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    MzO reacted to Terri Lynn1383837796 in My face is "too thin!"? I'm still over 200 lbs!   
    When I hit 40, I stopped caring what anyone thought of me.....I care less at 49! You do what you want, how you want and do not listen to that negativity! They must be jealous!
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    MzO reacted to Dr-Patient in My face is "too thin!"? I'm still over 200 lbs!   
    I, too, am walking with so much more confidence. My boobs aren't as heavy now, so I'm more upright. I can feel that I walk more upright.
    My commentator-friends really are friends; they don't mean to hurt me, I'm sure. I think, as many here have said, they are so used to my butterball face, that any weight loss would freak them out. Those who know of my VSG are concerned I might lose too much over time.
    But, hey, I am still over 200 pounds (218 pounds, and stalled x 5 days), so I am nowhere near being finished. I want to reach 175, then maybe 150 (since I'll probably gain some back after 2-3 years anyway). It is amazing how just these near-40 pounds gone can boost one's spirit, approach, outlook, energy, self-confidence. etc.
    My friends will just have to buckle up and hold on for what they might feel is a bumpy ride, but for me, it'll be smooth sailing into midlife, AARP-card-carrying Sexy-ville (I'm 58). I will return to "breathtaking!"
    For those of you who haven't heard it/don't know it, youtube "She's a Bad Mama Jama" song. That was my theme song (to work out to years ago); I've been playing it lately, this time, to embrace the words!! (I was too 'churchy' before). Also, in Blurred Lines..." You're the hottest B**** in this place" --my, my, my. Soon, Robin Thicke; soon. ha ha!!
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    MzO reacted to one_more_time in My face is "too thin!"? I'm still over 200 lbs!   
    Personal Opinion here..... but I think that is very shallow and inconsiderate for them to worry about "how thin" your face looks. What about how much your health is improving? I had someone ask me ..."are you trying to be stick thin?" and I wanted to tell him...uh yea if it means I no longer have to take 3 blood pressure pills a day..and an occasional anxiety medication to help counteract the blood pressure meds. So if me looking too thin makes you feel uncomfortable... then that's something YOU are going to have to deal with NOT me.
    I would ignore them... friends they may be...but at the end of the day it is about your life, longevity and health and if they can't understand that..then shame on them. And you keep losing...don't base your goal on what you think is satisfactory for the others in your life. DO YOU!...
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    MzO got a reaction from Dr-Patient in My face is "too thin!"? I'm still over 200 lbs!   
    Right now your goal is to be a healthier you. Someone, somewhere will always have something to say. Keep your goals as your prize to living a better life and let everything and everybody else just roll with it... Or don't.
    Continued blessings and success.
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    MzO got a reaction from Dr-Patient in My face is "too thin!"? I'm still over 200 lbs!   
    Right now your goal is to be a healthier you. Someone, somewhere will always have something to say. Keep your goals as your prize to living a better life and let everything and everybody else just roll with it... Or don't.
    Continued blessings and success.
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    MzO got a reaction from BigGirlPanties in Need post-op advice hsir loss & fatigue   
    I've always had beautiful nails that grow very long. My nails began to break off and became seriously weak around last month some time even though I take Biotin 5000mg. I have had great labs at 6mths post-op and find that some days I'm just more tired than others. For me, it may also be because I'm anemic but my labs on my Iron are great. I'm more carnivore, I love meat and maybe I'm getting most of my Iron from the meaty meals I'm eating.
    Make sure your taking your B-12 melts, try Biotin 5000 mg melts. I guess as quicker as my nails break they seem to grow back faster because of the Biotin.
    Once Mother Nature decides she not so pissed off with us, (14 snowstorms in 22 days) I want to start walking. I really have not done ANY exercising unless I count dancing up a storm whenever I put on a little music in my house.
    Continued success & blessings.
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    MzO reacted to Susysleever in My face is "too thin!"? I'm still over 200 lbs!   
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    MzO reacted to ForSure in Who Are You?   
    Hello Everyone!! I'm Tina and I am the mother of two smart and beautiful daughters and one spoiled rotten rescue dog; a Black Lab. I am very outgoing but the weight has been holding me back from my best self. My decision to sleeve has nothing to do with what anyone else thinks. In fact, no one seems to understand my plight. I thank GOD for each of you. While I have not been sleeved yet, you give me courage EVERYDAY...I've been watching and learning from y'all. I'm sooo looking forward to my surgery hopefully by the first of October. Pray for me and I'll pray for you!!!
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    MzO reacted to Beautie06 in Who Are You?   
    Hello Everyone, I just found this app today and I'm super excited to be able to read the different journeys u guys have to share. I'm 32 yrs old and work as an Ops Manager at a mortage co...married with 4 beautiful little ladies. I'm 5'2 with a BMI of 69.9....no I didn't make a
    typo, 69.9 is correct. I was always told I had a pretty face which wasn't a compliment in my book. As the years went by I didnt want to do anything outside of work....I missed school activities and family gatherings so after this year's family vacation and having to rent a mobile machine to ride through Sea World I knew I had to do something fast or I would continue to get bigger and eventually die. In order to reach my goal weight I'll have to lose around 220 lbs. My surgery date is scheduled for 9.10.12, so pls keep me in your prayers and I'll keep u guys posted on my progress. Thx

