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  1. LivingForGod

    Aetna frustrations!

    Aetna denied me for gaining weight. I had to do an appeal and I was approved then. Had surgery 1/31
  2. LivingForGod

    SC buddy

    Hello all. Looks like my surgery will be sometime in February (I hope). Im looking for a buddy so we can keep in contact on a daily/regular basis. Exchange info etc...any takers please let me know. If your not in SC that's fine too!!. Take care all and be blessed!!!
  3. LivingForGod


    And when did u have surgery?
  4. LivingForGod

    Light headedness

    Ok. Thank you!!! I feel a little better knowing that im not the only one that has experienced this.
  5. LivingForGod

    fingers crossed!

  6. LivingForGod

    SC buddy

    Oh ok!!
  7. LivingForGod

    SC buddy

    Yes you should!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. LivingForGod

    SC buddy

    Oh ok. I started June of last year! So how old are you and your daughter if you don't mind me asking
  9. LivingForGod

    SC buddy

    Yeah I was upset @ first but God has everything under control!! But don't worry your day is coming. I used to say the samething when other people was getting sleeved! So how long have you been on this journey?
  10. LivingForGod

    January 2014 Sleevers Come In!

    My surgery has been rescheduled until Friday morning due to the weather here in South Carolina. Im kind of upset too but nothing I can do about it
  11. LivingForGod

    Any on use Dr. Marc Antonetti

    Hi. Just saw this post. He has been great so far. I go in on Wednesday for surgery. Im having the sleeve. Let me know if you have any more questions.
  12. LivingForGod

    Awwww Man....

    Thanks so much. I will.
  13. LivingForGod


    My surgery will be @ Lexington Medical Center (Hospital) West Columbia, SC. Just keep trusting God and everything will work out for the best!!
  14. LivingForGod

    Pray good prayers for me.....PLEASE

    Exactly. And you believe that as well. Pray about it put it in Gods hands and leave it there. If u have some doubt, tell God to helo u with that. That's what I did. Im sending blessings your way
  15. LivingForGod

    January 2014 Sleevers Come In!

    So I just got off the phone with my doctors office...surgery is Jan 29th.....Yipppyyyyyy!!!!
  16. LivingForGod


    I know right...PRAISE BREAK...congrats to you too. My surgery probably won't be until February sometime. I have to get pulmonary clearance. I go on the 29th. Keep me posted!
  17. LivingForGod


    Oh yes! I always have his hand and don't plan on letting go. Thank you!
  18. LivingForGod

    Paper FINALLY Submited

    I've been where you are. I had to fighy to get my approval but with GOD all this are possible to those who believe. If u have given it to him, leave it there and let him do it. Trust me he will do it. He did it for me and I know he will do it for you!! Keep the faith and DONT DOUBT HIM!!! Please keep me informed and if u need to talk message me. Im all ears!! I'll be praying for you! God bless you want2besleeved87
  19. LivingForGod


    Thank you so much!!
  20. LivingForGod


    I surely will!!!!
  21. LivingForGod


    No I dont have a date yet. I called the coordinator at my dr office today to let her know my denial was reversed. So I had to email her a copy of the letter Aetna sent me. She called me back and said the lady that does the insurance had to verify my benefits for 2014 and that they will call me to set a date!
  22. LivingForGod

    January 2014 Sleevers Come In!

    Thanx so much!!
  23. LivingForGod


    Yes he is. I prayed and I said God its in your hands. I was doubting and I prayed and told God to help me with that and he did!! God is wonderful. Have you hear William Murphy "It's working"? WONDERFUL SONG!!!
  24. LivingForGod

    The waiting game begins

    They reversed the denial. I was approved today!
  25. LivingForGod

    Being denied......

    They reversed my denial. I was approved today!!

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