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  1. Whats your workout routine like? I need to get rid of the fat up front and its annoying the hell out of me. Also, how are your tattoos holding up? Any distortion?
  2. Sleeved Aug 14, 2013 I remember having a burning sensation to the right of my bellybutton right after surgery. The skin on top being numb. It's been a long time since surgery. I feel this burning sensation once in awhile, every few months. Right now it's like a pulling when i sit up from bed or lay dow slowly. Not painful, just odd. No bumps or lumps in the area. It's not over scar tissue. I haven't seen my surgeon in a long time, i was at a stall and felt like i had failed. He's also moved to another office i'd need to get in touch with. I'm not sure if my GP could help with this. I see her in March, thats a little bit away and i don't want to go in early for nothing. Anyone else going through this? Someone suggested a hernia, which of course sent me straight here to talk to people that have actually had this done, lol.
  3. A_New_Lily

    Is this the vagus nerve i'm feeling?

    I was going to ask the Veteran's Forum but it won't let me in. I've been here since 2013. I DO have anxiety so, this could be nothing. I might really have to call up this surgeon i haven't seen in a year and ask. Not looking forward to that speech at all.
  4. It won't let me in! What the hell.
  5. A_New_Lily


    I'm in Hackettstown (Warren county). Sleeved Aug 14, 2013, still fat, lol. We need a Meetup.com group!
  6. Hello out there in bariatric land. I haven't seen my surgeon in a year. I was stalled and he wasn't happy with me. My nutritionist doesn't call me. I just started losing again, i guess this moving around thing works. I'm down to about 210. I just had to get a size 18 pants and they fit weird. I've been working on my mental health. As we know, being overweight usually comes with low self esteem and depression. I've been going to group therapy, and individual. Trying to come to the root of my problem. When the weather was warmer i was walking before my appts, when i arrived early. I take 3 flights of stairs to their office. I think thats whats making me lose now. I stopped taking my vitamins, just...not sure why, lazy, depressed, thought i was okay. I've since started taking them again. I might be on iron pills forever. I still have the mentality that i'm gross and fat, just now with saggier skin. But like i said, i'm in therapy. Sooo...thats whats going on. Oh and i posted in the forums about a weird sensation in my bellybutton region.
  7. Hello to anyone that still wonders. I'm down to 235ish lbs. I'm on iron pills. My hair has been thinning/falling out for the past 3 months, so i'm on biotin. I REALLY need to work out. Apparently this surgery didn't cure my lazy. D:
  8. A_New_Lily

    Farting (lol)

    When did you after surgery? I was told it is a very important step. I got sleeved on the 14th and i haven't yet, i'm getting very impatient. (I can burp though and the gas pain in my shoulders isn't as bad as it was before.) I want to fart and make sure i'm okay!
  9. Yup, shark week starts on the day of my surgery. Woohoo. I seriously doubt that's happening with all the worry and stress i'm putting myself through. Anyone have this come up during your hospital stay?
  10. Been 2 months since surgery...not even down 20lbs. Not cool at all.

  11. I've lost about 12 lbs since surgery. Meh. My surgeon told me to walk for 2 hours a day, and i should lose 40lbs by January. I feel like i'm losing too slowly.
  12. I haven't really been on here lately. I've been depressed. I should be happy with the surgery and all, but i just don't care.. Maybe i need better meds. I've been down all week. Not walking, avoiding most people. Bleh. At least i have therapy today, lol.
  13. A_New_Lily

    Yeah, i'm still around

    Oh i have no idea. I see my doc in 2 weeks and i'm going to ask him for new ones. I'm not sure if these helped much anyways.
  14. http://gawker.com/morbidly-obese-toddler-undergoes-gastric-bypass-surgery-1352548108?utm_campaign=socialflow_gawker_facebook&utm_source=gawker_facebook&utm_medium=socialflow Damn!
  15. Chicken and Spinach Paleo Ravioli http://cupcakesomg.blogspot.fr/2012/08/paleo-ravioli.html Kinda funny because the blog is named "Cupcakes OMG" Check right under the recipe for other healthy ones, like her "Caulif-redo Sauce".
  16. Hapifork - $100 http://www.hapilabs.com/products-hapifork.asp Don't ask me how i found it, i have no idea!
  17. Need more water, dammit

  18. I've been noticing that my teeth feel unclean. Maybe it's the protein shakes?
  19. Holy ****...finally! I am 28 days out and i thought why not hop on the scale. I had only lost 2 lbs...i checked and had lost another 5-7lbs. (My scale is off from my surgeons) Finally. That's awesome. Especially since im menstruating. xD
  20. A_New_Lily

    Missed period 4 months out...

    I've had other stressful situations makes me completely miss mine for a month. It's happened twice and my gyno wasn't worried. I'm only 30ish days out of surgery. I had my period while getting the surgery...so fun.
  21. A_New_Lily


    Some people have complained of pain with mashed potatoes. I miss them but i'm not even going to try them because of the stuff i've read. Just have some chili, it'll be okay. Theres a ton of Protein in it.
  22. A_New_Lily

    Missed period 4 months out...

    I think it's normal. You're body is going through a lot. I'm a few days late right now and i know i'm not pregnant. I'm barely a month out but any type of stress to the body can disrupt it.
  23. It's noon and i am so tired. I haven't had coffee in over a month. I wonder if i can have a 5 hr energy, it's loaded with vitamins. B6 - 40mg B12 - 500 mcg Folic Acid - 400 mcg
  24. I hate decaf, lol. I just want coffee. I'm fine with no soda or beer. I'm almost 30 days out so it's been awhile since i had any.

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