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  1. I am a bout 9 weeks post op and I am having trouble pooping regularly. I mean I am only going maybe once every 4 or 5 days. It is very uncomfortable when I do finally go and I always have to use some intervention. Like milk of magnesia, or smooth move tea or an enema. How about every body else?
  2. Bronco0605

    TT scars what's typical

    I hope these pictures help . I am not sure how to rotate them correctly. The first one is from the side as my horizontal incision goes about 2/3 of the way around my body. The second one obviously is the front. I had 4 pounds of skin removed 7 weeks ago. I have been wearing my surgical binder as well as a spandex tank top all the time with some nights off. I have also been using mepiform scar sheets since about three weeks out on most of my incision sites. I did have a second surgery for infection on my right hip so that area has healed more slowly but still looks great. I am not lying I still have pain an am using my pain medicine at night and sometimes when I am more active during the day, I went back to work at just under 6 weeks.
  3. Bronco0605

    TT scars what's typical

    I am so sorry that you ended up with staples. What did your doctor say about scar expectations? I am 7 weeks post op but I did not have any staples at all.
  4. Bronco0605

    TT scars what's typical

    I had what was supposed to be just a panni with vertical extension. I had so much upper abdominal skin it was definitely needed. Because of that incision the doctor was able to bring the skin in tight around my sides and back.Even though I am only six weeks out I am very happy so far.My doctor was awesome he included the muscle repair as well!!
  5. Bronco0605

    TT scars what's typical

    Can we upload from facebook?
  6. Bronco0605

    TT scars what's typical

    I have not posted in ages but I will jump in here. I am just 1 month post and only a few weeks post second surgery for a severe infection in my right hip. But i went for the vertical incision and even with everything I am so happy I did. Maybe someone can help me remember how to post pics I would love to show you all the outcome!
  7. I am so glad you are doing well! How are you spending your time?
  8. Bronco0605

    A bikini, is it a reality....

    I think it is definitely a possibility for me but I will need plastics first. I have major skin issues! At least they are major to me. And my boobs are headed for the south pole!
  9. I hope all is well can't wait to hear your update!
  10. So you are just having your extra skin removed below the below the belly button right? Are you excited?
  11. Bronco0605

    I feel like a failure

    I know this might sound ridiculous but have tried chewing sugarless gum and taking the baby for a walk. I keep gum in pocket all the time. I think it is helping because even though I am craving sugar terribly and giving in sometimes, damn Halloween, I have not gained yet. It is just a short term fix but maybe it will help a little.
  12. Bronco0605

    Lots of hunger lately

    Try veggies with hummus it has some Protein. I know some folks may say no to this one but I have Peanut Butter in the night if I wake up. It seems to help me a lot.
  13. Bronco0605

    Vertical incision

    I am very interested since you are in Michigan if you saw the same doctor. My quote was very similar too! I bet we have the same belly issues! I also need the vertical incision and muscle repair. Where are you in Michigan?
  14. Does anyone have any experience with this? I have both grandma and aunt with breast cancer. My breasts are pathetic after my weight loss. I really want to have them repaired but everything I read speaks against augmentation.
  15. Bronco0605

    sleep eludes me

    I think this is very normal before surgery! Everybody gets anxious there are s many things to think about. Just plan for what you can and try to let go of what you can't . Make sure you have the best support system possible in place and have your post op shopping done. You will be just fine! Make sure you have a nice TV and lots of books in your recovery zone for when you get home it will help ! Also make sure someone picks up your medication before you come home so you will have your pain medicine and stomach cramping meds available when you need them. Take care.
  16. Bronco0605

    Protein causing sick feeling

    Yes it can be. Hang in there!
  17. My insurance will pay fro reduction and lift but not augmentation. I am still an F cup right now but once the skin is gone and they are lifted I am scared of the results! I am also very nervous about the cancer situation in the family. My aunt just finished her treatment a few months ago and is currently cancer free. I go for my mammogram every year like clockwork.
  18. Bronco0605

    Warning, Self Pity Party Ahead

    Have you taken measurements? I looked at your profile to see your height is similar to mine I am 5'4. I am currently 164 pounds . Obviously your size will depend on your measurements on you have to find the brand that is right for you ! I really like Gloria Vanderbilt, and Falls creek . I am one who is fitting in smaller sizes now but I have seriously lost my boobs!
  19. I will not mince words. I was a flaming fing b-tch during the pre op diet. I was so awful. I hated everybody that could eat food. I hated myself for hating them and then I hated them more! This whole thing is such a mountain to climb and we do survive my surgery was almost 9 months ago now and I am so happy that I went through that awful terrible hateful suckass preop diet . I really did think I was gonna die or give up. I have lost a total of 115 pounds now! i am just 2 pounds from the weight I was when i graduated from highschool!
  20. Bronco0605

    10 months out

    You look Awesome! Where are you in Michigan?
  21. Bronco0605

    How old do you think I am?

    You look really young to me I think 22. You must be close to my height too we have the same goal weight!
  22. I just went to my second consult and the doctor explained that my insurance would cover the panniculectomy ( abdominal skin removal) below the belly button This is the part that some people and doctors call the fatty apron, the portion that hangs below the pubis. My insurance does not cover the muscle repair, and the vertical cut and skin removal above the belly button. I will have to pay $2200 for that portion of the surgery. I really want to have a good result.
  23. I am not a runner but maybe I can find something to participate in that is a great idea!
  24. I am down 108 pounds from this time last year. I am feeling depressed about the loose skin. The more weight I lose the worse I look and I still have 25 pounds or more to go before I hit my goal. I have seen the Plastic surgeon and that is in the future for me. Maybe you guys with more experience have some Ideas for me.

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