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    MzO reacted to skyjem in Who Are You?   
    Hi. My name is Nadia. I'm from Ontario Canada.
    I had VSG on November 18th 2011, at St. Joseph's Hospital in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. My surgeon was Dr. Scott Gmora. Who has the best bedside manner of any doctor that I've dealt with. I didn't have any complications and am doing great. I had some issues with nausea in the beginning but that's been resolved.
    I'm new but I have no regrets. VSG has been the best thing that I could have done for myself.
    I'm a Freelance Writer & a new Blogger. Writing is my passion and has been for many years. It's just been in the last year or so that I decided to put 100% of myself into it and make my aspirations come true.
    I'll also add that I have a true passion for animals, which includes my cat Kai. She is the current love of my life.

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    MzO reacted to newgrandmother11 in Who Are You?   
    My name is judy. i have done every weight loss program out there. i lost 125lbs in 9 months on this one intense program but gained it all back in a short time. since then i keep trying i have so many workout dvds. so many diets i can teach a class on weight loss. but cant teach myself. i decided to do the gastric sleeve surgery because i am tired of trying and failing. I am a single african american women I have two grown kids and one new grand daughter. I am very excited and terrified at the same time. I am afraid of going under the knife. kaiser seems to have it all toghter though. so i will trust in god that he will be with the doctors when i have my surgery. I really hope I don't need it after the pre op diet. if someone else is just starting i would love to have a friend to share with.
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    MzO reacted to Sleeved in Seattle in My top 10 list for my 2nd week sleeved   
    Preach it! If I went by what My Fitness Pal tells me, I'd have lost 20 lbs. every 3 weeks.
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    MzO reacted to JanetPRN in My top 10 list for my 2nd week sleeved   
    1) I have lost 19 invisible lbs. They are invisible to the rest of of the world- but I know they are gone.
    2) Telling people I had WLS gets easier. I am very happy I did it
    3) Protein Powder drinks wear thin ( no pun intended). I bought too much in preparation. Anyone want a nectar Syntax Fuzzy Navel? I have plenty!
    4) Drugstore.com sells discounted ready-to-drink Protein Shakes and has free shipping for any order over $35. My current favorite is EAS Advantage carmel cafe, pretty yummy. These will be my commuter Breakfast drinks.
    5) Water consumption should be easy , right? Still don't / can't get in as much fluids as my Nut wants. I am not dehydrated though. I'm just not up to 64 ozs.
    6) My Fitness pal is an excellent food / nutrient tracking tool. I highly recommend it. Protein counting is soooo helpful.
    7) Daytime TV really, really sucks.
    8) I am so concerned about Hair loss that I am tempted to buy some infomercial Shampoo. WEN anyone?
    9) My new tummy makes some interesting growly Halloween noises. Boo!
    10) I need to stop weighing myself daily! I can not keep up losing 1-1 1/2 lbs a day. At this rate I will hit my birth weight in about 6 months.
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    MzO got a reaction from Crissigus in Headaches every morning   
    Welcome Christina,
    I was sleeved on 8/14 and I had the most debilatating headaches and was told by my NUT that we're part of the 2% of people whose get headaches as a side effect to the liquid fasting in the beginning of this journey.
    Girl, I was so done from my headaches! I could only try to get my liquids down and then lay down. It was the longest and worse two weeks but I made it through by God's grace and mercy. But the headaches had me edgy and mad.
    Call your NUT and see if there is something that can be done. I suffered for 2 long weeks. Good luck.

