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    I am wondering how people came up with their goal weight, and if they were happy when they attained it. I pretty much picked mine out of the sky after looking at a website I cant remember the name of that showed women that were my height that weighed 180. Im asking because I am slightly concerned that I will reach this mecca of goal weight and still not be satisfied. I know that all of our bones are the same size but I am a curvy woman and I dont want to change that, I have already sacrificed my boobs to the weight loss struggle, and at this point if my stomach could fall off Id be satisfied at any weight. So rather than be disappointed on some day in the not so distant future, Im hoping you guys can give some feedback about goal weight/sizes and your content or discontent with your weight, especially if you happen to be around 5'7" and weigh 180.
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    Lmao, it sounds like my goal weight is around 208 based on these post. Im just hoping thats not the case.
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    All about BOOBS!

    Well I am older than you (34) and I have two kids that I breast fed for a year a piece but I can tell you that my boobs have pretty much disappeared. I still wear a double d but my boobs are mostly skin and without a bra on they look like a tube sock with a moderate number of rocks in them. I talked to my Dr. and he told me that I would absolutely need to have a lift and I could either be an a-b cup or I could get implants with my lift and be whatever size I want.
  4. @, I want to be clear, I hear you and I empathize with you. I am nearly two years out and I have not reached goal. I eat less calories than all the thin people I know. I work out like crazy (again harder than people that are thinner than me) and I get annoyed that Im still not where I want to be. Everytime I think obesity runs in my family (like hardcore most women are 400+ lbs) Im reminded of the meme that says nobody runs in your family, and I have to admit that is true as well. I too have been overweight since I was seven years old and I currently weigh less than or at least close to what I weighed in highschool. None of it fell off 25+ lbs at a time for me either, to be honest I lost the most weight, the most quickly when I did medifast BEFORE I had the surgery. Could you have done this without surgery? absolutely, I believe we all could have but we didnt and we are here now, whereever here may be. While I adore lipstick lady I remember feeling jealous of her results when I was sleeved, and even when I rejoined the boards after forever and saw her weight, it made me feel some kinda way about myself. Thats not her burden, thats mines, because at the end of the day, I know that I may have for periods of time put in work, but there have also been too many times that I decided I wanted what I wanted and it was taking me too long to get where I was going to continue to deprive myself. Im not trying to lecture you, Im not perfect at all and I think I understand what youre going through I just would hate for you to get another surgery only to find that wasnt the problem. I have several family members that have gotten gastric bypass and they are obese and eligible for the surgery (based on bmi) again. Do you really want to risk another procedure if you cant honestly say you have given this one your best? Why dont you try to go back to Protein shakes and a small meal or just shakes for a month, drink nothing but Water and keep working out at least 3x/wk then see where you are at the end of the month? If you dont lose anything, decide your sleeve is defective and remove whatever you want, but if you do lose consider that life just sucks for you and you have to work harder than other people. If the latter turns out to be the case take solace in the fact that you are not alone.
  5. Hello again. I have been gone for some time and I am back to ask for some advice. I am trying to be healthier in general after some setbacks and difficulties. In an effort to jumpstart my weight loss and also to create a revolution of sorts in my own life I am doing the 22 day revolution which basically means becoming a vegan for a bit. While I have no intention on becoming a vegan long term, it is truly making me examine my relationship with food and perhaps even more importantly alcohol. Im wondering if there is anyone that has done this or that is a vegan with the sleeve? He requires that you eat 3 meals per day, no snacking. However I am unable to eat the meals that he suggests because they are too large and then I feel entitled to snack when I get hungry again. It is either that or stuff myself beyond capacity, I'm not sure either of these is the right way to handle the situation. I am thinking I should just continue to eat the meal that I was unable to finish instead of bingeing on pistachio nuts, but I digress. Any advice or info from anyone else that has done this would be greatly appreciated.
  6. You know what? The other day I was at the gym and I was walking to the weights I thought man if I could just be the size of that lady I'd be happy, when I got closer I realized I was that lady. I swear sometimes I think my body is gross just because its my body. I am so much harder on myself than I am on other people, and Im sure Im not alone. It is happening more and more often that I look at pictures of myself and think wow, I look skinny, and Im still over 200 lbs. Chances are we are all being too hard on ourselves and if someone doesnt like your body theyre a superficial asshole (especially if they are getting to see your body and thats all they care about) and youre better off without them. In the meantime, speak to yourself like you would to someone you love, look at pictures often, and hope that this too shall pass.
