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  1. This past week has been pretty awesome. My birthday happened to be my 6th month surgiversary. My lovely wife has planned us a trip to NYC for a birthday present. She didn't book it until after the reveal, just to make sure I was ok with it. Heck yeah I'm ok with it. Thanks to my sleeve: I've lost 74lbs. I'm not apprehensive about flying. We're even flying Southwest w/o preselecting seats. I would never have done that in the past. We're going to see a broadway show and a Rangers game and I'm not stressed about fitting in the seats. We're going to a couple if museums and I'm not worried about all the walking. And I went to get some new clothes because change of seasons plus a trip = I want clothes that fit. I'm a size 14! Not a 14w, but a 14. In Levi's, at the Gap, at Macy's...I am amazed. Just last month I was getting clothes for a funeral and I was wearing an 18 or 14/16w. Most of all, my self-confidence is making a comeback. I didn't realize how low it had gotten over the years.
  2. HumorMe00

    Insomnia-sleeping with a partner

    For me, my insomnia significantly decreased with therapy. But, I was having night terrors and didn't realize it. I also took a few different meds over the years until my body relearned how to sleep. Some drugs that helped me without being as strong as sleeping pills: magnesium/calcium supplements, calms forte, Benadryl, trazadone (Rx), and seroquel (Rx). Sleeping meds (ambian, love you nests, etc) always left me filling hung over for hours and hours. I manipulated the combo of trazadone and seroquel until it put me to sleep and kept me asleep with no hangover. (For me it was 1/2 a trazadone and 1/4 seroquel) Now I try to manage my sleep without drugs. The more I exercise, the easier that is for me. Still, if I'm anxious or excited or have had consecutive nights of rough sleep, I'll take a Benadryl.
  3. HumorMe00

    St. Patrick's Day Challenge

    I kind of like finishing on the holiday.
  4. HumorMe00

    February 2014 Fitness Challeng

    Finally got off my keister (and pushed through the dense cloud of depression) and got back into the gym. 45 min with my trainer on Monday 1 hr Zumba today
  5. HumorMe00

    Christmas - New Year Challenge

    Still at 193.6 this week. Didn't hit my goal, but I'm ok with that. I allowed myself some slack time during the holidays and very much enjoyed it.
  6. HumorMe00

    December Fitness Challenge

    Worked out with a trainer for the first time Monday. Got in a good workout and felt great afterwards. Felt fine at work that night, but when I got up for work Tuesday afternoon, I had a serious case if T-Rex arms. Incredibly painful biceps and couldn't extend my arms. Thank goodness for muscle relaxers. Finally feeling better this morning. Hoping to get back in the gym Friday. 1 more hour down, 4.5 till goal.
  7. HumorMe00

    Christmas - New Year Challenge

    Weight stayed the same this week, but I lost 2% body fat, so not too disappointed.
  8. HumorMe00

    The Underarm Question

    Nair or Veet works pretty well.
  9. I've had belly button problems over the last month or so. Super itchy, red, smelly. Just yuck. After looking around online, fungal infection seemed to be the most likely culprit. First thing I tried was some athletes foot spray I had laying around. Ouch! The amount of alcohol in it + broken skin was not a very pleasant combo. Picked up some athletes foot cream. A little dab delivered via q-tip 2-3 times did the trick. I'm still treating it, but no longer have any symptoms. Just trying to make sure it's totally gone.
  10. HumorMe00

    Christmas - New Year Challenge

    Yay. Finally found this thread. The mobile ap + using links was not working for me. I actually had to login on a computer - oh the absurdity : ) Starting weight: 196.6 New Year's goal: 189 I'd love to say goodbye to the 190's before saying goodbye to 2013 : )
  11. HumorMe00

    7 weeks

    At about 5 weeks out, I enjoyed some nigiri without the rice. It was delicious and well tolerated. At the place we go, I can order a few pieces of nigiri, but sashimi is only sold by the large platter. So I just order the nigiri since I'm not a fan of leftover sushi. Height: 5' 4'' HW: 256 SW: 227 CW: 212.4
  12. Went to my 1 month post appointment Tuesday. Heeling fine and getting my energy back. I'm down 15 lbs post op (total of 44lbs since starting my 6 month diet). Very excited that I've dropped 2 pant sizes and 1 shirt size since surgery. Height: 5' 4'' HW: 256 SW: 227 CW: 216
  13. HumorMe00

    Halloween Weight loss Challenge

    215 last week, 212.4 this week. -2.6lbs! Fingers crossed for 210 or less next week : )
  14. An ice pack can help with the itching too. At 3 1/2 weeks post op, I'm itchy everywhere. This dry skin is maddening. Eczema lotion is a lifesaver right now.
  15. HumorMe00

    Halloween Weight loss Challenge

    Last week: 216.4 This week 216.2 Not what I was hoping for, but better than going the other way. Height: 5' 4'' HW: 256 SW: 227 CW: 216
  16. I gained 11lbs with the swelling, which I was kind of expecting. I was not expecting it to take a full week for it to come back off though. I was so happy when I woke up on day 7 and finally saw the scale read 1lb below my surgery weight.
  17. I'm 2 days out as well. I can get in 1 ounce an hour just fine, but I'm supposed to be ramping up my intake by adding an ounce each hour. Anything over 1 1/2 ounces an hour and I get super nauseous. Hope this goes away soon. Kinda tired of being in the hospital.
  18. I did that today. Not nearly as bad as I expected. Of course I started the magnesium citrate at noon, so eating wasn't all that appealing. All I could get down today was 1 clear protein shake, a bowl of broth, and a sf popsicle. You'll get through. It's just one more sign the surgery is right around the corner : )
  19. HumorMe00


    I'm in midtown. Having surgery 9/3 with Dr. Lin at Emory Midtown.

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