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  1. Kristina Mccarthy-Martin

    Post-surgery Pregnancy Struggles

    I watch the scale creep up. Sometimes, well really for more than half my life, the scale has been my enemy. For the last 18 months it has been a tool as I managed my weight loss after my gastric sleeve surgery. Sure we fought some. I couldn’t understand how I could be managing my calorie intake and exercising and that darn thing wouldn’t budge. But after perseverance I won the small battles. When I was initially scheduling my weight loss surgery (WLS), the doctor asks you to set a weight goal. I gave a number and then I mentally set 3 interim goals. My real goal was to have surgery and then within a year reach my weight goal, so I could then try to get pregnant. A year post-op and I had met 2 of my interim goals and was feeling great after losing 80 lbs. I changed my goal – one to a realistic healthy number and two to include a fitness element. So we went ahead and started our journey of expanding our family. Fear creeps in when I get on the scale in the mornings. The number is getting bigger! I fight the urge to “diet” and restrict my calories. This morning I was .2 lbs below the last goal I had hit on my journey towards my ultimate weight goal. It is a number that I never wanted to go above again. I logically know that I am going to have to gain weight while pregnant. Emotionally I am fighting my demons. I strive to continue to be healthy during my pregnancy. I never thought it would be so hard to watch the scale move up. I really thought that I would just bask in being pregnant and enjoy every minute. Instead I look in the mirror and fear the fat returning. I am not a skinny girl and I don’t have a cute little baby bump at this point. Firstly, I’m not sure who these women are that are just having easy pregnancies and glow. If I am glowing it is probably due to broken capillaries in my face from the frequent vomiting. Thankfully my all-day sickness is starting to become occasional sickness. And I am so tired, I just want to nap at my desk every day. Actually I have unknowingly fallen asleep typing. Do not take this as complaining, as I am not complaining since I am just having a few inconveniences versus some complications that some have to deal with. The real struggle/question is how to balance the emotional demons and have a healthy pregnancy post weight loss surgery. I am striving to continue exercising and to eat healthy so both baby and momma are healthy. I will refocus on my goal after my precious baby boy arrives. 23 more weeks to go!
  2. Kristina Mccarthy-Martin

    Water intake

    I'm 10 weeks and water is a no-go for me. I have been drinking more milk and eating lots of SF popsicles. I have also found the slushies are good for me, so I am going to make my own with light lemonade.
  3. Kristina Mccarthy-Martin

    prenatal vitamins

    My ob had me stay on bariatric with a prescription folic acid. Although I'm having trouble keeping down the bariatric ones.
  4. Kristina Mccarthy-Martin

    Before and After Pics

    You look fabulous! I completely understand the feeling though. It isn't until I do comparison photos can I see the changes that my body has made.
  5. Kristina Mccarthy-Martin

    Size 6 and still "overweight" ?

    I decided to go with body fat percentage instead of BMI or weight as I have been developing a lot of muscle from working out.
  6. Kristina Mccarthy-Martin

    1 year post-op disappointment

    Went for my 1 year appointment yesterday. Good news is that I actually lost 19lbs since my 6 month appointment. And all 19lbs were fat and I have maintained my lean body mass Encouragement to keep exercising as it is actually coming off in a haelthy manner!
  7. Kristina Mccarthy-Martin

    1 year post-op disappointment

    Thanks for the support everyone! I'm sure there are things I could have done better, as I know I never drink enough Water. I do exercise 3x a week and try to eat on plan 99% of the time. It is hard to not compare yourself to others and their progress. I go for my 1 year appointment this afternoon, so I will get another body fat analysis done. I plan on plugging along until I reach my goal of 140lbs or 20% body fat. Although some may think my goal of looking like I did at 16 is unattainable or ridiculous, it is last time I was at a healthy weight. I thought I was fat then, but I was actually healthy and fit, which is my true goal for the weight loss. Good luck to everyone on your life long journey, as I know we will probably continue to fight this battle for the rest of our lives.
  8. Kristina Mccarthy-Martin

    1 year post-op disappointment

    I had the gastric sleeve.
  9. So, I am just past the 1 year mark. To be honest, I feel disappointed in my progress. I have a friend that had surgery 2 weeks after me and she met her goal prior to the 1 year mark. I look at the before and after pictures people post and am amazed at how much some people have lost in 9 months. I am still 50lbs from my goal. I have only lost 13 lbs in the last 6 months. I can see a visible difference in pictures, but in the mirror I still feel fat. I try to remind myself that this is a marathon, not a sprint. But I just can't help but feel disappointed. Weight loss has been really difficult for me for many years with nothing really working. I am really happy that I am down 74 lbs and feel so much more alive! I had wanted to reach my goal at 1 year, so I could get pregnant after reaching goal. Anyone else have a huge slowdown? Am I the only one that didn't lose everything in the first 9 months?
  10. Kristina Mccarthy-Martin

    Before and After Pics

    I am 1 year post op. I haven't reached my goal yet,but am very proud of the changes that I have made!
  11. Kristina Mccarthy-Martin


  12. been called "skinny" 3 times today! What a great boost!

    1. KAATNS


      Yay! That's awesome!

    2. enjoyinglife
  13. Kristina Mccarthy-Martin

    Help me please! I'm losing my hair

    My nutritionist advised me to keep track of Protein consumed. I started to havea bit of hair loss and when I upped my protein intake it luckily stoppped. Not sure if it will help you.
  14. Kristina Mccarthy-Martin

    8 Week Update & Pics

    I am 3 1/2 months post-op. I am down 45 lbs, so not quite as quick of a loser as you I lost nothing on my pre-op diet, which just further emphasised that dieting alone does not work for me. I have about 80 lbs more to go, and have just started to seriously exercise this week. I am starting to really feel great now though after some acid refux and vomitting issues which have been resolved.
  15. Kristina Mccarthy-Martin

    8 Week Update & Pics

    Congrats on your success so far. You are looking great!

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