  7. I agree with lipstick lady (apparently some things never change) you are eating a lot of calories. I am almost two years out and unless I eat bad food all day (pizza, hot wings, etc.) because of the small amount that I am able to eat I am usually topping out at 700-8-- calories. You have to watch the juice, wine is my vice and I am embarrassed to say I recently looked at the number of calories I was drinking and was suddenly in awe of the fact that I have managed not to gain weight. If you hate your protein shake it is no good so I would suggest chike coffee protein (if you like coffee) I look forward to drinking it every morning. I also think trying all protein shakes might be a good idea just to kind of reset yourself and your relationship with food. Just remember you might not be where you want to be, but at least youre not where you were.
  8. This is such a good topic. I had my surgery almost two years ago and though I have lost over 100 lbs I am so unhappy with my body. I dont mean to complain, I am healthier and smaller by far, but I am saggy, I do lift weights in an effort to combat that but there is definitely some skin, that I am pretty sure I wont be able to work off. I constantly make collages to remind myself of where I started and that makes it a little easier for me to not be so hard on myself. Other than pictures I dont have any great advice and I am looking for answers myself.
  9. I can relate to what you are going through. At my highest I was 336 and I was terrified that if I got the sleeve I would start losing weight and wouldnt be able to stop. Imagine my surprise when less than a year after surgery, my weight loss came to a screeching halt. I thought that I was eating well, and I was exercising more than anyone I know but I stopped losing. In retrospect what I thought was eating well usually consisted of a venti white chocolate latte from starbucks with 6 shots of expresso, chased with wine later that night. Im not saying that you are doing any of these things, I am telling you the things I was doing that I didnt count. In Nov of 2014 I weighed 232 and I thought wow this is as good as it gets? That sucks. Well I can tell you that I dont lose weight as quickly as other people, I just dont. My aunt got sleeved weeks before me, she can eat way more food than I can and never goes to the gym, we are the same weight. I have a friend that got bypass 6 months ago, she weighs 230. I have been hovering between 205-215 and struggling to get under 200. For me giving up alcohol is huge. I think it is really easy to drink calories and not even think about it. Even though you may not lose weight as easily/quickly as others at the end of the day it all comes down to diet and exercise, I just thought with the sleeve I would need less of both.
  10. anybody get sleeved with him? i hear he prefers gastric bypass and want to be prepared for my appointment thats coming up
  11. So I have lost about 50 pounds since my surgery, and while I would like to have lost more weight, that is a tangent. The real point is I am starting to notice my body is making changes for the worst not better. I dont really know how to describe it, Im hangy, droopy, wavy, loose, cellulitey etc.I am glad to be losing weight, but I recently accidentally discovered that I have thigh hang on the inside of my upper thighs. The skin is lose and Im pretty sure empty of anything other than skin. It hangs equally from both thighs and makes the front of my thighs look gross and full of cellulite. My boobs are pretty much dead, they have mostly disappeared and they lay on my thighs like flat sand filled socks one might use to stop a draft from under a door. When I put my arm in the air to put on deodorant a big donut of fat slides down to the top of the arm, Finally I have lost 5 inches off my booty. Please tell me this gets better, I am kinda scared that the more weight I lose, the more skin will appear to ooze from unsuspecting places, while my boobs and booty continue to disappear. Does your body appear to be melting too? How are you dealing with /fixing it? To clarify, I think my old body was gross too but am surprised to find that i prefer the before to the after pictures.
  12. I guess I expected to have some loose skin but not everywhere and not already. If my thighs can be tied in a bow I dread what they will look like when I have reached my goal. Lipstick Lady if I was a size 12 Im sure I would be a lot more optimistic but I still wear my size 24 and 26 clothes, while they are a little baggy, I can roll the pants down and they fit fine, which is discouraging.
  13. i have pretty much not been losing weight the same as i was in the beginning. I am only 6 wks out and trying not to get discouraged. I keep fluctuating between 287 and 290. I do not do everything perfectly and do not mean to imply that I do but I certainly eat significantly less than I ever have in my life. I eat less than my 8 year old, I am constantly wasting food. I have been bouncing between these two weights for 3 weeks now, and I noticed just recently that now that I am eating food I have pretty much stopped drinking protein shakes. I am supposed to be having 2/day based on my current diet plan. I started having one a day and then before I knew it, I wasnt drinking them at all. I wonder if this might be having an effect on my weight loss. It seems to me like it should be 2-300 less calories a day but I wonder if the protein has some fat burning property I was unaware of?
  14. Is there such a thing? I went back to an old love my fitness pal today and after tracking my food I saw that I am at 75 g of protein. My daily goal is 80 but if I drink the other protein shake I am supposed to I will be at a whopping 105 g for the day. Can this cause a protein gut to replace the melting flubber one I currently have? Is this protein magically turned into muscle and keratin to save my hair from falling out? Should I drink that last shake tonight or will it cause me to go into protein overload and stay fat?
  15. angry

