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  1. Checking in.. I was sleeved 7/24, just want to see how everybody's doing? Are you still losing?? Are you at goal weight yet?? I'm 9 pounds from my surgeons goal, but I'm going for another 10 ontop of that, so really thinking I'm 19 pounds from goal. I am finally losing again and making sure that my eating is right. Upping my workouts again and hoping to get to goal by my birthday in September.
  2. Goddardgo

    Stalled and starting to worry

    I cannot tell you how many days I was stuck at 220 but it was a long time!! Monday and Tuesday of this week I tried liquids only, it included shakes, creamy soup and lots of water, I am 215.5 as of yesterday.. maybe you can try liquids?
  3. Yes, measure.. eat and enjoy pooping because after the first week it will not come as easily as it has your entire life!! I know TMI, but it happens
  4. I am two months two weeks and four days out from surgery.. I have lost 49 pounds to date and can only pray that I lose like you! You have done an amazing job!!! Thanks for sharing
  5. Goddardgo

    Tail Bone Hurts!

    I thought my surgeon dropped me lol!! I have had the same problem since surgery on 7/24. Okay.. now I will start focusing on muscle in the butt.. who knew. I really have been complaining thinking that he did something to me..
  6. I just got my new Jawbone UP over the weekend, so excited...! Now I need some friends.. does anybody else have this bracelet and app? I would love toknow how to add friends and get some accountability going
  7. Goddardgo


    I hate this part of my life. Never had a problem before and now.. I almost pray to poop lol!
  8. Goddardgo

    Its real!

    How are you feeling? Praying for a speedy recovery
  9. My doc never said to spread them out. I am curious about it though. I forget to take mine too. My office said that our body absorbs only 500 at a time, so anything over that is not being stored, but wasted.
  10. Thanks for that. The excuse I am making at this time is the pain I get from walking for a normal period of time because my incisions are stiched to my stomach muscles, and like all muscles, walking contracts the muscles. Therefor making major pain for days following a good walk. I was posting more to see if anybody else had that issue around the same point in time as I did so I could get some advise on when I would be able to start walking like a normal timed walk, because I feel bad about the fact that I cannot walk like I think I should at this time.
  11. Sheryl.. it's me. Samantha LOL!
  12. Goddardgo


    Ahh man! I am sorry to hear about this! I was sleeved a little over 3 weeks ago, and so far so good.. with the exception of possibly tearing a stich. I hope you start feeling better and turn out happy with your decision. Again, I am sorry for your complication. Keeping you in my prayers.
  13. I am super excited to get started, I have a gym at work and free personal training, I think I really just want to know that it's okay thatI haven't jumped in just yet. I know that I can't wait for it to be a part of my life, I have 4 awesome kiddos and a great husband and can't wait to do outdoor things as a family. I think I'll give it one more week and get busy.. starting with walking each day and then when cleared at my 2 month follow up, I'll get that trainer a run for their time
  14. I am a little over 3 weeks out.. oh and stalled and haven't really done much for exercise. I went for a walk two weeks ago, walked for about an hour and really felt pain for several days. My incisions are stiched to my stomach muscles and I could tell that I did something wrong. I have been coming up with lots of excuses.. it's too hot, I don't want to hurt myself again.. blah blah.. at what point did you really put yourself in gear and start walking to lose the weight?

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