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  1. kim070682

    July sleevers please check in..

    Surgery date 7/31/13- Houston Texas Highest Weight (July 2013): 313 Current Weight ( 11/11/2013): 245 ONLY 62 lbs to goal!!!!!
  2. kim070682

    Thanksgiving Challenge

    Update: Surgery date 7/31/2013 HW: 313 10/31/13: 251 11/11/13: 245 Goal on turkey day: 239 ONLY 6 lbs to go!!!!!!
  3. I am 3 months out and I have lost 60lbs! I am definitely excited about my progress but I would like to keep this going. I know eventually I will slow down losing and I think I am in a stall right now. Can anyone tell me what they did to keep the weight loss going? I still need to lose about 80lbs.... Thanks
  4. kim070682

    Thanksgiving Challenge

    I am in... HW: 313 CW: 251 At Thanksgiving I would like to be 239!!!! 12lbs I CAN DO THIS!!!!!
  5. kim070682

    Rotten breath?

    Glad it's not just me, I need to get altoids!
  6. kim070682

    How to keep losing weight?

    I get over 64oz of Fluid a day and record everything in MFP. I have started walking at least 4 days a week for 30-45 minutes. Plus keeping up with my twin 3 year olds and 8 year old. Thanks for the replies!!!
  7. kim070682

    July sleevers please check in..

    60lbs down in almost 3 months!!!!
  8. kim070682

    July sleevers please check in..

    HW: 313 Current : 254 Down 59lbs total and loving it. Going to start picking up my exercise so I can keep up the weight loss. Surgery date: July 31.
  9. kim070682

    C section vs vsg pain.

    I had 2 c sections before my VSG and there is no comparison, this for me was a walk in the park. Surgery was at 7am and by 2 PM was up and walking and by 8 the next morning I was going home. I also had a hiatal hernia repaired during surgery. I am almost 8 weeks post op down 48lbs and loving life!
  10. kim070682

    Houston tx?

  11. kim070682

    Size 20 now wearing a size 4!

    I drink water better when it's just a little cooler then room temp and add a splash of G2 to it and its even better!!! Good luck!
  12. kim070682

    Size 20 now wearing a size 4!

    Did you have stalls throughout your journey?
  13. I am down a total of 37 lbs. (including preop diet) my pants are starting to get really lose especially in the legs but in my waist I can't go down a size yet. I am walking around looking like I have a load of crap in my pants. I am also still in a 3 week stall, so it's been a week. I am at 4 weeks post op today. So frustrated makes me second guess what the hell I did to myself. Thanks for letting me vent, I am just ready to drop a full size and get this show on the road...
  14. kim070682

    My incision opened

    My incisions from the sleeve didn't open but after 1 of my c-sections my incision came open. It was big. Went to doctor and we just kept it clean and dry and eventually healed up on its own
  15. kim070682

    July 31 sleevers

    I am down 19 since surgery 36 total!!!
  16. kim070682

    July sleevers please check in..

    I was sleeved July 31st. Starting weight: 313 Surgery weight: 296 Current weight: 279 34lbs gone.
  17. kim070682

    Lost 65 in 8 weeks!

    Awesome job. Are you exercising?
  18. kim070682

    Dinner and pain

    I am in soft stage and had scrambled egg for dinner. I didn't even finish 1 egg so I am not sure what happened but now I feel like I have an elephant sitting on my chest and its hurting so bad. Maybe I ate to fast and it's having to digest??? I just hope I haven't hurt anything, ugh...
  19. kim070682

    Dinner and pain

  20. kim070682

    Dinner and pain

    Thanks- I just panicked. I don't think I ate more then 1/2 an egg. It tasted great but I have to learn to slow it down..
  21. kim070682

    Texas Sleevers!

    I am in Houston area, Kingwood to be exact. I was sleeved on July 31st!!!
  22. kim070682

    July 31 sleevers

    The funny thing is there are things that "sound good" but I am not dying to get them. Before surgery however I wanted to jump through the tv screen anytime a commercial came on for food