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    I'm a 47 year old male and I live in Southeast TN with my wife and two boys.
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    Hunting, fishing and outdoor activities.
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  1. danaevett

    4th of July Challenge

    Please add my weight for June 6th. I forgot to enter it on Friday. 248
  2. danaevett

    The Three Month Mark

    I am also 3 months out and have lost 60 pounds (27.3 kb). We are right on track with each other. Good luck.
  3. danaevett

    What does it feel like?

    I can't feel that most of my stomach is gone. The only time it's apparent is when I eat and get full quickly.
  4. danaevett


    Me too.
  5. danaevett

    4 months and 1 day

    You look great.
  6. danaevett

    Since my surgery march 14th (w/PICS)

    You look great.
  7. danaevett

    75 days post op

    I am 55 days post op and have lost 32 pounds since surgery. I too have gone thru some dead periods. I was stuck for over 2 weeks and actually gained back 5 pounds but have since started losing again. The difference for me was taking in plenty of Protein and Water. I'm confident that's what broke my stall. Remember, what you are experiencing is absolutely normal. Your body is fighting back but things will straighten out. Hang in there.
  8. I'm 7 weeks out from surgery and I've lost 32 pounds since then and 50 pounds since starting my pre-op diet.
  9. danaevett

    I am cold!

    I'm 7 weeks out and I can't handle the cold near as well as before. I've heard lots of people say the same thing.
  10. danaevett

    Dropped 3 pants size in 2 months

    I'm 7 weeks out and I've dropped 1 pant size but the ones I'm currently wearing are a little big.
  11. danaevett

    Too much liquid?

    Fluids run right thru me. Don't worry about it. When you start eating real foods, your sleeve will get full much sooner on less food.
  12. I like the Glucerna Protein drinks that you can get most anywhere. They are designed for diabetics but they have 10 grams of protein in each 8 oz. shake. They taste good to. I like the butter pecan flavor the best.
  13. Minor loose skin wouldn't bother me but lots of loose skin would definitely be a turn off.
  14. I lost 19 pounds in two weeks. Don't worry, that is exactly what is supposed to happen.
  15. danaevett

    10 months Post-Op: Knocking on Goal!

    You look really good. Way to go girl.

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