But i have to get threw this because I wanna get back to feeling normal so its will power to fight me push threw it doesn't last long so lose while u can
  3. Savvigirl


    Its in your mind you want to eat because that's what you use to or because you can't ... You aren't really hunger you just craving the flavor of things... This surgery has been an emotional battle but you will get use to it and it will pass too
  4. Savvigirl

    Before and After

    You look great
  5. Savvigirl

    1st time Resturant post op

    happy belated bday
  6. Savvigirl

    1st time Resturant post op

    yep me to just eating cause others are eating or just out of boredom....
  7. I'm 2wks post op and my dad birthday was October 16th, we went out to Ruby Tuesday and when the waiter came they took drink orders and when they got to me I was like no thanks and yes they stood there like okay not even water lol and I was like no thanks lol ... ( I learned that from you all) so then moving on to ordering food the women collected all the orders and just skipped me lol I said well I guess she say if she ain't drinking she ain't eating so my dad had to call her back and I order the chicken tortilla soup... It was a bit thick so we got another bowl and hot water and mixed it ... Long story short when she came back it was still a lot left so she goes you didn't like it I seen you was picking in it I will just remove it from the ticket lol ...... Oh really THANK YOU for assuming lol just my first post op restaurant experience
  8. Savvigirl

    Is This Normal?

    I'm so sorry to hear that and keeping you both in prayer this is really sad, I hope someone is willing n able to help her even if you have to travel to another hospital
  9. How have you all been making out? Pain no pain happy mad depress overjoyed? Recovering well not so well????? Well just remember each day it gets better
  10. Savvigirl

    3 days after surgery and im hungry...

    It could be gas try gasx
  11. Savvigirl

    Dreaming of Food?

    I think about food all day even though I'm not hungry I think its cause I'm bored or what some flavor ... I been thinking of what I'm going to eat when I'm able too lol sad

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