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    Anyone Afraid of Telling Others about WLS?

    I was afraid of sharing it out of facebook. but I am one to post alot on facebook. So after talking to a few, they suggested I make a private group and so I did. I invited people I knew would be supportive, and I also posted in the group that I was making this group to support me, That I didn't want any negativity. This was a hard decision and would be a hard journey and I needed support and encouragement. It was the best decision. It has really been a help. I has some rough times and my friends were there to pick me up, pray for me and encourage me. There will be some people with negativeness. The ones that don't talk to you anymore, you need to evaluate if they were close friends or party friends. The real friends will stick by you and support you.
  2. Happy Birthday! I had my 40th, 10 days after my surgery. Yes at about 4-5 days I was higher than my surgery weight but that doesn't last long. Then it starts to drop. I stalled again at 2.5 weeks for almost 3 weeks which was the most discouraging time. Now it's starting to drop fast again. Keep doing what you are supposed to do and it will come off.
  3. Because you are still retaining fluid and swelling from the surgery. Give it another week and u will be amazed.
  4. I had my surgery on August 21st. My dr. told me I should lose about 40 lbs in the first month. I have not seen that happen at all as you can see by my ticker. I was told and read in all the preop surgery papers that I would have Dr. appts every week for the first month and every month for the first year. That they would be checking my bloodwork every month for the first year. Well i was Cashpay and I think this is why they aren't following that. I had my first followup at 2 weeks, 2nd at 5 weeks and now she said she will see me in 2 more months. No bloodwork drawn since week 2. Does that seem right? Also I had told her when I came in initally that I had been successful on Medifast and had lost 90 lbs in 5 months and had maintained it and lost a few more for the next year and a half. but that 5 months ago i got diagnosed with IC and coudlnt do MF anymore. I had gained back 40 lbs in 5 months and that is why I was looking into the surgery. Well at my 5 week followup, she told me she thought I wasn't losing as fast because my body was already used to a low cal diet from medifast and my metabolism was is metabolic fatigue from MF. Well this would have been nice to know before surgery. Has anyone ever heard this?
  5. ArtistNic


    I find that I am hungry too. Its like an empty feeling. I seem to go from empty to full, I wish I could find a way of staying at content. right in between but I guess with the small stomach now, that's harder to reach.
  6. ArtistNic

    weigh in!

    I was at 20 lbs at two weeks too. Keep up the good work.
  7. ArtistNic

    Do you still get hungry?

    I am three weeks out. I don't get hungry, I feel empty but not hungry.
  8. I am in that stage too. Soft scrambled eggs, ff refried beans, mashed sweet potato, cream of wheat to name a few.
  9. my medical supply carries Unjury as well as my bariatric surgeons office.
  10. ArtistNic

    Your monthly vs. post operation!

    I have stalled too, don't get discouraged. TOM can play a part, but also not getting enough protein and fluids does too. Also my scale moves much better when I am walking every day.
  11. ArtistNic

    Not eating enough

    I have never heard of a nut that knows about this surgery saying you should be taking in that many calories already!!! That's rediculous. Now protein on the other hand!! That's important, and that is what my nut says is important, that and fluids.
  12. ArtistNic

    3 week update

    OHHH Thankyou for posting this, I am at week 3 and scale hasn't moved for me either, I thought it didn't happen til week four and thought I was doing something wrong. Thank you, I feel so much better!
  13. oh and make sure if u put it in hot liquid, its not too hot or it morphs into YUCK!
  14. I use Unjury and it just smells when ur mixing it, but then you don't taste it at all. I am on my third canister. It works the best for me to get my protein in.
  15. ArtistNic

    Day 19 and discouraged

    I am at day 19, the scale has not moved for over a week, since I started soft foods. I also haven't been walking like I did the first two weeks. Now that I have gone back to work, I have not figured out how to make it part of my routine. I have a treadmill in my livingroom that doesn't work. I believe I would use it if it did. I wish I had one. I also have a friend that lives in an apartment on my way to work but I don't have access to get there without her. I am trying to stay positive and focused but I am realizing this doesn't jsut melt off without my initiative.
  16. I had sex at day 6, It was very carefully. Then again at day 9 and was much less carefull. Rockin' it fully now at day 18. and the 20 lbs off helps!
  17. ArtistNic

    It MOVED!

    Thank your for your post, I have been a little discouraged this week. Ever since I started the soft foods moving from week two full liquids, the scale stopped moving. Today it dropped a lb. So it's moving again hopefully. It was my 40th birthday last week and the whole week was full of celebration. I did have a bite of sugary stuff here and there, and maybe that is what threw me off. I am starting at the basics today.
  18. ArtistNic

    Seven Days Post Op

    I got the Unjury unflavored at Carmichaels which is a medical supply company.
  19. My chiro said this is normal in weightloss. I recommend going to a chiro to be adjusted, things are shifting in our body. there are all sorts of chiros out there so make sure it's one that isn't just adjust and go, rather someone that listens to you and really evaluates your movements and functions. Good luck
  20. ArtistNic


    Grats! It's my 40th birthday on your surgery day... Iwill be celebrating you too! I am 2 weeks out of surgery.
  21. ArtistNic

    Seven Days Post Op

    I am two weeks out. Returned to work yesterday. Doing great. I understand what you mean by not wanting things to touch incisions. It gets better pretty quick. mine are just itching now. YOu sound like you are recovering well. the best way I get my 60 oz protein in is the unflavored unjury in decaf coffee 2x a day and soup 1x a day.
  22. ArtistNic

    Ode to greek yogurt.

  23. ArtistNic

    Ode to greek yogurt.

    LOL, I took one container of the 0% Fuge yogurt, with 1 scoop of Unjury unflavored protein powder, and torani sf syrup (one batch of raspberry, and one batch of peach. I put them in heart candy molds and put in freezer. u can also put in icecube trays or in a block and cut. If you can get to my blog i have a pic
  24. ArtistNic

    two year surgiversary

    You look fantastic. I showed my husband and he said what skin does she need to remove, she looks great! So just curious. I am pretty sure I will need to do plastic as well. did you get it covered by insurance? and if not what is the price range you have found? I havne't been able to find a price for it being done.
  25. ArtistNic

    uggghghh mad!

    my drain was out 24 hours later. I didn't go home with it. Weird they still have that in.