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bruised but not broken

Gastric Sleeve Patients
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  1. bruised but not broken

    I Want To See Before & After Pics!

    OK thats it!! I turning off this computer and Im going for a nice long run. I mean it.
  2. bruised but not broken

    I Want To See Before & After Pics!

    The before pic looks like she could be the after pic's mother. you are truly inspirational. will hang that pic on my wall , to show how hard work pays off. amazing!!!
  3. bruised but not broken

    I hate eating

    I want to hate eating. im preop, so right now trying to stop eating, is like, trying to break up break up, with someone you have loved your whole life, but he or she is a complete loser, who sapps your strength. Until I break free, I will not realize my full potenial.
  4. bruised but not broken

    95 lbs gone in 8.5 months! (pic!)

    Is that the same person? AMAZING!!!
  5. bruised but not broken

    Progress Pics: Before and 1 Year Later

    Nate, you are the man!
  6. bruised but not broken

    Need buddies - Philly Pa/ Jersey

    MY DATE IS 8-29,,,,,,,,How much weight did u lose? how are you feeling? would you do it again? any regrets? i m being sleeved at raritain bay medical center in old bridge, just got my pulmonary done at bayshore hospital.
  7. bruised but not broken

    Anyone else getting sleeved in August?

    The closer I get to my 8-29 date the more scared im becoming. I cant believe i'm actually a little scared,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,(thinking) who needs lawn chairs?
  8. bruised but not broken

    Hubby Doesnt Like Me Now

    Thats what im talking bout,,,,,,,Tell him." dont let the door hit ya. where the good lord split ya!!!!"
  9. bruised but not broken

    Down over 140...The Decision: Fears and Tears

    ok,,,,,,,,,, when will your books come out?,,,,,,I will preorder all of them sorry bout your sister,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,god takes the good ones.
  10. bruised but not broken

    Afraid to tell people I've been sleeved

    ok, let me try to understand this,,,,,,You mean to tell me that there are people who think that I should not have this surgery and continue to: gain weight, break chairs, pay double airfare, have sleep apena, high bp, early death, low self-esteem, be stared at by little kids, shop in big and tall only section, aching knee, bad back, short of breath, chest pain, not fit on amusement park rides, not fit in diner booth, not play with my kids, have my kids defend me from other kids, leave my wife and kids without a father and husband...............and continue to try to do something that i could not do for the past 25 years, thats lose this weight. I finally found a blessing from god with this surgery,, and there is someone out there that has a problem with it.... THEY CAN KISS MY RATS ASS!! (sorry bout the french)
  11. bruised but not broken

    Sleep apnea

    WOW I cant believe all of the people here who have cpaps and dont use them. I use my cpap every night, and would take it to the hospital with me, but the my hospital will not let me use mine I have to use theirs. My dr told me that my sleep apena will be the first thing that will change with my wieght loss. I would buy all of your cpaps from you guys but I prob wont need it in a few months. I love sleeping through the night, and not scaring my wife to deaf with the not breathing thing, (she says I look so handsome when I use it.)
  12. bruised but not broken

    Anyone else getting sleeved in August?

    just think .....this time next year we can all go lawn chair shopping together.
  13. bruised but not broken

    Anyone else getting sleeved in August?

    My date is 8-29 and I can't believe i'm a lil nervous. but I am so ready for this,,,, everyone will see my before and after.
  14. bruised but not broken

    Anyone else getting sleeved in August?

    i m going to be done aug 29th.......so ready....i mean ready have to do my stress test, endo test and if i pass. aug 29th im in.........yeaaaaa!! i just wanna know how it feels to buy off the rack. im so sited,,,,,im married in nj would love a surg bud.
  15. one word ....Hottie!!

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