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    Just Me!

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    From the album: Just Me!

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    From the album: Just Me!

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    From the album: Just Me!

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    From the album: Just Me!

  6. I look older but agree with NMJG...I feel so much better I don't really care. I was trying to upload a before/during photo but apparently am not smart enough to do that! :-)
  7. I know we're not supposed to do gum due to possibly putting air in our new tummies, but what about sugar free hard candy. Is it okay?
  8. I'm 3 weeks post op today and feeling a little down. The first 2 weeks were wonderful....didn't have any issues and was losing weight at an incredible pace. Now, I've just finished my 3rd week and weighed this morning and have actually gained 3 lbs. I guess it's back to protein shakes and broth again!!!
  9. I had my information submitted to the insurance company on Monday 6/10 and I called them on Friday and it had already been approved. I'm scheduled to be sleeved on 7/22. Excited and nervous all at the same time. I don't think it's completely soaked in yet that this is really happening!!!
  10. Hey Crystal. I'm doing great. Actually feel like I haven't even had surgery until time to eat then when I take two bites and am full I remember. Pretty crazy! I'm down 13 lbs since last Monday and a total of 26 since prep diet. Keep me posted on your progress. Wishing you the best!!!
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    Vistion problems

    Hi Ashlee - I had this same patch for sea sickness and after wearing it for two days I couldn't even read a menu. I will have to wear it again just before surgery. If you check the label I bet there's a side effect warning on it. I know where you're coming from, I was a little scared before I realized what was causing it...after not wearing it for about 24 hours everything was back to normal. Good Luck!!!
  12. Hi Crystal - I'm doing pretty good, just counting down the days..can you believe we are only 5 days out? They say my pre-op plan is liquid only for 10 days, but I can have cottage cheese, yogurt, sugar free Jello or pudding, sugar free popsicles. So my typical day has been a protien Meal Replacement drink for Breakfast, 1/2 c cottage cheese for snack, 1 c chicken broth and a sugar free pudding for lunch, Protein drink for snack, a meal replacement drink for dinner, and jello or popsicles for evening snack. I'm down 10 lbs since starting...the weekend was rough, i kept a headache all weekend and work has been really busy this week, trying to get everythign done to be out for two weeks. I'm feeling pretty good today...it helps that my clothes are a little more comfortable now that i'm down a few pounds. :-) Hope all is well with you, keep me posted. Getting excited about the big day! :-)
  13. Hey Crystal - Wanted to check in. How are you doing? Can you believe we're a week and 4 days away? My liquid diet starts tomorrow...
  14. One of the proteins suggested by my bariatric dr is Procel after surgery when I'm in the clear liquid stage, however his office has been out of it for the last 2 weeks. I've found it online but with shipping it seems quite expensive. Has anyone found it in a nutrition store or anything where you can purchase without having to pay shipping costs. Is it any good? Also, I've found the powder form but had it in my head from somewhere that it was a clear liquid. Anybody have any info on it that you wouldn't mind sharing?
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    Unjury protein shakes

    I got the same starter package. Have only had the chicken soup, which was very good and used the vanilla as creamer in my coffee...was very rich...I think next time I'll just use 1/2 a package with it. I'm pre-op, scheduled for surgery on 7/22. I've been doing protein shakes, started my vitamins and trying to make that a habit, started walking (not as much as I should be though), and have started trying to get in the habit of not drinking when I'm eating...that's kind of a hard habit to break. Good luck to you!
  16. I've read where it's ideal if you can be in ketosis at the time of surgery. My pre-op plan even says..."follow a high protein, low carbohydrate, liquid diet 10 days before surgery. This will deplete your carboydrate stores which will "shrink" your liver and make laparoscopic surgery eaier for your surgeon to perform." I've followed a low carb diet many times in the past but never had sugar free pudding. I'm finding it hard to believe that even though it's sugar free that I would be able to reach ketosis with the 6 to 7 g of carbs in it. Anyone else had sugar free pudding and been able to remain in ketosis?
  17. Good idea - not like i don't have plenty of time to test it, my pre-op diet doesn't officially start until 7/12. Just hate ruining it once I get there, it usually takes me a good 3 to 5 days to get there!
  18. Thanks CMT - it is very nice...not sure I'd be able to do this without her!!! I'm nervous about the whole thing really, she is doing her pre op now and I see how tough it is. The good thing is, for me anyway, is she'll still be on liquid when i have to start my pre-op diet, so I think that will be easier. I feel kind of bad because she's doing pre-op diet now and i'm still eating chewable food (watching what I eat and trying to break some old habits). Good luck to you and keep in touch!
  19. Hi Tana - My starting weight was 277.8 wth a BMI of 47. Luckily I don't have anything else at this point, no high bp, no high cholesterol or anything...very heathy for a fat chick! I'll be praying for you too.....I know all will be just fine! Good luck to you!!!
  20. I have Anthem BCBS. Couldn't have asked for a better outcome, I've actually started this process two other times with different insurance companies...I have to say this was by far much easier than I anticipated.
  21. My preop starts on 7/12....My best friend is also getting sleeved next Monday, she's been on pre-op diet sine Friday. We work together so I'm trying to kind of stick with her now during the day and just eating a salad or sandwhich or something in the evenings. Hopefully it will make it somewhat easier when the 12th gets here! Best of luck to you!!!
  22. Best of luck to you too! Hope it's everything we expect!