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  1. From the album: Post-op Photos

    Taken on my 28th Birthday when my baby boy was just over a month old.
  2. rmc32587

    BCN in Michigan

    I finally finished my six month weight loss requirement for my surgery. The doctor's office submitted my paper work this last thursday (2/6/14) to my insurance. Anyone know how long it might take to find out if I was approved? Am I supposed to wait until the doctor's office calls me or can I call my insurance to check my approval status? I am in Grand Rapids, MI, if that helps.
  3. Yes, I am 17 weeks pregnant and still feel weak at times but it is much better now than what it was so hopefully you will feel better soon
  4. I was 4 months post-op when I found out I was pregnant. I am now 17weeks pregnant and 7 months post-op. I have been having nausea and vomiting since about 6 weeks pregnant. But other than that everything seems to be fine
  5. I just found out I am pregnant I am 4 months post-op. It is earlier than I expected but I am super happy about it. We tried for a year and a half pre-surgery with no luck and now we are pregnant with out even really trying. I'm still in shock a bit Anyway... my question is what Vitamins your doctors have you on for pregnancy in addition to your post-op vitamins. I have talked with both my surgeon's office and my OB office and they are going to get back to me. For the time being I started a prescribed prenatal Vitamin from the ob office and am taking just over 1500mg Calcium citrate recommended by my dietician at my surgeons office. I am holing off on the vitamin b-12 and Vitamin A that I was taking until I hear back from my OB office. Any advice would be great. This is my first pregnancy and its hard to find advice from people who have had our surgery. Thanks in advance -Rachel
  6. rmc32587

    So if my period is late, does that mean...

    Sometimes right after surgery your cycle schedule can be messed up because your body is adjusting. My first period post-op was very light but then went back to normal. Also I have stalled every few weeks since surgery. Week three is a big stall week for most people. The weight will keep dropping just give it a little time ........... Is there any chance you could be pregnant? I only ask because I just found out that I am and I am only 4 months post-op.
  7. From the album: Post-op Photos

    Father's Day 2014 3 Months and 5 days post-op 46lbs down from surgery date, 61lbs down from start of pre-op diet, and 71lbs down from highest weight
  8. rmc32587

    March 10th!

    I just got my approval for March 10th!!! I started this whole process in July and I'm so glad that I am just a few weeks away from surgery. I'm very ready to get my new life started
  9. rmc32587

    Michigan Sleevers.

    Grand Rapids, Michigan Surgery was 3/10/14
  10. 5 weeks post-op yesterday :)

    1. thejudge


      hi I was 5 weeks on Monday how are you finding puree?

    2. rmc32587


      Some things are easier to eat than others even when they are pureed but drinking is much easier now. I do well with yogurt but I can only eat about 2.5oz at a time. I'm looking forward to next week when I no longer have eating restrictions and I can just taste different things even if it is just a couple bites :) How are you doing?

    3. thejudge


      yip drinking no problem finding the puree a bit hard, in the first 4 weeks lost 35 pounds last 2 only lost 6 pounds , finding that a bit strange, going to the toilet is not easy.

  11. rmc32587

    Feeling frusterated

    Hi... unfortunately I can only invite people who had the sleeve done, I'm not the one who started the group, and I see you had lap band done... However there is another group on facebook called bariatric newbies that is for all surgery types and is also really helpful. And I just sent you an invite to that... see you there
  12. rmc32587

    Feeling frusterated

    didn't see your request at first... just sent the invite
  13. rmc32587

    Feeling frusterated

    For those of you that asked for invites, I sent them to the e-mail addresses you gave me. If you did not get them feel free to private message me and I can try again... Thanks
  14. rmc32587

    Feeling frusterated

    Invite sent to e-mail... see you on facebook
  15. rmc32587

    Feeling frusterated

    Invite e-mailed
  16. rmc32587

    Feeling frusterated

    I tried to send you an invite but it didn't accept the e-mail like the others, can you please check it for me and I'll try to send it again.
  17. rmc32587

    Feeling frusterated

    Are you on Facebook, we have a march facebook group that is completely private so only each other (members of the group) can see the posts. It has been really helpful to me. It is by invitation only because you can't even search it. I can invite you are interested. I just need you e-mail address to send the invite. Thanks for sharing your words of encouragement, I was sleeved on March 3rd, had lost 10 pounds pre-op and gained 11 overnight post-op, it's been 12 days and barely it's all that I gained. In fact I'm a pound over my pre-op still. It's sooooo frustrating cause your stomach was reduced 70% I'm doing all the right things and still a big nothing!!!! I won't give up, we need to start a March Sleevers group and share our stories and encourages one another. Who's game?
  18. rmc32587

    Feeling frusterated

    I wasn't loosing very fast either. However I am only a week post-op tomorrow. I had gained 12 pounds from all the Fluid they pump you full of in the hospital. On March 10th, Surgery date, my weight was 279.8, On March 12th ,the day I got home from hospital I weighed 292, yesterday my weight was 281.3, today weight 273.1.... just wanted to let you know our bodies can be very strange especially since I dropped 8lbs in one day. My sister also had the sleeve done last year and she said she would go days without loosing anything and then 3-4 pounds would be gone all at once. You are doing great try and stay positive
  19. Hello everyone, I had my surgery on Monday, 3/10/14, and I am doing pretty good but I have been having esophageal spasms since coming out from surgery, it feels like tight chest pain that lingers for a couple seconds and then relaxes. My doctor is aware and I'm told that these are more related to the hiatal hernia that was also repaired, that I didn't even know I had, but I was wondering if anyone else had the same thing and how long they took to go away. They make it hard to drink anything and right now I am far from reaching the amount of Fluid and Protein I am supposed to be drinking daily.
  20. rmc32587

    Esophageal spasms

    I had surgery Monday and I am having spasms. I am waiting for them to go away. Drinking warm things is better than cold at least for me.