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Gastric Sleeve Patients
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  1. A stool softener with laxative in one pill. Younalso need fiber, but i think you need to have a few weeks under your belt there isnt much to come out.
  2. I'm only three weeks out. Its hard but now I can drink a lot more. The meds and Vitamins make you want more to drink. It gets better I promise.
  3. Any ideas on the best way to have a bowel movement? Foods etc.... Figure we are all adults and it is something we I'll each deal with. Thank you in Advance
  4. Lrez


    Tuna, I think I'm gonna try that tomorrow. Thank you
  5. I have research the vsg for about five years, something allows seemed to get in the way. I then decided that maybe its not ment to be. Well a few months ago I realized my body hurts, I mean everything. I couldn't take it anymore. I meet a doctor that I liked and felt like I could trust. Once that happened everything became history. My voyage started Aug 20, 2013. The day before surgery i didnt eat anything just a little water. I got there at 5am preped and all i rembember is laying on the table. I woke up with my mother and fiance where there (waking up to people feels great). First thing I wanted to do was walk, so after a while I did. From liquid to puree to soft foods, my best friend is isopure juice amd water. At My highest weight i was 333 about a month and a half ago. Now I'm 299.4!! It feels great all my sneakers are a little big. I haven't worn anything that doesnt have elastic. Not ready yet. I try and hit the gym three days a week no lifting just treadmill. As of now I don't like the smell or taste of anything, hoping it will get better.
  6. I'm three weeks out and the smell of food bothers me, I don't like the taste of anything but water. Due to the fact that I need protein I drink isopure zero carb juice, that allow me a lot of protein. The doc says I need to eat, so I had toast, soup, yogart and that is cool. I tried cheese and it never stays down. I figured this is the price I pay for eating what I've wanted for so long now I'm paying for it.

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