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  1. brwneyedwoman

    The New Normal

    You look amazing!!
  2. brwneyedwoman

    Sleep Study Requirement?

    A lot of doctors require sleep studies. My insurance initially denied it, but the office resubmitted, not sure what they said but it was approved. I was very unhappy because I don't have a sleeping problem, only snore lightly when extremely tired. So, imagine my surprise when the diagnosis was severe sleep apnea. I refused the equipment and signed a waiver to that effect, because it was not a study of my sleeping habits, but a study of how they forced me to sleep. I'm a side and stomach sleeper, so if you force me to sleep on my back, I'm going to snore.... most people do. The doctor had to agree... he said if I actually slept on my back, based on the study, I would be dead :-O In my opinion, it was all about making money.
  3. brwneyedwoman


    Thanks so much for the feedback. I'm looking forward to surgery, recovery and exercising :-)
  4. brwneyedwoman

    Progress Pics. 60# Off

    Looking good :-)
  5. brwneyedwoman


    I'm planning to take a class after surgery. How long did you wait after surgery before starting?
  6. brwneyedwoman

    December 2013 Sleevers Come In!

    Hello Everyone!! I'm 48, currently 300, but 345 was my highest. I started this journey at 324 and my surgery date is December 17th. This site has been a Godsend for me.
  7. I had my pre-op with the surgeon today. Good news is I'm on schedule for Dec. 17th and I don't have a pre-op diet, just continue to lose weight. The bad news is that he's trying to convince me to have the bypass due to my kidney disease. I'm Stage IV, but have been stable for 18 yrs. The WLS is to lose weight to come off a lot of my meds and the Nephrologist has no preference, just get the weight off. I'm totally for the sleeve and don't like feeling pressured by the surgeon :-/
  8. brwneyedwoman

    Good News, Bad News

    He didn't give me any special diet...I asked and he said just continue what I'm doing because I'm losing. I'm glad you're happy with your sleeve and I wish you much success. I totally agree with you on the malabsorption. I will definitely keep you posted. Thank you
  9. brwneyedwoman

    Good News, Bad News

    Thank you proudgrammy. I think he's concentrating more on rapid weight loss and not on any of the other issues, like malabsorption. I have a great Nephrologist that takes good care of me, so when he said I had to do something to get off this weight, I didn't question him.... I just made the appointment with the surgeon. I'm excited, but nervous and am very happy with my decision. You're looking good... I hope I have your results :-)
  10. brwneyedwoman

    Good News, Bad News

    I totally agree with you on the absorption issues. I expressed to him that I won't be totally off all meds and I don't want malabsorptive issues, since I still need to take them. I hope the surgery helps you :-)
  11. brwneyedwoman

    Good News, Bad News

    Thank you Teachamy, I hope so too. And I hope it helps you as well :-)
  12. brwneyedwoman

    Good News, Bad News

    We had a long discussion about both surgeries in June. I asked him if one was better than the other, he said no, it was a matter of preference. He described it as taking a jet vs. propeller plane to NY... you'll still get there, one will just get you there faster. I am keeping an open mind. He gave me several resources and told me it was my decision, so I did the research and settled on the sleeve. He's been doing this for 40 yrs and basically he prefers the bypass. If he gave me a true medical reason, instead of it being his preference, I might consider it. But he hasn't.
  13. brwneyedwoman

    December 2013 Sleevers

    Congrats to everyone! My date is Dec. 17th, and had my pre-op education class today. I haven't gotten nervous yet, but I'm sure I will when I see the Dr. on Thursday for my pre-op instructions.
  14. brwneyedwoman

    I'm Approved!

    I called Anthem this morning and got the news!! Surgeon's office submitted on 10/23 and told me to give it up to 2 weeks. I'm excited, yet nervous. Pre-op appointment on 11/21.
  15. brwneyedwoman

    I'm Approved!

    Thank you :-)
  16. Congratulations to all who have been approved and good luck to those still waiting. I had my 2nd consult with my surgeon on Thursday and I asked for a date in December, hopefully the second week. Now, I'm waiting for my pre-op orders from his office and the submittal to insurance.
  17. Congratulations to all who have been approved and good luck to those still waiting. I had my 2nd consult with my surgeon on Thursday and I asked for a date in December, hopefully the second week. Now, I'm waiting for my pre-op orders from his office and the submittal to insurance.
  18. It's official...I'm not crazy My psych went well...next step is my sleep study, and 2nd support group. Now I need to get these 29 pounds off, and see my surgeon on Oct. 3rd, so my case can be submitted to insurance. I'm praying everything goes smoothly, so I can get a December surgery date.
  19. brwneyedwoman

    Survived my psych!

    Congratulations to both of you. I hope things go smoothly for you in the process.
  20. brwneyedwoman


    Yes, I have to do the diet. He wants me to lose 40 lbs. If I get the weight off, it will be 6 months. I still have to do my psych, nutritionist, and support groups. Everything is moving fast, the weight loss is going to take the longest.
  21. brwneyedwoman

    Effects of Protein Shakes

    Premier is very good and I hate protein drinks. I picked up vanilla at Costco.... I think vanilla gives you more mixing options.
  22. brwneyedwoman


    I have Anthem also in California. My first visit was June 5th....once my doctor issued my orders with all the appointments, tests, etc. that had to be done, my anticipated date is December.
  23. I don't plan on telling anyone outside of my mom, except my immediate supervisor and HR when I do my FMLA paperwork. I told my best friend/co-worker that I had my consultation. She's chomping at the bit to tell EVERYONE she knows that knows me. I told her I would kill her... it's my personal business. She had the audacity to tell me that I don't have the right to keep my business a secret. Made her a deal, she can tell my business, when I can discuss her procedure that no one knows about but me. After all, you don't have the right to keep your business a secret. Problem solved
  24. That great news!! I'm just waiting for my orders, so I'll know exactly what I need to do. I know I need to lose 10% of my current weight and schedule the various tests. Wishing you the best :-)
  25. Hi Lv2bfunny... I'm seeing Dr. Klein. I just had my consultation with him on 6/5, he spent almost 2 hrs going over everything with me. He's actually the only doctor my referring physician recommended. Good luck on your journey, I'm just getting started :-/

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