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saffikeagan 8/31/13

Gastric Sleeve Patients
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  1. saffikeagan 8/31/13

    "Hair" Today, Gone Tomorrow...

  2. saffikeagan 8/31/13

    Keeping surgery a secret...?

    I'm keeping the surgery a secret at work as much as possible. I'm in management, and it's not really anyone's business. I didn't even tell my boss. I just submitted for vacation and left it at that. This past week people asked me what I was going to be doing on my vacation, and I told them I'm going to San Diego and Tj to have a bit of fun. I'm not taking but two days of PTO due to the holiday weekend, so it's not like I'm having to explain a long vacation. I did tell my HR manager just in case.
  3. saffikeagan 8/31/13

    TJ Marriott right now!

    I'm here now. Surgery tomorrow. Anyone want to not eat together in the restaurant?
  4. I'm flying in at 4pm, then going to my hotel. Then I'm considering a cab to the beach.
  5. Which hotel are you staying at? I'm at the Marriott starting tomorrow.
  6. How far from the beach is the Marriott? Anyone know what a cab ride would cost?
  7. saffikeagan 8/31/13

    Dr. Illan an NSV my first

    I'm sure you are over the moon! What a healthy med free life you can look forward to.
  8. saffikeagan 8/31/13

    August sleevers?

    Good luck to everyone this week. I'm tailing the end of the week and end of the month. I fly on Friday and my surgery is on Saturday.
  9. I will look for your saga. I'm getting sleeved by him on 8/31
  10. saffikeagan 8/31/13

    Plane tickets purchased!

    "This sh@# has just gotten real... I've purchased my plane tickets and deposit made...." HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!! I said that exact same thing in here about two weeks ago. LOL. It just got more real yesterday as I started my pre-op diet.
  11. saffikeagan 8/31/13

    First NSV

    So, I have my first NSV! I officially started my pre-op diet yesterday. I've really started my WL journey with the sleeve now. My surgery is on 8/31. I cleaned up the kitchen today, bought some groceries to see me through the pre-op and some of the post-op. I've also bathed the dogs so they can be clean at my friend's house while I'm away. I leave for the airport at 1:30pm on Friday. I'm excited. I also created my WL tracker. WOOT!
  12. saffikeagan 8/31/13

    How long is stay in Mexico

    I'm going on Friday the 30th for surgery on the 31st. I'm staying down there until Wednesday the 4th.
  13. saffikeagan 8/31/13

    Made it to Tijuana :-)

    Awesome to hear that you are doing well. Drains suck tho.
  14. saffikeagan 8/31/13

    Made it to Tijuana :-)

    How you feeling?
  15. We will mis each other. My surg is 8/31