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  1. I eat light and fit Greek yogurt Has 80 calories and 12 grams of protein.
  2. Thank you so much! My journey is just beginning:)
  3. Hi everyone! I started at 286 pounds. I have lost 101 pounds! I weigh 185 woohoo! My surgery was on 08/29/13 it's been 8 months so far and I am totally loving this journey. Loving my sleeve and the new me
  4. You both look amazing! What an awesome transformation love your dress!
  5. Sarah0829

    August Sleevers?

    You look amazing!!! Great job!
  6. Sarah0829

    August sleevers progress

    Congrats! You are doing awesome
  7. You all look amazing! Rocking those new bodies congrats!
  8. Sarah0829

    August sleevers progress

    Yup! Mine went to 5-6 no worries we will get there!
  9. Sarah0829

    August sleevers progress

    No it's not. The closer we get to goal the harder it will be for the weight to come off. I also learned at my local support group that months 6-7 we plateau or have a stall. Hang in there!
  10. Sarah0829

    August sleevers progress

    Me too! I have no problem eating a whole container of yogurt. I get full very fast with dense protein though. I can only eat around 2-3 oz the most.
  11. Sarah0829

    August sleevers progress

    I had surgery 08/29/2013 HW 286 SW 280 CW 199 I have lost a total of 87 pounds! I need 40 to reach my personal goal. I have slowed down now. I hope this is not the end!
  12. They sale them at lane Bryant... They are like a girdle type thing... Hold everything... They look like they are for a child them you stretch them and put them on hahahaha I would sweat just getting the damn things on!
  13. Things I WILL NOT MISS.... 1. Not being able to shave my legs without getting off balance. 2. Feeling bloated and swollen.. 3. Not taking family pictures. 4. feeling uncomfortable at weddings, party's, and my husband Christmas party. 5. Not finding shoes that fit, always had to get wide width... Ugh! 6. SPANX LOL! 7. Tummy control top panty hose. 8. Not being able to enjoy Water parks and the beach. 9. Feeling tired, run down, and moody all the time. 10. Feeling like I don't deserve to stand next to my very fit and handsome husband :/ 7 weeks out and 42 pounds lighter...this side is sooo much better!
  14. Sarah0829

    Stronger Orgasms

    Sex has always been great but after losing weight and inches wow! Husband can't take hands off me all day lol! I think you feel more comfortable and "skin/fat" is not in the way... Especially tummy area it makes for a more enjoyable and intense orgasm my opinion anyway
  15. Sarah0829

    August sleevers progress

    I've lost 32 so far!
  16. All the time I did feel like the biggest one... That's what encouraged me to do this surgery... Surgery date I was 280 at 5'7 but to everyone else looked smaller. I guess I'm more heavy boned lol! Now I'm 248 and I still feel big... better but big still... You are not alone. Can't wait to get to 8 months out and look back on the transformation
  17. Sarah0829


    I am 6 weeks out tomorrow If it helps at all look at it this way... You can eat a cookie, cake, pizza etc... You are choosing not too! That's the awesome part... Be encouraged by the thought that now you are in control! This is a life changing surgery but I can guarantee you it will pay off. We have all tried those treats before.. We know what they taste like (and although yummy!) it didn't do anything for my butt and thighs haha... Embrace the new you! Journal if you have too. I read a few days ago on my journal how gross and " fat" I felt a few months ago... I read it now and I'm like yeah kiss my slowly fading big butt lol! I'm beating you this time.... YOU can do this!!
  18. Sarah0829

    can you build muscle on a post-op diet?

    True I can try that! Thanks!
  19. Sarah0829

    4 month progress pix

    You look wonderful! My surgery weight was 280 too! I am 6 weeks out and have lost 32 pounds... Did u have any stalls? And when did you notice the most weight came off? I want to be 190 in four months too
  20. Sarah0829

    can you build muscle on a post-op diet?

    Yes tons... Full cardio workout hahaha...