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  1. DEE -- CONGRATUATIONS!!!!!!!! Patty == Wow girlfriend...look at you!!! You look fabulous!!!! I hear you on the feeling like your disconnecting from your fat self and your skin. It's just the weirdest thing. I also hear you on the gulping your food down. I think I've got back to doing that. I have been drinking too much when I'm eating. I need to brush up on my good bandster rules! Thanks ladies for your inspiration! amie
  2. Ok....so I have taken some time off from LBT. Wow...I think it's been since October since I've logged on. WOW!!! Look at all the skinnier hot chicks on here!! Amazing!! Ok....honestly. I've come back to grab some more motivation. Here's my quick update in a nutshell. I was banded back in Feb 27, '08 - so I'm quickly coming up on my bandiversery. I have actually hit a true plato since October. I have seen the same number for the last 3 months. Which is good I guess...that means I'm not gaining. I have scheduled to visit Dr. K for a fill on March 9. Plus, I figured it couldn't hurt just to check in with him after my year of being banded. As of today, I'm down from my starting weight of 340lbs. to 233lbs!!! I've lost 107 lbs!!!!!!! I figured I need a fill because I am able to eat WAY too much!!! Some more of my changes: 1. Started my new bellydancing class!! Love it!!! 2. Able to sit in a booth at the resturant! 3. Riding roller costers with my daughter! 4. Wearing high heels don't bother me (as much)! 5. Cute clothes!! I'm a sucker for buying "cute panties" now! 6. More energy! 7. More sex drive!! WOW! My husband likes this part! 8. Damnit...my bra has stayed the same size!!!! WTF????? 9. Counting down the days until I'll be able to get some plastic surgery! I'm honestly not going to be able to read all the posts I have missed over the last few months. But I would love to hear how everyone is doing in their journey! Glad to be back!!!!!!!
  3. As of Sept 26th I'm officially 100lbs down!! Just wanted to post some progress pics to help inspire someone else. Thanks to all of you who inspired me. The pink is back in Dec 2007 before I started my weight loss journey. I was banded Feb 26, 2008. The blue shirt is today (7 months) and the red is last weekend.
  4. I've been avoiding LBT for about a week or so. I guess I just needed a break and did not want to admit that I had been a "bad-bandster"! Well I woke up the other morning and had a talk with myself. And it worked!!! I wanted to loose 100lbs before my birthday (sept. 30) and I've been seeing the same numbers for about a month. LOOK WHAT I SAW THIS MORNING!!!! WOOOHOOOOO!!!! I DID IT!!! 101LBS since January 1st!!!!!! I'm sooo excited I'm going out to buy me some new jeans!!!! My daughter and I are going out for "girls night" (she's 3 yrs....and loves girls night with mommy! Hubby's at the fire station and she knows we get to do girly things. :eek: We're going to an amusement park here in OKC (for free!) I'm going to ride some rides with my little girl and celebrate!!! I'll try to post some updated photos soon. AGAIN>>>>>WHOOOOHOOOO!!!!:thumbup:
  5. I think I'm like a week behind in my update, so here it goes... I think I'm going to call Dr. K's office this week and cancel my appointment for a fill. The more I have been thinking about it....the more I know I probably don't really need a fill. I think I just "think" I need a fill! I feel myself trying to slip into bad habits again but when I follow my "good bandster rules" I get the right signals to stop eating. I am also still seeing the scale move. Not to say that it's moving quickly...but it's moving downward (that's the key right?) So I've decided not to mess up a good thing right now and just work a little harder and work my band the way I'm suppose to! My NSV this month: 1. Rode carnival rides with my daughter this weekend! 2. Went out to eat and did not have a mental fear of being sat at a booth rather than a table. 3. My smaller shorts I bought at the beginning of the summer are getting to BIG!!!! By the end of the day I have to roll the waistband down to keep them up! 4. My husband made the comment he could feel my hipbone again :thumbup: 5. Fit into a bra that I bought a few years ago that didn't fit at the time. 6. Saw an old friend I hadn't seen in over a year...and she barely recognized me!!!! I do drink through a straw. I understood the information given before surgery to say that when you were able to move from liquids to eat things that could possibly move through a straw, but not to actually eat it through a straw. Maybe I was wrong. I don't have any problems when drinking through a straw. I feel I drink more water throughout the day if I use a straw anyway. I try to get all my pills in liquid or chewable. I do take the Benedryl for Severe Head Colds (just one a day). And I cut it in half....ya'll think that is okay???? Now you got me worried....:thumbup: Hope everyone has a good week! I'm going to try to do more walking outside this week.
  6. Adork - put me down for 1 lb this week. It will probably be more next week due to the fact I'm wrestling will something stuck for the last 5 hours!!!! Damn Chicken and Dumplings....I'm never eating them again!!! They need to make "band Drain-O"! Anyone have any suggestions. I've been trying pineapple juice.....do you think hot tea would work??? I guess I'll be back to soft stuff for a couple more days. Damn chicken and dumplings!!!! ColoradoCrazy: I for one love Dr. K and agree that he also saved my life. Very wonderful, carrying and intelligent. Very skilled doctor! Love the staff and everything they have done for me. I hope you make the right choice for you and good luck.
