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  1. Tiffany0818

    When to start drinking alcohol?

    So when did everyone have their 1st drink? Be honest ppl
  2. Wow what an inspiration! What an accomplishment!
  3. How did u do it so quickly? Amazing and congrats
  4. Tiffany0818

    2 week post op

    So yesterday the 4th made 2 weeks post op and I lost 21 lbs and I'm excited and motivated, but don't really see it,however; many ppl already tell me they are a difference. Feeling a little better but still have neck pain and a little more relaxed now that I'm on the puréed stage cause I get to eat instead of liquids, thx god. How did some of you people feel post op after 2 weeks?
  5. So I'm curious to know since the puréed stage is coming on the 4th of July, when we eat food like tuna, chili or scrambled eggs, does it hurt when the food goes down?? Anyone who has been through this please help!
  6. Tiffany0818

    Dumping syndrome

    So I'm reading about dumping syndrome and is that for the 1st few months and year or is that some con that will forever stay with us?? And is that just from sugar? I'm regretting this sleeve that I just got 2 weeks ago because I donor want to experience that!!!
  7. Tiffany0818

    Dumping syndrome

    I'm fearful more than anything because of the unknown, I hear these stories of ppl who experience it and I'm scared! I'm 2 weeks post op on Thursday and I'm feeling so many emotions! I've never felt this vulnerable in my life! I never knew the emotional attachment I had with food till this surgery it's a bittersweet feeling. Thx guys
  8. Tiffany0818

    When u eat food on the puréed stage does it hurt?

    So basically throw everything in the blender? Thx guys
  9. Okay I was just trying to figure out is that just temporary or does it get better! But never mind ....
  10. Will it always be like that? Is it temporary or forever?
  11. My doctor said since our sleeve is a malabsorption surgery we eat and drink at the same time it basically rinses the food down to our new stomach as well as we are suppose to chew very well so we can absorb the nutrients. Trying to put it in the best way that I knew. Hope it helps
  12. So as my puréed stage is coming up in a couple of days which I'm psyched about what food can we eat? Any suggestions ppl....
  13. Tiffany0818

    What can you eat on the puréed stage?

    I wonder if it would hurt if we eat this food?
  14. Tiffany0818

    Regret telling people at work

    I understand completely that's why no one knows except my parents, siblings and inlaws! They are not to tell anyone! I was always thin and for the past 5 years I put on 100lbs from 130 all my life till I was 24 after the birth of my 2nd child I just blew up. Now everyday if my life I have family plus random ppl tell me how beautiful I was and my jlo body ( cuz I'm Puerto Rican) lol is ruined! I've never imagine how cruel ppl can be till you put on weight! I could never go up to someone and blatantly be disrespectful or ignorant about personal issues, however u will meet them. I don't want anyone coming up to me telling me that I took the short cut or asking questions it's none of their business's!!! So to all of us we should proud of our selfs and our journey!!!
  15. Tiffany0818

    Magic Bullet

    U guys eat regular good on the puréed stage????
  16. Tiffany0818

    Magic Bullet

    I just bought mine and I want to use it for next week when I start the puréed stage, what can I use to put in there any suggestions guys?
  17. Tiffany0818


    Thx guys
  18. Tiffany0818


    What do u put on Pinterest to find these recipes?
  19. Tiffany0818


    Oh my god I thought I was the only one that felt this way! I had my surgery last Thursday June 20, and I'm so emotionally and mentally drained and I can't stop this feeling of regret and I'm so scared if the unknown. This is has to be the most hardest thing that I've ever been through!!! At least I don't feel alone (
  20. I have oatmeal, yams, mash potatoes, eggs, fruits, tuna, yogurt, applesauce, puddings, and refried beans of course everything will be puréed.
  21. Tiffany0818


    That's super scarey I'm going to have to drink my protein more! Yikes good luck
  22. Tiffany0818

    What can you eat on the puréed stage?

    Thx guys I'm trying to come up with a meal plan before, I'm nervous and excited lets see how this goes.
  23. Dying for next week I've been in liquids over 2 weeks and next week on the 4th of July I can eat puréed food I'm already making a grocery list and schedule