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  1. I am 2.5 years out and experiencing similar symptoms. I need to call my surgeon this week.
  2. endless80

    Protein bars

    Quest for sure. You can go online and find coupons usually for GNC and when you partner those up with their in store sales it's a really good deal. Once time I got 17 bars for about $10.
  3. So lately I've been having some hip discomfort. Primarily when I lay/sit down. I guess it doesn't help that I have absolutly no ass anymore and when I sit down on a hard surface I can feel my hips beneith me. Is this some big secret skinny people keep from the rest of the world?! That any hard surface is uncomfortable to sit on? LOL but I digress... I hear that your hips lose the cushion of fat and start rearranging and causes discomfort. I'm also feeling a slight burning sensation running down my left leg which I attribute to my ciatic nerve due to the hip discomfort I've been experiencing. It doesn't HURT HURT (yet) but it's more of a discomfort. Am I the only one? If not, has any of you seen a doctor about it? Excersizes or any recommendations? I will make an appoitment with my PCP but it wont be for at least another 2 weeks. Alan
  4. endless80


    Yes you will. But honestly it wont be the same. I am 11 months out and I get a craving for a coke every once in a while. I drink a little bit and I'm done. I always throw half of the 20 ounce away. With that said, I can drink beer with no problem. I also waited till I was about 6 months out to try anything carbonated.
  5. I am about 10 months out and there are times I can eat more than others. For example, the other day I ate 3/4ths of a slice of pizza where before I could only eat about half of a regular slice (if that). I'm at goal so it don't matter much. I have finally found balance. I should post plate before and afters since I'm coming up on my 1 year soon.
  6. So let me get this straight. You came here to brag that you've lost weight by eating as unhealthy as you can? Congrats on the weight loss but your story is hardly an inspiration to anyone.
  7. It'll all come to you folks and then some. I love basking in the newbie excitement. That was me a year ago.
  8. endless80

    questions for my plant based friends

    I am a Vegetarian and have been for the last 5 week or so. In thee last 5 weeks I have lost over 15 pounds which was much quicker than the weight loss I experienced when I wasn't a Vegetarian (besides when I first got the sleeve done last September). Now I'm 2 pounds from goal and I feel like this is THE BEST decision for me. And before anyone jumps on the Protein bandwagon, I get plenty of it. I feel great and I am doing my best to contribute to a better environment for the planet and my body. Eating meat is completely unnecessary in todays world.
  9. endless80

    Recent Ex-smoker

    I was just given a basic EKG for my heart, it took all of 5 minutes and for the lungs portion I had an ex ray of my lungs and they did tests with me blowing into some machine to test my lung function. I'm an ex cigarette smoker as well so I was kind of worried about what the pulmonologist (sp?) would find but he didn't find anything. Ironically, the psychologist was the hardest one for me and that's only because she had me take a 2 hour long test to see if I was bat shit cray cray, which I wasn't. lol
  10. endless80

    Weight gain panic?

    I blame sodium intake and Water retention. Keep an eye on that. For me it would take a good 3-5 days for the water retention to subside.
  11. endless80

    Pop Tarts

    Oh sorry I didn't realize you already did. lol
  12. endless80

    Pop Tarts

    So why don't you just eat one and go about your life?
  13. Omg you're SO right. I get the most crap from the overweight people in my life and it's always the skinny, healthy ones who have been so supportive of me. Weird how that works.
  14. I used to get pissed at this but then I thought about it, it kind of is an easier option which is why most of us do it. Let's just start being honest with ourselves. The only time I've noticed myself getting offended at someone's ignorance though is when they use that idea that it's an easier option to trivialize my opinions about weight loss. As if I have no say in the matter at all. As if I didn't risk my life to lose 100+ And honestly, it's usually the fattest people who do that because their addicted to their own vices and I challenge them. And I've literally said to someone 'don't you dare trivialize my experience and hard work because you can't handle it.' Shut them up real quick. You have to re-find your power when you make decisions like this. People are only bullies if you let them bully you. When you lose weight, no matter how you do it, everyone will internalize and personalize your experience to them.
  15. I'm not sure I believe this myth. There is an abundance of vegetable protein sources out there. meat may have concentrated amounts of protein but it certainly doesn't corner the market on adequate protein sources. Where do you think the animal gets its protein from? The plants it eats.

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