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  1. I thought it would be cool to have a random thoughts thread. Surgery or non-surgery related. I know I sometimes have thoughts that aren't really "thread worthy" but I'd still like to get my thoughts out...or typed out.
  2. Blondiee

    You're so vain...

    *Raises hand* Present!
  3. Blondiee

    Random Thoughts Thread

    I'm so worried about my friend. I hope she can lose the weight and become more mobile.
  4. Blondiee

    Random Thoughts Thread

    You're doing a great job Ava324!!!
  5. You look beautiful!! Your legs and calves look so toned and muscular!!
  6. Deli meat and cheese from the grocery store or a Flying Dutchman from In N Out.
  7. Blondiee

    happy surgerversary to me????

  8. Blondiee

    December 2013 Sleevers Come In!

    You're welcome! There is a pregnancy forum here...check it out and get more help/support from women who are going through the same thing. http://www.bariatricpal.com/forum/427-pregnancy-with-gastric-sleeve-surgery/
  9. Blondiee

    December 2013 Sleevers Come In!

    Don't be scared Meamo. *big hug* Contact your doctor and an OB/GYN. They will help guide you through your pregnancy to ensure that you and you little one are eating enough and remain healthy. Congratulations!!!
  10. Blondiee

    Fish, shellfish, nuts, tree nuts

    I can't tolerate nuts after 6pm or I'll have nasty acid reflux when I go to be around 9pm.
  11. You've been given some very sound advice in this thread. I'd totally suggest writing a PROS and CONS list and be very honest with yourself. Good luck in whatever surgery you choose.
  12. Blondiee

    Random Thoughts Thread

    Feeling really cute today!
  13. Blondiee

    Does it really matter!

    Totally got that from your initial post. I personally just won't deal with any negativity like @Nicey2u. Life is too short and you ARE a rockstar @RJ'S/begininng!
  14. Blondiee


    Just because you can doesn't mean you should.
  15. Blondiee

    Does it really matter!

    It doesn't matter to me and I really don't feel any kind of way when members post their stories/feelings about their journey.
  16. I told my boss and my HR representative. My boss was informed that this was confidential information but I suspect she has not kept it to herself. I should have kept that private considering she had RNY and broadcast that for any and everybody who would listen. I share NOTHING personal or private with her now.
  17. Blondiee

    Random Thoughts Thread

    Donated 3 large bags of clothing to a woman's shelter this weekend. It was hard to part with them but totally necessary!!!
  18. You look fantastic!! I had to do a double take to figure out which one you were in the "after." Your ombre hair color looks great!
  19. Thanks for the crab cake recipe, I'll be trying that sometime this week!!!
  20. Trader Joe's High Potency Chewable, B-12 sublingual, Bariatric Advantage B-50 complex and calcium citrate.
  21. Blondiee

    Is the weight loss on track?

    Sounds good to me!
  22. Well, you are losing weight just maybe not at the rate you expected. What does your diet consist? Maybe too many slider foods are the culprit?
  23. I tell them I'm on the Model C Diet...Coffee, Cocaine and Cigarettes. They usually laugh and don't ask anymore questions.
  24. Blondiee

    cream of chicken soup?

    It was considered a full liquid for me and I enjoyed it during that stage. Like @@SparkleCat I would add a scoop of unflavored protein powder.

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