  7. Congrats Adorkable!! I was soooo excited when I saw that number too!! I did a little happy dance on the scale!! My weigh in this week was 245lbs. I'm down 2 lbs from last week!!! woohoo!!! Don't know how that happened. Probably because I got something stuck on Saturday and I've been on soft stuff for the last two days. Man I hate that! I'm so afraid when I do that because of the throwing up part of it. I don't want to damage anything....but then when it's stuck you need relief fast!!! Anyone else had this happen??? Do you feel sore in your left ribcage afterwards? I think that's the dull pain I'm feeling?? I feel like I pay more attention to every little pain or strange feeling I have in my stomach area now a days...I worry about it too much probably. Hope everyone is doing well. Have a great week!
  8. Damn scale! I feel like I'm doing good but then I look at the scale and I keep seeing the same numbers. Dorky...I guess put me down for 247lb this week. That's one pound down from last. I'll try to do better this week. I have not made it to the gym in over 2 weeks!!!! My husband's schedule has been crazy and when we are together we have something planned and I can't go. I'm going to have to squeeze in the next 3 days to get in some exercise. I think that's my problem. Plus...I need some major restriction!!! I can eat a whole subway sandwich....and the chips!! until next time...
  9. Is it too late to get in on the challenge? If I could get in put me down for 9 lbs and 3x aweek at the gym. My weigh in this morning was 249lb...I lost 2 lbs this last week!! :cool2::thumbup:
  10. Happy Birthday Dee!!! I'm right there with you girl! I'm 10 lbs from 100lbs down. It's soooo close but yet so far away! It's driving me crazy!!! Especially since I've been hovering on the scale for the last month. It seems like I'll never completely see the 240's on the scale. I did see it briefly Friday morning...so I waved and did a a little happy dance. But then I get on my "evil friend" (scale) this morning and it said 251lb....WTF!!!! WE CAN DO IT DEE!!!! You've come a long way girlie! I have to stop, kick myself in the butt and think about all the things I'm now able to do and all the fat clothes I sold in my garage sale this weekend!!!! Woohoooo!! I did get tired of seeing the same numbers on the scale for the last month. So I drug out my weight watchers books and started counting my points again this week. I guess I haven't been eating enough calories or something because I actually started seeing new numbers this week. I hate counting the points thing....but hell if it's going to kick start my weight loss again...I'm all for it. I'm scheduled for a fill with Dr. K on Oct 3....so I need to work hard! Hope everyone has a great week!!
  11. Oh yeah...one more thing.... I enrolled in the belly dancing class that started 7/8.... I went to the first class and NO ONE SHOWED UP...not even the teacher!! Oooohhhh...I was so upset. I was soooo looking forward to the class. Well, I ended up finding another place that does classes, so I'm going to check into those and see if they are better.
  12. Okay....so I know it's been like two weeks since I posted. I haven't been able to go back and read everyone's posts for the last two weeks....not enough time in my day lately. I'm assuming everyone's doing great and working hard! Well....here's my update. The week of the 4th was just nuts! Family everywhere! I did get lots of compliments from my husband's side. His aunt said we both look great. He's lost about 85lbs (he doesn't have the band...he is joining me in my weight loss journey by doing the low carb stuff too. He's the best!!) Last week, we took a short but sweet vacation over to Branson, MO. We had sooo much fun! I actually got to ride some of the rides with my daughter for the first time. I could fit in them!!!! Wooohooo!!! I felt so good. I'll have to post some pictures of our fun time. We also went through the cave there at Silver Dollar City. That was a lot of work....but I made it through the stairs and everything with NO Problems!!! I know I would not have been able to do it back in December. 86lbs gone forever makes a huge difference! This week I had lasik surgery!! Wooohooo no more glasses!!!! Next to the lapband...it's the second best thing I've done for myself. The lasik doctor I used is celebrating 35,000 procedures and I got a free vacation for 2 to Cancun or Cozumel. We're thinking about taking it around my 1st band-aversery...to Celebrate. I'm thinking I'll feel better about being on the beach in a swimsuit by then. :scared2: Since it's been awhile since I checked in on the weigh-in....I've lost track. But I've figured that I've lost 3 lbs since 6/28....so I guess put me down for 3 lbs for the last 2 weeks. I'll take it since I ate some vacations foods including apple cobbler and ice cream!!! :wink2: Hope everyone is doing well. Keep up the good work everyone!!!
  13. Weighing in this morning.... No change!! I hope to do a little better next week.....but I am going on a mini-vacation next week. I'll try to stay focused and on the bandwagon! I made an appointment for oct 3 to come see Dr. K. I need a fill in a big way!!! Hope everyone is doing well. Welcome to all the newbies!!
  14. I have been so inspired by this thread for the last year. I'm excited to be able to post my first progress pics to hopefully inspire someones else. First pics (pink) are December 2007 at about 340lbs The second set (green) are from June 2008 at about 260lbs I've lost 83 lbs since my journey began in January 2008. My surgery was in February 2008. Exactly 6 months TODAY!!
  15. Well...I'm just down 1 lb this week. I'm happy with that. I feel I didn't do as well as I could have. I've been having a sharp pain on my left side just under my ribs. It hurts when I breathe in deep or sneeze. I called Natalie to talk to her about it and I'm trying some motrin for a week to see if it helps. I'm thinking (hoping) it's a pulled muscle or bruised rib or something of that nature. Anyone else have this type of pain? I also enrolled in a belly dancing class that starts July 8th!!! Woohooo...I'm sooooo excited! I've always wanted to take a class and now I feel good about myself and ready for a different type of FUN exercise! Hope all are doing well!
  16. Amieru

