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  1. GotItDoneInHarlem

    I f**ked up

    So after 2 months of not smoking I caved in and had a cigarette yesterday. Dumb I know. Nicotine stays in your system for up to 4 days. Did anyone get screened for nicotine (or any other drug) on the day of surgery? My surgery is in 4 days and I'm worried that it'll come up.
  2. GotItDoneInHarlem

    Before and After Pics

    BRAVO! You look so confident!
  3. GotItDoneInHarlem

    * 6 MONTHS POST OP UPDATE with photo *

    Celebrate your own successes and be patient. You WILL lose the weight.
  4. GotItDoneInHarlem

    Pre-Surgery Advice: What do you wish you knew?

    Be patient and don't freak out when you hit plateaus. They're going to happen no matter what you do. The post-op diet may be boring for a while but you'll get used to it.
  5. I was put on Actigall after my sleeve in 2013. After a RNY revision in February it was not prescribed. Different docs do different things.
  6. GotItDoneInHarlem

    Ate Pulled Pork

    Been making a lot of pulled pork because it goes down easily and I can make a bunch at once. I eat it with BBQ sauce and have been just fine. Any other changes to your diet or intake?
  7. I weight about 10 pounds more today than the day of my RNY (which was Tuesday). How is this possible? Is it all retained fluid from having an IV and fluids after surgery?
  8. GotItDoneInHarlem

    next step

    I'm a high school principal in the Bronx. We have yet to receive guidance on seniors. Time is running out for kids who need to take credit recovery classes to graduate in June... if there even is a graduation ceremony.
  9. GotItDoneInHarlem

    Gas pain

    How is it that I've lived 41 years without gas pain, but once I have a RNY gas pain becomes a daily fight? I don't get it. I know my stomach anatomy changed, but not my bowels. Why does this happen? This is a long lasting, burning pain. I hate it and it's impacting my quality of life.
  10. GotItDoneInHarlem

    Gas pain

    According to the doctor the pains I'm feeling are most likely gas pain (flatulence not surgical gas). It could also be my body's reaction to whey protein shakes. I've bought vegan pea protein shakes and I'm trying those today to see if it helps.
  11. GotItDoneInHarlem

    Possible Revision

    My reflux is gone! I was taken off protonix yesterday one month post-op. I haven't had an EGD done yet but will soon.
  12. GotItDoneInHarlem

    Possible Revision

    The recovery must MUCH easier this time. I've lost 12 pounds in the first month and am doing everything I can to stop further loss. My esophagus was in terrible shape too. I was once step away from being pre-cancerous.
  13. GotItDoneInHarlem

    Possible Revision

    I've been doing well with the bypass. Do I like it? Yeah, I guess. It's has totally cured my GERD!
  14. GotItDoneInHarlem

    Gas pain

    I have an appointment with my doctor tomorrow for my one month checkup. Started with body weight exercise and some light weights. Im cleared to lift weights as of one month and giving my abs another two weeks to recover. I"ll update this with my doctors feedback tomorrow.
  15. GotItDoneInHarlem

    Gas pain

    My protein shakes contain no milk but they do have milk proteins so they're okay for lactose intolerance. I don't do dairy otherwise.
  16. GotItDoneInHarlem

    Gas pain

    Is this possibly a byproduct of all the protein shakes I'm drinking? An altered diet is the only thing I can think of.
  17. GotItDoneInHarlem

    Gas pain

    I'm a month post-op so there's no way this is still lingering gas from the surgical procedure. I take a double dose of gas-x twice a day. I am active and exercise regularly. I'm supposed to start strength training today but I have this searing, burning pain that goes across my lower belly. I don't get it. When will this end?
  18. GotItDoneInHarlem

    February 2020 Post-Op Thread

    We have the same surgery date. I've lost 7 pounds but I was already at my goal weight.
  19. GotItDoneInHarlem

    Sleeved Momma

    You're definitely in the right place for advice and support!
  20. GotItDoneInHarlem

    Pre Surgery jitters

    Both my sleeve and RNY went fantastic. Pain is easily controlled and you should be just fine. I'm still happy that I did it. Like AJ Tylo, my only regret is not doing it sooner.
  21. GotItDoneInHarlem

    6 days Post-Op RNY

    I used to be warm blooded, but after a sleeve and RNY revision I'm always the cold one.
  22. GotItDoneInHarlem

    February 2020 Post-Op Thread

    It's all of the fluids that you were given in the hospital. My weight was higher after surgery and stayed that way for about a week. It'll go away.
  23. GotItDoneInHarlem

    I'm so mad - revision denial

    Insurance was a major hurdle when I had my sleeve, but it was approved very quickly when I needed a revision due to GERD. I had already had a motility study, a pH study, and endoscopy done by the time I applied though.
  24. GotItDoneInHarlem

    I'm so mad - revision denial

    I'm so sorry about this. Can it be appealed?
  25. Could this be because of insurance? When my RNY was first approved it was only approved for outpatient (23 hours or less). My surgical coordinator appealed it and got me one night in the hospital.

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