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    Orange County NY?

    Congratulations on your sleeve!!! I am so happy to hear you had a great experience with Dr. Pucci! I was originally going to use him as well but had a bad experience with the office & changed surgeons. He just was not the right one for me. Others I have spoken to have also loved him. I liked him & his team but something just wasn't right for me. Glad you are doing well & may you be blessed in your journey with continued success!!!
  2. I am from Orange County NY. Anyone else out there? My surgeon was Dr. Judd from Crystal Run Health Care in Middletown NY
  3. cherbear33

    Orange County NY?

    Congratulations on getting your date & also in having Dr. Judd!!! He is an awesome surgeon & you are in great hands! I am so glad I had my sleeve done & I was very honored to have Dr. Judd. He is so nice & really takes the time to explain things & his team of nurses & office staff are all fantastic!!!
  4. I made a flipagram video of the last 7 mths since being sleeved & I am hoping it uploads properly on here & everyone can see it. I am not sure how this will go as this is my first attempt @ trying to upload a video of any kind on to this site. I apologize ahead of time if it does not work. (So I am sorry) lol! Ok so here goes nothing... In the last few pictures of the video I stuffed a throw pillow inside my old size 26 jeans to show approx how big I really was, as the jeans fit around the throw pillow the same way it used to fit around my belly. I jusy thought it was a cute way to show how far I have actually come these past 7 mths. I also thought it was a good way to show just how much extra room is in those size 26 jeans! I have no clue whay size I am now in jeans as I have only worn stretchy pants since being sleeved but just may make it my mission to go in to a store just to see what size I fit into now. I don't bother spending the money on jeans since they will not fit for very long & the stretchy pants last longer bcuz they shrink down with you for a little while! My surgery was July 18, 2013, my SW: 321 LBS & my current weight is 232 LBS! I have lost a total of 89 LBS since getting my sleeve! I am only 11 LBS away from one of my goals of getting to the 100 LBS down mark which feels awesome & even though I will still have a lot to still lose after I hit that goal I am excited to be so close to a goal that seemed so far beyond my reach 7 mths ago! I am loving this journey, every moment, every tear, every emotional rollercoaster ride I have taken, every hair that has fallen out, every good & bad day has been worth the quality of life I have regained since my surgery! http://flipagram.com/f/jYN1TLwNQQ Hope the link works! Crossing my fingers & praying for the best!
  5. cherbear33

    How life changed 1 year out

    What a beautiful transformation! You have definitely been very busy this past year working your sleeve & the results are shining through! You look like 2 completely different people both of whom are beautiful but your after pic just has an added sparkle in the eye & your smile adds an extra glow to your already beautiful face! May you continue to be so blessed along your journey & through out your future!!!
  6. cherbear33

    new BIRTHDAY ...

    I agree you definitely don't look 40!!! Happy Birthday & a huge congratulations to you for celebrating your healthier transformed self!!!! A day to celebrate not only a birthday but also everything you have accomplished this year starting with your health!!! May you continue to be so blessed through out your future & enjoy your birthday to the fullest with many more to follow!!!
  7. You are stunning!!! Had to put on a pair of shades to see ya thru that sparkling/glowing confidence!!! Congratulations on your awesome success!!! May you continue to be so blessed through your transformation/journey & through out your future!!!
  8. cherbear33

    July sleevers please check in..

    Wow!!! You look fantastic!!! You were already beautiful but now ur self confidence must be shining brighter than ever!!! Congratulations on your awesome success this far & may you continue to be so blessed through out your wonderful future!!!
  9. cherbear33


    You are such a cutie pie proudgrammy!!! You just sparkle a lil more now!!!
  10. cherbear33


