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    5 weeks post-op not losing

    Hello ladies! I was sleeved on 8/22. I'm 6 weeks post op down 30 pounds... I'm am what u call a slow but steady looser. I'm very happy about it cuz it gives my body time to adjust... One thing I can tell you is that if you don't give ur body the proper nutrients like your Protein Shakes and your Vitamins, ur not going to loos any fat, what you will start to loos is lean muscle which will make your skin sag... You will be weak and your body will ache.... Plus is you don't take your Protein you are doubling your chances of loosing your HAIR.... Now saggy and bold is not a good combination... We are young!!!I encourage you, if you took the big step to health and got sleeved, take full advantage of the opportunity that others wish they could have.... Don't just eat anything. The sleeve is a tool, not a bypass. Eat and drink your protein it's VITAL for your body.... I hope you find this helpful..... God Bless!!! :*
  2. carolina c


    Is there ANY bread out there that we can eat???
  3. carolina c

    Proud !

    (I'm one month post op) I'm supper exited cuz my husband just had his surgery today...... It's the beginning of a new life for us and our boys..... God is Good !!!!
  4. carolina c

    Proud !

    Thank you soooo much!!! He's in pain, but I'm supper exited
  5. I have a cold and I'm not sure if I can take just anything... I had Theraflu warming liquid because it usually helps me a lot but this time, I literally felt it take over and coat my stomach with a burning feeling... What can I take???? I already feel my sinuses backing up and don't want to get sinus infection.... I have ALL the symptoms of the common cold.... One month post op
  6. carolina c

    9 months before and after pic

    I can't wait!!!! Did u keep up with ur Vitamins???
  7. Great job!!! U are looking awesome.... I'm only one month...How are u doing with the Vitamins,the fluids and the Protein. How's your skin? Did u loose any hair???
  8. carolina c

    9 months before and after pic

    God bless u!!! Ur an inspiration... I'm so glad u are sharing your journey
  9. carolina c

    9 months before and after pic

    U look incredible!!!!! I'm one month out... Did u ever loose your hair??? How's your skin after the transformation ??
  10. I just turned one month yesterday..... How are you guys doing after one month?? What are you eating? I still prefer soft stuff. Are you able to drink your Protein? Me most of it. Are you drinking all your fluids? I can't. Are you guys exercising yet? I'm afraid to start. How about them Vitamins? I'm taking regular pills Any hair issues? I'm also taking Biotin to try to prevent. How's your energy? I'm starting to feel much better, feel my energy coming back..
  11. Some one here mentioned that their protein shakes had 30 gr. of protein per serving and only had to have 2 a day for their total protein intake.... Can someone pls tell me which protein shake has 30 gr. per serving and that its ok for us?!?! Pls!!!!!
  12. carolina c

    Protein shakes

    Thank u!!!! I'm making a trip to SAMs club to look for them..... I'm 3 weeks post op today yeyyyyy!!!! I'm trying HARD to get in my shakes but having problems with all the fluids.... How are u ladies doing with your hair??? I have fine hair as it is and I'm terrified about loosing it... Do u guys have any recommendations for that???
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    Can someone pls recommend me a soup in a can that we CAN have.... Low sodium low fat... I'm desperado!!!!!
  14. carolina c


    Thank u!!!! I need something that I could get at my local supper market. Any ideas???