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  1. this is a question I wondered myself, how many people actually regret it being I see SO MANY positive people ! lol Im in just the first steps of my journey now and cant wait to actually get a move on. . . I do question myself is this for me? am I making the right choice? but like others I have invested so much time, energy and money in other quick fixes and diets that either didn't work or came back like a boomerang and the weight knocked me off my feet. Since I have reached into 300+ numbers I cannot get past 290lbs ! it gets soo frustrating and discouraging .. I have realized I need the help of a tool, and having a football sized stomach isn't benefiting me lol Congrats to everyone on being sleeved and on all of ur weight loss... I cant wait until I get to join u on the losers bench ! save me a spot lol

  3. so today I met with the nurse practitioner, and the results to basic blood work came in. Karen made me feel so comfortable as I was sweating bullets soo excited and nervous lol. Yet she blew me out of the water when she told me was has had the lap band for the last six years and was telling me the how her journey is and was.. come to find out she is thinking of transitioning from band to sleeve. She was able to answer my questions and was eager to get me started. The only down fall about today was finding out I have a thyroid issue .. I have a hypoactive thyroid and was given meds today bbblaaahhhh but I am a big believe in things gotta get worse before they get better .. and I don't out today that I miscalculated my weight and I am about 3lbs lighter then what I thought (= I was told I might be able to be sleeved around Christmas !! shesh soooo exciting ! im sorry for rambling but u can tell im excited lol .. ill be going to my first seminar Tuesday night.. hope u are all doing amazing !!
  4. today i have my first appointment directly about VGS !!!

  5. Hey everyone I am new I just created my account. I am 23 years old 5'8 293lbs. at my highest weight I was 315.6lbs and since then I can not get lower than 290lbs its so frustrating .. I feel like if I just look at food I put weight on. I have met a surgeon about 2 years ago, but sadly my insurance didn't cover the VGS and I was WAY TO SCARED to consider anything else. Finally my insurance covers the VGS I have been thinking about it again for a while, but never said anything and a friend contacted me via Facebook telling me that she was sleeved and telling me how happy she is. Come to find out we have the same insurance. I went to my primary yesterday and he gave me the green light to begin the process. I am meeting with his head nurse on Thursday to speak further about the procedure and starting paper work. I have so many mixed emotions, most of all I am excited ! Ideally I would like to have the procedure done March of 2014, that would give me six months to prepare myself. I look forward to getting to know you guys and hearing your amazing stories and soon being able to share mine !
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    first blog, HELP ! lol lets talk

    thank you so much ! I will deff add you, I am looking to go to a few seminars before my procedure .. there is 2 next week, but i am unsure of my work schedule .. the ones i looked at are all the first week of the month ;/