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    Anxiety and Weight Gain

    Hi Sweetmini, When you say you have hunger pains are they the same hunger pains as before surgery or is more of an empty feeling? I have a carb addiction and found this out when I did my liquid diet before surgery. If I eat the bad carbs they draw me into craving them like crazy. I have pledged to stay away from carbs that trigger my addiction and that has helped me greatly for the last 3 years. I'm not bashing carbs I get plenty from veggies and fruit etc. just not the chips, breads, pastas and Desserts. I don't know if this will help you but you might try staying away from them. Try not to beat yourself up this will trip you into a spiral down. Those are the same thoughts we had before surgery and they are the ones we now have to keep at bay and remember the power of our pledge we made to ourselves. We all get weak from time to time and its tough we all just have to power through it and it will get better. I definitely have the same anxiety and I have to depend on myself and that does feel scary sometimes. Not gonna lie! I wish you the very best!!
  2. Thanks KristenLe! I am about as real as it gets!
  3. Beach Lover


    I didn't have any alcohol for at least a year after surgery. But I do know people who have some at like 4 months they seem to be okay but be careful it doesn't take much!! Also, I like Crown with diet coke and found I was replacing it for foods because of the low calorie, carb count. It was like a dessert treat and I quickly put a stop to that. That is a slippery slope I don't want to go down.
  4. Beach Lover

    Labor Day Challenge!

    I have been out of town for the last few weeks so I haven't checked in like I normally do. I have stayed the same at 150 nothing exciting at least I didn't gain!
  5. Beach Lover

    4th of July Challenge

    Is there another challenge after this one? If so, I am in. Thank you for all of your effort it is truly appreciated!! Happy 4th of July to everyone!! Never mind I found the link!! :)
  6. Beach Lover

    4th of July Challenge

    Stayed the same 155 Goal 154
  7. Beach Lover

    4th of July Challenge

    Hi! I'm missing your goal weight. Thanks! Sorry about that! My goal is 154 and I am hoping I can do it but it takes forever to lose much at this point but I am a happy girl!
  8. Beach Lover

    4th of July Challenge

    Finally lost another pound!! Was 156 Now 155!
  9. Beach Lover

    Memorial Day Challenge!

    Beginning weight 159 goal 2pounds
  10. Beach Lover

    Easter's Challenge

    Stayed the same 159
  11. Beach Lover

    Valentine's Challenge

    Stayed the same...............Again! 161
  12. Beach Lover

    Costco Premier premixed

    If you drink coffee try adding half of one to that with some sugar free creamer. I love the sf hazelnut and sf carmael machiatto with it. This makes is very yummy!
  13. Beach Lover

    Costco Premier premixed

    Premier is the absolute best. If you have a Sam's membership they are a little than that as an every day price. I think they are like 18.97 a case of 12. I love them in my Hazelnut coffee with either hazelnut or carmel machiatto sf creamer. Very good!
  14. Beach Lover


    So I am now about 19 months post op and so close to goal! I have a question that I wonder if others have asked themselves. I figure I have at least 12 pounds of extra skin. Do you ever mentally tell yourself that I weigh this much but actually if I subtracted (for myself) 12 pounds I probably weigh this much? I am trying to decide if I really need to lose more. I weigh 161 with the extra skin and my ultimate goal for myself is 150. So do you think I am actually close to that goal or should I go for another 10 pounds?
  15. Beach Lover

    Talk me down. Talk me down.

    Always remember doors close for a reason...............Another door will open!! This is such a true statement! Reflect from inside yourself and you will find the answer! You have already started a new life maybe this is just a part of it. I truly wish you the very best. This is just one of many test in life we have to conqueror. food, cigarettes, alcohol have always been a the go to relief. This is the part that you have to figure out how to handle without using one of these vises. I know you will figure it out!
  16. Beach Lover

    Holiday Challenge!

    Stayed the same 164.
  17. Beach Lover

    Holiday Challenge!

    Was 166 Now 165 Took forever but down another pound! Have holidays to everyone!!
  18. Beach Lover

    Holiday Challenge!

    I'm definitely in!! I will give you my beginning weight and goal on Friday Nov. 7, 2014. Thank you!!!!!
  19. Try not to get wrapped up in that stuff. I am 5'6" and started out at 293 today I am 169 and still losing. It is much slower now but it is definitely still coming off with the inches. Just keep on keeping on and you will reach your goal before you know it! My surgery was June 6, 2013 so I am 16 months post op and it is still working.
  20. Beach Lover

    Halloween challenge

    Alas I stayed the same! Was and now 172.
  21. Beach Lover

    Labor day Challenge

    Was 175 Now 173 Lost 2 pounds! I am beginning to see a pattern here! One week I stay the same and the next 2 pounds off. It works for me as long as it keeps going down! I am finally closing in on my goal and I just can't wait.
  22. Beach Lover

    FL - Jacksonville

    Let me know when we are going to have a meeting!
  23. Beach Lover

    Oh my, this dress...

    It's a beautiful dress and you look absolutely wonderful in it!! Shopping is so much fun now!!! You go girl!!
  24. Beach Lover

    Calcium and Iron suppliments

    The calcium inhibits the Iron absorption. You shouldn't take the iron within 3 hours of the calcium in order to allow for complete absorption. Hope this helps!
  25. Beach Lover

    I have really fallen off the wagon...help!

    Hang in there!! You just had a major loss in your life!! My mother passed away a year ago and I gained 10 pounds on top of what I already weighed which prompted me to do the surgery. I had thought about it for several years and finally came to the conclusion that I couldn't do this on my own. LIfe is always going to throw crap at us and we have to bounce back once we have landed from the devastation. You are reaching out and that is the first step to taking care of yourself. I would suggest that you do at least a week of the liquid diet again just to withdraw from the carb monster if that is a problem. It is hard to do but it will release you from the addiction. Once you begin seeing a loss again you will begin to feel stronger and more in charge. Most of us never felt in charge of our weight before the surgery. Remember your tool is still there and ready to help you. Stay on the forum for support!! It has always helped me when I felt weak. If you haven't tried Premier Protein shakes I suggest you give them a try. They really are good and you can get them at Sam's and Costo. You can also try to kick start the loss with the 5:2 diet. If you search it on the forum you will find info on it as well as google it. I truly wish you the very best and I am sending you a hug!!!

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