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  1. I love NWWLS! Everyone is amazing there and they all just want the best for you and for you to succeed on your journey. Most of the staff has had weight loss surgery, so they know what you're going through.
  2. thebean


    I can't eat chocolate anymore or too much sugar, otherwise I feel super sick. I will not eat any, sad.
  3. I'm in Mill Creek. I had my surgery Sept 3, 2013 at NW weight loss surgery, dr michaelson.
  4. thebean

    Sept 3rd

    I was down 44 pounds but I have found 4 pounds this past few days. But I still list inches and body fat, so I'm not too worried. I'm still seeing a loss, even if it's not the pounds.
  5. thebean

    Sept 3rd

    I'm new to the forum but my surgery is september 3rd! I'm so nervous and excited all balled into one!
  6. I try to just order an appetizer, but times that I ordered an entree I've had the chef come out to make sure I liked it since I barely touched it. This has happened twice and is quite embarrassing.
  7. thebean

    I want a cookie!

    Once sleeved we are suppose to stay away from breads and such.
  8. thebean

    Late period - almost 5 months post-op

    Mine was 5 days late. I'm 5 weeks out and am down 34 pounds. I think it's just normal to be late when you drop a lot of weight.
  9. I'm 4 weeks out and the incision in my belly button, which is the biggest and the one they took my stomach out of, refuses to heal. I've been in 4 times in a week and a half. They have used silver nitrate on it, removed skin that might have been irritating it. I have to pack it twice a day so it wicks out stuff. It's not infected, thank goodness, but this is getting old. The hole has just gotten bigger and bigger. Today was finally the first day that it's bleeding and not draining, so maybe it's finally ready to heal up completely.
  10. thebean

    Incision won't heal

    The surgeon says this is the hardest one to heal and that's why he puts it in the belly button, so if the scar is bigger then no one will see it.
  11. thebean

    Incision won't heal

    Yes I got sleeved in the states. I popped the stitch on day 3. The rest of the stitches dissolved. I could have a lot worse of a complication.
  12. thebean

    Post op pain

    Yes I did. Rather normal but hurts like hell. I'm 4 weeks out today and I still get it sometimes. It feels like a pulled muscle now while it's still healing.
  13. thebean

    As soon as i eat...

    Mine does it too, although it happens less now. I think it's either you tummy is ready for food or it's your tummy getting ready to digest.
  14. thebean

    Bruised Belly Button

    My belly button bruised so bad after surgery. And now it will bleed and leak yellowish gunk, I have to call the surgeon tomorrow. I was bruised a deep purple and about 3 inches all the way around my belly button.
  15. thebean

    Isopure? What is that?

    I have 2 different flavors and they aren't bad but I immediately feel like I have cotton mouth after I take a sip of it. It's weird
  16. thebean

    I madea mistake

    You'll be fine. You can technically see through it
  17. Muscle milk is great and the injury brand is awesome plus they have unflavored too
  18. thebean

    Sept 3rd

    I also have some struggles with fluids and sometimes my Protein.
  19. The fancy name for it is vertical sleeve gasrectomy. My surgeon thinks it should be called the banana stomach lol