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    African American Sleevers

    Sleevers, I'm 4 months out. Feel good but have questions. How many meals should I be eating at 4 months out? How much can your stomach hold tight now? Want to loose fat percentage, how do you do this as a sleever? HW 260 SW 234 CW 199 From 22/24 Now. 14/16 Goal 40-50 more pounds and 8/10
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    Other drinks please

    Hang in there. I was crazy too. Try crystal light. And sugar free Popsicles. They saved me. unjury also has a clear chicken broth. It's good and it's 21 grams of protein. If u take a vanilla Protein shake and add orange crystal light to it, it tastes like a ccreamsicle.
  3. For a couple of weeks now I have had the same pain. Sleeved on Aug 13. It is the large incision. It feels like someone is stabbing me with a hot knife. It gets bad enough for mr to cry. It is better when I walk or lay down. It only hurts and burns on the surface of my skin when I sit down. Is yours better? I can't wait to get there. Let me know please.