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    Beach Lover reacted to FatToFabulous for a blog entry, Good bye Florida. Helloooo Grand Cayman, I missed you   
    So my two week stay in lovely Florida has come to an end. I had an awesome time and will definitely be returning. Thanks to the bariatric staff at Florida a Medical Center for giving me my life back. I'll take the reigns from here. Back to kids, work, school, and my personal and social life...back to stress. I can do this! My family and friends are all so excited I'm coming home...so am I. The friends I made here are sad to see me go, but they know this party kitten will be back .
    THE WEIGHT IS OVER...my life begins...again.
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    Beach Lover reacted to joatsaint for a blog entry, Pooped My Way to A Smaller Pants Size :-)   
    Without getting to graphic, it was monstrous. I weighed after I got off work and was over a pound lighter. I think I can punch a new notch in my belt tonight.
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    Beach Lover reacted to Mrs.RRn for a blog entry, 1 Month Down   
    Today marks 1 month of my new life with my vertical sleeve gastrectomy. Wow! What a month!
    My "official" weigh in at my surgeon's office (on 7/2/13) was -25lbs. My unofficial weigh-in this morning was -30lbs. I can't believe what a difference 30lbs makes! I feel like I have so much energy, I'm sleeping better, oh yeah, and the bedroom stuff
    In the past month:
    Lost 1 chin
    My engagement ring no longer fits
    My wedding ring is loose
    My thighs look slimmer
    I haven't been having night sweats/ hot flashes (purely bc of weight, I'm 25yrs old)
    I've retired my first pair of blue jeans
    And every once in a while I see a little peak of my clavicles
    What I've been doing?
    **I exercise daily: 40 minutes of walking & at least 30 minutes of other stuff (light hand weights) and OMG, my husband and I are doing the 30 day squat challenge!-- it hurts to sit on the toilet! Lol
    ** I eat my protein first. I get in around 70-something grams of protein per day. I'm eating 3 meals (a protein shake being a meal) and sometimes a snack if I need it.
    ** H2O: I'm getting AT LEAST 64 oz per day- it's usually in the 70's.
    ** Vitamins: I'm taking 2 Flintstones, 2 calcium chews, and 1 dissolvable B12 per day. All taken at separate times to increase absorption.
    OH, something I thought was really cool: my husband went away for work for a few days and when he came home he was shocked. He thought I looked so much smaller! It was really awesome to see the look on his face!!!
    I've heard this rumor about changing taste after surgery -- TRUE. My husband and I ate boiled shrimp (one of my favorite things) and I thought it tasted like band aids. WTH? And I now love Greek yogurt, where before I took one bite and trashed it.
    During this month, I felt like I had poor concentration and I kept getting dizzy upon standing, especially when getting out the tub (blood sugar= good, hydration= in check, orthostatic blood pressure= negative). So my doc suggested adding B 12. I can def tell an improvement in both my concentration and dizziness.
    I don't think this is truly "bad," I'm just not used to it. *TMI WARNING*. BMs are now every other day- less than what I was used to.
    I did have one vomit episode, but it was purely my fault. I ate too fast and didn't chew enough. LESSON LEARNED!
    But this has truly been an amazing experience so far. I feel so blessed to have this chance in life- to be a healthier, happier person. I'm so excited to see what comes, especially in the next few months.

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    Beach Lover reacted to Thesaurophile for a blog entry, Surgery tomorrow!   
    I was going to type "I woke up this morning thinking..."
    But, no. I woke up this morning to a giant thunderstorm after two hours of sleep, angry at the world. I drove an hour to work in the driving rain and had to stop and scramble for doctor-approved protein shakes at the grocery store so I could eat ("eat") at work. When I got to work fifty loud teenagers were babbling in the breakfast hall, three people needed transportation, and so on. So it was only after I finally got to run back, sit in my office and turn on some ridiculous cheesy "meditation" piano music that I cleared my head and I thought:
    Today is the last day I have my whole, I-got-born-with-it stomach.
    And that's cool by me. Goodbye, 75% of my stomach. We've had some okay times, particularly downing way more alcohol than we ever should have in the 18-21 years and getting stuffed full of all kinds of delicious things that were probably mostly butter and sugar painted to look like something edible. I'd say it's been a good run, but actually, now wearing clothes bums me out and my leg joints hurt a lot.
    So I think it's time we part ways. Goodbye, regular stomach; I'm trading you in for a bionic model. Helloooo, staple line~
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    Beach Lover reacted to newmeIowa for a blog entry, IT's HERE, it's here, it's FINALLY here!   
    Today is my sleeve surgery, and I'm surprisingly NOT too nervous. The doctors and whole staff have done a fabulous job informing me of everything, that I feel confident knowing what is about to happen to me.
    I lost 2.5 lbs yesterday. UGH - the 'clean you out stuff' is not fun. But now I'm down 12 lbs since the start of the liquid diet and 20 lbs since I began this journey in Oct. of 2012.
    My mom and husband are just wonderful and I feel better about the kids' welfare. Silly mommy needs to step back and take care of herself!
    I am proud of myself for sticking with the program and making this HUGE change for ME. I feel better about myself already. Now my only concern is my boobs - their race to my waist is quite apparent and I'm thinking losing weight will only fuel their decent! Hmmmmm . . .
    The stupid song "I'm so excited" won't get out of my head, but I guess that's a good thing. I can't wait for the new me to meet me on the other side!

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