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    MzO reacted to 1SuperBonBon in Oh, do please shut up!   
    I am yet to be sleeved (October 22nd), but I give everyone on this forum permission to slap me silly if I ever waste your time with either of the following posts:
    1. Dreaded 3 week stall (what should I do?)
    2. I have not lost weight in 2 days HELP!
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    MzO reacted to awifeinmichigan in Hey Guys   
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    MzO reacted to angry in Scared this might be a mistake   
    im not sure exactly what your concern was but honestly one of my biggest concerns were things that convinced me i needed to get the surgery, like can i eat ____ (insert your food of choice here). me and food had a real serious relationship, and while i had dated diets and exercise, i always found my way back to food in the long run. since i had to eat to live, i could never fully end our relationship, but since getting the sleeve i feel like it is so much less dysfunctional.
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    MzO reacted to cindymg in Scared this might be a mistake   
    Christy: do not proceed if you are not 100% convinced that this is the best path for YOU! Not your family.
    That said, I wasted 40 years of my life on every diet program, dangerous diet pills, diet books, gym memberships, etc. I calculated once that I lost and gained 2,000 lbs in that 40 years. Oh yeah, and gave myself a nasty case of out of control diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease. For me, the sleeve offered me a way out of all that. I am 3.5 months post op, down 52 lbs, medical problems resolved, and I feel fantastic! I have a chance at life, of seeing my 60s, 70s, 80s. And with all of my limbs intact.
    Whatever you do, don't waste the next 20-30 years of your life gaining and losing the same pounds over and over. Get past the fear of change and move on with your life -- not carrying the extra weight ( and the weight of the health problems, and emotional toll that go with it).
    Good luck!
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    MzO got a reaction from ne_diva in Zumba after surgery?!   
    You know, that\s a bit of my frustration right now, the energy level. Just going to get a couple of things from the supermarket is taxing. I use to have so much energy before this. But I won't complain, this surgery may have given me years more added to my life. Getting my energy level back is a small thing. But don't over do it, your healing inside, not out. There is a big difference.

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    MzO got a reaction from kalileanne in had my two week post op...   
    Thanks @ Kalieanne. Continued Blessings,

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    MzO reacted to kalileanne in had my two week post op...   
    Congrats! And yes it is definitely harder then we thought! But it will be worth it in the end Good luck to you!
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    MzO got a reaction from Jerzygurl in Scared this might be a mistake   
    You know, afterwards I thought the same thing. I was so sure, not a hesitation in mind when I had the surgery on 8-14-3, it was going through the first phase that made me doubt myself. But if there are health issues, this is best. True it's irreversible but I've been told you can still stretch your sleeve out if you don't eat according. I've even read about people that have stretched their stomachs some 5 to 7 yrs later. Not gaining a tremendous amount of weight but still gaining weight back. I agree with Gamergirl, its your body and your choice. Choose wisely....

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    MzO reacted to Jerzygurl in Scared this might be a mistake   
    Yeah, don't do anything you're not sure of... that is my only advice.
    As for me, I've tried pretty much everything, I've lost a great deal of weight on my own and over the years, only to regain it plus some. This is not just about the weight for me, it's about my health and my history and medical issues. I've done my research, discussed it with several doctors, my oncologist, gynecologist, the WL surgeon and my PCP..and I've arrived at the same conclusion they have... it's a postive step in the right direction.. For Me.
    You have to decide if you're truly ready to do it. I know, I am.
    Best wishes.
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    MzO got a reaction from Jerzygurl in had my two week post op...   
    Had my two weeks post op doctors visit. Down 21.5 pds. I was shocked. Now onto phase 2. Thought it would be easy to do but not as easy as we think and get down the Water content too. But I will push on and do the best I can...

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    MzO reacted to Eskimo_kisses4u in NY/NJ sleevers? Looking for support.   
    I had surgery about a week ago I'm soooooo tired I want some energy I haven't vomited this is so much better then the band for me

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