    If ur using the phone app it wont let u see the pics on people profiles but if u sign on from a regular computer u will see them! U will get to see so much more by signing on from a regular computer once in a while you will see things u miss out on by only using the phone app, I know this from experience lol! Here is my before & after so far, as I still have about 65 lbs to go to hit goal! My highest weight was 321 lbs & day of surgery july 18, 2013 I weighed in @ 314 @ the hospital, on my 1 yr surgiversary I weighed in @ 205 lbs! I now weigh an even 200 lbs making my total loss 121 lbs in 1 yr & 3 weeks! Can't wait to hit "One-derland"!!! I also added a flipagram video of my whole progress for the first year of having my sleeve!!! [ATTACH]47260[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]47261[/ATTACH] http://flipagram.com/f/FnMVAw9oaO
  11. I am 34 5'5 & 1/2. My HW: 321 lbs SW:314 lbs CW: 200 lbs! I was sleeved on July 18, 2013 & am down a total of 121 lbs with 65 more to lose to get to goal! I also added a flipagram video of my progress through the first year having the sleeve! On the day of my one year surgiversary I weighed in @ 205 lbs so I have lost 5 more lbs since then! You will be so happy you did this & you will lose more weight then I think you expect, I know I did! [ATTACH]47253[/ATTACH] http://flipagram.com/f/FnMVAw9oaO
  12. cherbear33

    I Want To See Before & After Pics! (Cont'd)

    You look beautiful in both pictures but you have more of a sparkle to ya in your newest pic!!! Congratulations on your success & may you continue to be so blessed!!!
  13. cherbear33

    Even years out, still discovering changes

    Congratulations on your awesome NSV!!! may you continue to be so blessed through out your future in all aspects of your Sexier, Healthier life!!! It is much deserved, with all your continued hard work!!! NSV's are great no matter how early in or farther out you are along your journey, we discover new things about ourselves all the time. Some are smaller then others but still just as important! Some we notice right away such as our clothes falling off of us & others take more time to click in our heads but are great suprises when we do finally notice them!!! Every step of this transformation/life journey deserves to be celebrated!!!!
  14. cherbear33

    gossip stories/ haters gonna hate

    Your hubby is right people are going to talk regardless of what you do in life, whether your fat, skinny, beautiful or ugly. The reason is that in all reality they only hate what they could never be! They are obviously already jealous of you so just imagine how much more jealous they will be once you begin to drop your weight! Let them talk & let them be jealous just make sure you keep your head held high & with great pride & never let their jealousy bring you down from the top!!! (which is exactly where you belong @ the very top) Best wishes to you!!!
  15. cherbear33

    Bikini Pic!

    You look fab-u-tastic!!! Fabulous & fantastic combined!!! Wear that bikini with pride & hold ur head high! You have certainly earned ur rights by working your sleeve!!! Congratulations & a standing ovation for all your hard well earned work!!!
  16. Thank you very much!!!
  17. cherbear33

    Size 22 to a size 16

    You are doing a fantastic job!!! Congratulations on dropping down to size 16!!! That is awesome progress!!! May you continue to be so blessed along your journey!!!
  18. cherbear33

    Half way there

    You look fabulous!!! Congratulations on your success so far & may you continue to be so blessed along your transformation!!! Your smile speaks wonders keep up the great work!!!
  19. cherbear33

    My revelation

    Here are some examples of bariatric recipes you will find on pinterest! [ATTACH]47023[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]47022[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]47021[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]47019[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]47018[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]47017[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]47016[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]47015[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]47014[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]47013[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]47012[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]47011[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]47010[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]47009[/ATTACH]
  20. cherbear33

    Before and During Pics!

    Everyone is making great progress & all of you are doing a fantastic job working your sleeves!!! Keep up the good work & may you all continue to be so successful throught out your future in all aspects of your lives!!!
  21. cherbear33

    How do you see ticker?

    If you are using the phone app it wont show up but if you log on from a laptop or a desktop computer you should be able to see more! Hope this helps you!
  22. You look fantastic!!! Yay for you gaining such confidence to go out & enjoy yourself @ an 80's theme party!!! That is just awesome!!!
  23. cherbear33

    first 5k!

    Congratulations that is awesome!!! Keep up the good work!!!
  24. Thank you very much to both of you! I truely appreciate your kind words & support!!! We all are doing an awesome job & who couldn't with a wonderful support team as we all have on here!!!