    I joined a beginner belly dancing class

    I did it! I enrolled in my first Belly Dancing class!!! It starts July 8th!! It is one night a week for 4 weeks. Only $20 for the class. I can't wait!!!
  17. Weighing in this morning... Woohooo....the 5 day pouch diet worked!! I've lost 5lbs this week!!! I just realized this morning....I'M HALF WAY THERE!!!!!!!!!!! My husband made a comment the other night that made me feel good. He said he could feel my hip bones again!!!! I told him they've always been there....they were just a little rounder. :redface: Lap- I've been doing the same research. Like you, I've always been "top- heavy". I'm a 42DDD and I've had back and shoulder pain also. I'd be curious to learn more about your research and journey to plasics. I can't wait to have a flat tummy and new belly button someday!!!!! :biggrin2: Hope all is well banditos!!!
  18. Sorry...I'm late posting again this week. I'm sad to report I'm up +2 lbs this week. I was a bad bandster! My husband and I celebrated our 13th wedding anniversery this week with a romantic retreat to a local bed and breakfast. I ate everything that didn't move and we drank a bottle of wine. But the breakfast was to die for!!!!!!! But....I think I'm going to join you Brandymom and do the 5 day pouch test diet. That will get me back on track I hope! Looks like everyone is doing well.
  19. Amieru

    I joined a beginner belly dancing class

    I found a class! I'm joining the next session that starts July 8th!! Woohoo...I can't wait. My husband thinks I'm a goof! amie
  20. Sorry Tied2...I didn't get a chance to post yesterday. I'm happy to report I lost 5 lbs from last week!!! I don't know how that happened since I only went to the gym once. It's probably because I had my first "STUCK FOOD" episode this week! OMG....that SUCKS!!!! I've been on soft foods for the last 2 days trying to heal. Man....I hope to never do that again!Looks like everyone is doing great!
  21. Okay...so I guess I need to check in on my weigh-in from Sunday. (I'm a freak about my scale too. I finally had to tell myself to quit weighing everyday....only Sundays now). I'm down 2 lbs from last week!! Woohooo!!! I didn't think it would move this week. I pretty much ate everything in front of me but my plate and napkin. That will probably all catch up with me this week. I did try something new today. I am trying to eat more fish...so I tried Mahi Mahi tonight. I really liked it! Of course I pan fried it in just a tiny bit of oil....but it was soooo gooooood. :drool: Hope everyone is doing well. Let's stick to our guns this week ladies and gentlemen!! We can do it!!!!
  22. Dee- Is it too late to join the 10 week challange!!! I sooo would love to join! Put me down for 20 lbs girly. Lap- LOVE THE TOES!!!
  23. I was going to post earlier this week...but have been so busy...I couldn't get around to finding the time. I flew in to see Dr. K last Friday for the day ("boy are my arms tired." - sorry had to throw that in.:confused_smile:) I had such a nice visit with him, Natalie, and Paula. It was nice to talk through my meal plan with Paula....I'm on the right track....just have to bump up the protein intake a bit. Dr. K is the bomb!!! I didn't need much of a fill really....but I can tell a little bit of a difference. I'm not all that sure I really knew what I was suppose to be feeling during the whole "fill experience" since it was my first time. But all in all I'm happy....and if the scale is moving...something must be working right!!! I did 200 crunches today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  24. Good luck Sidann!! Okay...I went last night to weigh in at Curves. WooooHOOOOO!! :smile2: I was soooo happy! I've lost like 17.25 inches TOTAL...5 from my waist, 3 from my hips and 4 from my bust!!! I had the girl make a copy so I can bring it with me on Friday when I visit Dr. K. I'm soooo pumped!!! I LOVE MY BAND!!! I just talked my sister into taking a belly dancing class with me. I think it will be sooo fun! I've heard it's a good workout for the stomach area....Lord knows I need it!
  25. Amieru

    I joined a beginner belly dancing class

    Thanks Crishell for the update. I've been looking in my area for a class and was suprised to find more than one of them. I'm so excited. I've decided to join one either this summer or fall. I told my sister today she needed to go with me. I think she might be interested too!!! I'm going to try to talk my best friend into it too. I think it would be fun for all of us to go together. :smile2: So what DVD's did you get? What do you wear to class to practice in? Is it hard to get the hips movin' the way you want? I'm sooo not graceful at times....I'd probably twist my ankle and fall over. :tongue2: Glad to hear you're having a fun workout. Thanks for the motivation!!!