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  1. grateful-1

    Why is this so hard?

    You and your son are adorable!! I can totally relate to your weight loss adventures. This time is the real deal for us though!! We're going to do this! I wish you the best!!
  2. grateful-1

    Don't lose too much - aaaargh!

    I know I will be getting this from my Dad. He is already asking me where I'm losing weight from. He says don't let your face get too skinny. Isn't there a way to make more weight come off your thighs? I said yeah sure Dad, I'll put my weightloss proportion order in right now.
  3. I had my gastric sleeve surgery on 9/4. I lost 6 lbs. the first 6 days post op then stayed the same for about 6 days. I was bumming out somewhat, and someone on here said do your measurements. I was really glad I did them before surgery. I took my measurements yesterday and lost a total of almost 17 inches!! I could not believe it. And I lost 2 more lbs as well. I read that because of consuming so much protein, fat is turning into muscle which weighs about the same as fat but is smaller, hence losing inches and not weight. Than eventually the fat starts burning off. This made me very happy!! So, anyone who is not losing much in the beginning, I highly recommend measuring :)And I did lose 9 lbs. on the preop diet;so down a total of 17 lbs. and 17 inches. Yay!!!!
  4. Hello:) I am almost 2 weeks out, started puree beginning of week 2. I lost 6 lbs. the first 6 days post op, and now I have been stuck at the same weight, actually gained a lb, this past week. I'm doing everything I am supposed to including enough protein, fluids and walking. I increased my calories the last few days. Still nothing. So, I am wondering, thosee who have had successful weight loss during the puree stage, how many calories are you eating per day? I am frustrated:( Thank you so much!
  5. Thank you everyone:) Hannah55, 18 days ,yikes!! So about how many calories were you eating during phase 2, and was it when phase 2 was over that you started losing? I actually got in almost 1100 calories in today. I don;t know if that;s too much or not, but I figured it was worth a shot. Thanks again:)
  6. Thank you:) Well I am now 12 days out and still haven't lost any more weight, other than the 6 lbs the first 6 days. Still getting in all my protein and water and have increased my calories to 700-800 and still nothing. I really hope I start losing soon. I know I shouldn't weigh everyday, but I have a problem with it:) I'm really trying though:) I just think I can't possibly be the same again and step on the scale hoping it went down, but no On the flip side, I feel great
  7. Thank you so much Preston's nana:) It really is scary. I wish you the best!!
  8. Thank you I just figured 4 days was a stall. I am actually 9 days out. I guess I just thought there was supposed to be more weight loss the first 2 weeks, than possible a stall week 3. I guess I did think I would lose something each day at this point. My expectations, I believe , long term are very realistic. I just thought in the beginning it came off faster. So, I was worried.
  9. I had my sleeve done 9/4. Recovery is going great. Felt weak the first 4 days and just minor soreness at one incision. Feel great now. I have followed everything to the tee, pre op and post op. I am getting all of my protein in and fluids and just started puree. My NUT said I may not be getting enough calories and to drop one protein shake and get the protein from foods now that I'm on puree. I started doing that yesterday. I have lost 6 lbs. since surgery (plus 9 lbs. pre op), and now have been at the same weight for 4 days. I also have been walking. I have read so much about stalls, but mostly around week 3. Why am I having one at 6 days? I worry I'll have another one at 3 weeks. Getting discouraged, but I keep trying to tell myself it will come off, but still frustrating:( I am very grateful for the great recovery though:)
  10. Thank you again everyone for the encouragement and well wishes:) Shumaked I hope you get approved! My husband is also supportive, but I know exactly what you mean. We all can relate to each other, since we are going through the same thing:) I don't want this to be boring, but, nothing too eventful here; which is a good thing:) Only had one dose of pain meds today, will probably take one more at bedtime and anticipate I won't take any tomorrow, we'll see:) Sites healing well, they were glued, by the way. Have a small bruise from a heparin shot. Had my first protein shakes today. They still tasted good, so I was happy about that. And definitely filled me up more than the water, icepops, etc. Not craving food at all. I'm already noticing how much my husband eats. It seems like he eats every hour haha:) He is not overweight though. Also noticing that he comments on every food commercial that comes on, mmmmm that looks good, I want that. I asked him to work on not doing that in front of me, and he is. It doesn't bother me right now, but in the future it may, so he might as well practice now:) I am still weak, taking lots of naps, but also have the urge to walk, so I have been walking just around my yard with my hubby and kids, whoever is willing to go with me:) I am really glad I did this so far. Even in the recovery room, I had this kind of worried feeling but, I had this happy, peaceful feeling in there somewhere. I now have that happy feeling just waiting to come out. Guess I want to see if it works first:) So, again, I wish you all the best. It is a scary thing getting major surgery, but according to the majority on here it is so worth it.
  11. grateful-1

    Sleeved on wednesday!

    I think its fine if you don't have jello or soup. I havn't either. My NUT said as long as I get in 46-64 ounces of fluid a day, preferably 64. Sugar free icepops are really good and going done well:) Best wishes!!
  12. Post op day 3. Pain isn't so bad as long as you have the pain meds. Even when I didn't get pain meds on time once, the pain was tolerable, but not fun. Only one of my five incisions actually hurt. It's the one where the stomach was removed. I think everyone is different, and may depend on the surgeon as well as far as pain control. Not much gas, just somewhat uncomfortable, but much better now:) I wish you the best!
  13. Yayyy!! a few of us heading home today! Boogiebabe, yes I do have some rumbly in my tummy, but they said that's a good sign, shows everything is working in there:) Well, I am home. Was very sleepy, so took a nice long nap. Pretty weak, even picking up the mail felt kind of heavy haha:) But I know I'll get stronger each day. Liquids are still going done fine. Had a couple of sugar free icepops, very yummy! Not hungry at all which is exciting. Family eating in front of me doesn't bother me at all:) My 10 year old son greeted me in the driveway and said, Mommy, I made your bed for you. That touched my heart:) So Congratulations to all of you who just had surgery, and to those getting it soon. It is no where near as bad as I thought it would be so far. Best wishes to you all and thanks again for being there!
  14. Thank you!! Day 3: Going home today! Glad I got to stay an extra day though. Just the peace of mind of being monitored was nice. Still some pain in the one area, but able to walk, drink fluids without a problem. Had some gas yesterday. Wasn't really painful, just uncomfortable. I have never been so happy to pass gas Haha:) It's a big difference when the pain meds wear out, suggest taking them before feeling pain, but even without them it's tolerable, but not fun. If anyone ever has any questions please feel free to ask. This forum has helped me so much, I hope I can help others:) Will update soon:)
  15. Thank you again everyone!! Well day 2, Dr. wanted me to stay in the hospital one more night, only so I can walk around more and they wanted to make sure I could tolerate liquids before I go home, so I won't get dehydrated. Drinking 60ml water, lemonade, jello every hour, going down fine:) Walked some more and took a shower:) Ahhhhhhh, that felt good:) Still sore in the one spot, but not bad at all. Off PCA and on liquid pain meds. Hubby stayed with me all night:) and all day today:) I am very grateful all went well and for all of your kind comments. I wish you all the best as well!!

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