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  1. 9 months out--110 lbs down.

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    2. southernsoul


      And you look fabulous!!

    3. SAP78


      awesome...this is great progress dear.!!


    4. Skywalker


      Thumbs up! Awesome!

  2. Hi all, haven't been around in a while. 84 lbs down and feeling great.

    1. skinnygirlwithin


      congrats on your loss!! that's wonderful.. keep up the good job!!


    2. Carlotta1


      Wow wow wow.,


  3. Down 50 pounds. Surgery 10/28. Just keep swimming!

    1. Sharpie


      good job missy


    2. TaniaG


      LOL, love that....just keep swimming! I say that too :)

  4. Officially sleeved! Still in the hospital. Sipping chicken broth. Released tomorrow!

  5. Getting sleeved tomorrow (10/28) at 1. Holy crap it is finally here!

  6. Day 4 Optifast diet is coming to a close. I have lost 10lbs but I want food!

  7. Day 1 of 2 week liquid diet. Kill me now.

  8. Missylaneous

    2 week optifast pre-op diet

    Thank you for the over but we have to buy our supply from the surgeon's office. It all has to come from them or they wont accept it as the "licensed optifast program" dumb I know. What did you think of the stuff? ready to drink vs powder etc?
  9. For those having to do the 2 weeks of optifast as their pre-op diet...what were your favorite/least favorite options? I see there is a choice between the premade shakes and the powders. If I buy the premade shakes it will cost me 336.00! The powder is cheaper. Are the packets worse? Do they taste different? Do they mix well? Any optifast input is appreciated! Thanks
  10. Missylaneous

    October Sleevers - Who else

    Approved this morning. My date is October 28th at Christiana Hospital in Delaware. :-) Hi fellow October sleevers!

  12. Missylaneous

    Patience: I have nun to spare

    I had my pre-surgical clearance appointment today. This is the final appointment with the surgeon where I asked questions and signed surgical consent forms. My patience is wearing thin with all these medical appointments. I know, I know, it is a journey and takes time, yadda, yadda, yadda. I just feel overly anxious and antsy. Especially all the sitting I've done in waiting rooms. My appointment time today was 3:25. I arrived at 3:15 in order to sign in and take care of my co-pay and all that. When did I see the surgeon? 4:30. I still do not have a surgery date as I have yet to receive an insurance approval. I was cleared on 8/27 medically but the office did not submit to Cigna until 9/12. If you were wondering, yes, I called Cigna today to see if they approved yet but my claim is still processing. The recurring theme here is my impatience I brought my ‘sleeve bible’ to the appointment. The 3 nutrition classes, 3 life-skills classes (courses specifically about the sleeve and how to eat), and 2 visits with the nutritionist were informative and produced a ton of paperwork and instruction packets. I appreciate all of the literature I have received and it helped to build my ‘bible.’ I had a few questions for the surgeon about the size of sleeve, blood thinners, medications, leak rate, opti-fast diet, etc. and they were all answered within 10 minutes. So 75 minutes of waiting for 10 minutes with the surgeon and a $50.00 copay. But at least I got my questions answered, right? The best part of my trip happened around 4:00. Just as I felt my blood pressure rising, 2 nuns walked in. You heard me. Nuns. Not just any nuns. Nuns who are getting bariatric surgery. I was really thankful for the laugh and the blatant message from above: Patience is a damned virtue.
  13. Missylaneous

    Are you 5'8"-5'9" and post- surgery?

    I am 5'9 and would love to be 190. I haven't been 190 since before high school. I have 150 pounds to lose to reach that goal. That number seems so huge--that's another freaking person! Mostly, I want to lose 100 pounds and get closer to a healthy me. I will keep evaluating my progress as I go and keep on trying. Good luck to you!
  14. Missylaneous


    I have never been more hungry in all my life.
  15. I don't think it is allowed where I am from. Like others have said it is classified as medical waste. It is worth asking your surgeon though he may give you strange looks lol. I would like to see pictures of it it at least. Has anyone seen/gotten photos from their surgery?