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  1. Blondiee

    Trouble getting my protein in

    At 9 days post op you need to focus on not becoming dehydrated. At this stage you won't be able to get in all of the protein recommended but, you'll get there eventually.
  2. Handsome fellow! Indeed!
  3. Blondiee


    I have no regrets. No need to suffer in pain. Please ask your doctor for medication for the nausea so you can take your pain meds.
  4. Blondiee

    2 Questions..

    Well technically you asked 3 questions. Just joking...
  5. If you can eat the recommended amount of Protein no, you don't have to drink the shakes. For what it's worth...I'm 3.5 months out and still have a shake every morning for breakfast; I can't get all of my protein from food. I too grew tired of the Premier Protein Shakes and have switched to Syntrax Cookies and Cream.
  6. Blondiee

    Four Months Update!

  7. Thank you for writing out my thoughts.
  8. Blondiee

    Well, isn't this a kick in the butt....

    Figures!!! Thank God for laser hair removal treatments...life changing just like the VSG.
  9. Yes. After surgery I was taking a PPI once a day and everything was fine. About a month ago I started having some issues with acid at night and my dose was increased to twice daily. That has helped tremendously and I haven't had any issues. If you're having problems with this call and/or email your doctor to see if this is a viable option.
  10. I've gone down one shoe size. Oh...and I'm clothes shopping as well. I like to look/feel cute EVERYDAY and that's kinda of hard wearing ill fitting clothes.
  11. You look great and soo much younger! Congratulations on your weight loss lady!!
  12. Blondiee

    Wanted to share my results

    Uuuuhhhhmazing! Your radiant smile says it all.
  13. Blondiee

    Not feeling full

    If you're only 1.5 weeks out of surgery I'm guessing you're still on liquids. You'll feel the restriction when you move to solid foods. Also please remember that you stomach is still swollen and trying to heal from the trauma of surgery.
  14. I know this thread is old but what the heck... Height - 5'2 Highest weight - 293 Surgery weight - 285 Current weight - 229 That's a total of 64 pounds in 3 months ( 8 pounds lost pre-op)! I'll take it!!
  15. Blondiee

    Been a while on here

    WOW!!! What a difference in your before and after picture. Congratulations!!!!!!
  16. Blondiee

    Avoid Carbs

    I am limiting my carb intake because that has been working for me. I'm focusing on getting my Protein in and avoiding "slider" foods. Like you said everybody has a different plan and once you have your surgery you'll see what works for you and your new tummy.
  17. Great job and as others have said you look wonderful!
  18. Blondiee

    6 months pics

    You look great and I can really see the difference!! I really LOVE before and after pictures...thanks for sharing.
  19. Blondiee

    Home support

    You have to do what is right for you. Everyone is not going to support you or agree with your decisions, not just with WLS but with life in general. You be your biggest cheerleader and supporter. Oh...and the fine people here offer support daily.
  20. I'm so happy for you!! This surgery is life changing for sure!!
  21. Blondiee

    Got my date! March 31st

    Congratulations and yes it is exciting!!
  22. Chipotle: A side of chicken with a scoop of guacamole. Woodranch: Blackened salmon with a side of broccoli...off the kids menu. Any other place I might dine out at: Chicken/fish and veggies. I'm keeping it simple for now because that's what works for me.
  23. Blondiee

    Mechanical Soft Foods

    What exactly is the Mechanical soft phase? I've never heard that term before.