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  1. carolina c

    8 weeks out

    I also seem to be looking at mash potatoes.. Lol
  2. Wow!!! You look incredible. You are so beautiful, and it seams like your a beauty on the inside also... I don't even know you and I feel proud... You go girl!!!
  3. Me 2!!!! I actually had to delete the app and download it again.... I'm not to happy with all the changes..
  4. carolina c

    Bikini Pic - share yours!

    So where did the stretch marks go?? Did u get surgery??
  5. carolina c


    Home made or processed??? I would love a nice can of Soup...
  6. Well you look incredible!!! And you have such beautiful face... Did you experience any hair loss?
  7. You look incredible!!!! Did you experience hair loss??? How's your skin a year later???
  8. I'm 2 months and a week.... ITS MY BIRTHDAY is it so bad that I'm really really really considering to have some cake ?!?! If you think about it, I'm going to feel full by the 5th spoonful... How bad can 5 spoons of cake be on my bday ??? I really want a bit of bday cake
  9. carolina c

    Hair Loss

    It's by Organix: Biotin and Collagen,,, Thick and Full @ Cvs, some walmart's, cheapest in Target... Purple bottles. Smells 2 die for... My curls air dry very happy since I've been using them... Then I put on a LITTLE BIT of: Curl enhancing smoothie by Shea moisture And my hair feels great!!! Pls let me know if this works out for you... If you have curly hair, DONT shampoo everyday!! Some days you just need to cowash it..
  10. carolina c

    Hair Loss

    I don't believe that's true. I have family members who have not suffered any hair loss... I also have a family member who's almost bold.... And there's a BIG difference in what they did after surgery... I'm very optimistic about my hair... Words are powerful.
  11. My surgeon has never mentioned anything about soups nor cereal... In fact I have the protein cereal with fat free milk often.... Why can't you guys have soups nor cereal???
  12. carolina c

    Hair Loss

    I have fine curly hair also...I take ALL my protein 95%of the time. I take ALL my vitamins plus biotin plus black current for my hair, 95%of the time.... I'm also using Biotin and Collagen shampoo and conditioner (my curls love it).. I have faith that all this will work... I wash my hair but let it air dry, I only blow dry it once a week... Just wanted to share what I'm doing to try and fight it before anything happens....Good luck !!!!
  13. carolina c

    Where does milk fit in?

    What about cereal??? I eat my protein cereal WITH milk... No problem and oooooh so good!!
  14. Sr... U look amazing!!! Incredible job.... U look many years younger... Enjoy your new life!!!!
  15. May the good Lord give you the strength that you must be needing right now!!! Get better!