    WLS Cover-up Story

    You may be worrying for no reason. Before the surgery I stressed about what I would tell people (not including family) because I didnt want everyone to know. I got my sleeve on a Friday and went back to work on Monday. It has been seven weeks and I have lost 32 lbs. No one has any idea I did anything. I thought oh the weight is going to melt off of me and I will be so skinny people will have questions. In real life I still wear the same size clothes and no one that doesnt know I had the surgery knows that I have lost a pound. In the interim, I have started saying that I am on a diet, and not consuming alcohol (in public) so that in the event I do start to have the lbs melt off of me, it will make sense.
  16. I bought some oikos greek yogurt under the impression (b/c i didnt read) that it was fat free. it was not but it was the best yogurt i have ever eaten in my life and it has like 15 g of protein in it. (toasted coconut vanilla and cafe latte). it has 4.5 g of fat in it and im not even sure about sugar. anybody on here eat this? about how much fat do you eat per day?
  17. ok apparently i am a fat ass. i am 6 weeks out and i can eat a 6 inch sub from subway without the bread. i am full at the end but i am not uncomfortable or in pain, and i assumed that was a decent meal until reading this thread. i think that as time goes on you will feel really happy about the surgery, and since you are a guy im sure youll lose lots of weight really quickly and you wont have a crazy stall. i love pasta and want to have some one day too and i hope that doesnt mean the surgery was a waste of time. theres a girl on here right now that is 1 yr and 8 mths out and said she eats whatever she wants, she weighs 165 and i want to be her when i grow up. btw gamergirl you look great.
  18. they did it like a week before my surgery. no one told me what they were testing for but i asked and she confirmed it was to make sure i was not on any drugs and to catch the carbon in my blood if i was a closet cigarette smoker.
  19. I was reading someones blog today and they said they are not allowed to drink 30 minutes before a meal in addition to after. Is this anybody elses rule? What is the reason? I have been drinking pretty much right up until I start eating, but sometimes I think that I am full very quickly because I have too much water in my stomach for food (if thats possible) and I will notice I get hungry again pretty quickly once I start drinking 30 minutes later. I had decided I was crazy and obsessed with food so I disregarded it, maybe this is the reason?
  20. i think it depends on the surgeon. i am pretty sure that my surgeon does and if you are positive he makes you do a substance abuse program before surgery. to be on the safe side drink all the water you can and try to get in some exercise. you could also go to a smoke shop and pick up something to clean your system.
  21. girl that belly does not exist and i am so jealous. are you a workout fiend? you dont look like you have a drop of loose skin anywhere. also do you eat all fat free?
  22. angry

    4 Womens Eyes Only...: )

    I got my period 8/16 during surgery (super cute) I am on cycle with my daughters whos just went off. I have lost 31 lbs i am cranky and starving but no period to speak of here either.
  23. angry

    420 and gastric sleeve

    if you are presurgery and have been smoking for 10 years i would definitely stop at least a month before hand as it stays in the system of heavy users longer and it is stored in the fat cells. I think that there is a drug test that you secretly take before they do the surgery and my surgeon required anyone that disclosed illegal drug use to complete a substance abuse treatment program before surgery (which seems like it would suck). After I dont really know, I have not smoked in a long time and I am pretty scared to try it after all the ulcer talk my dr. did. Im sure I havent quit forever though so I am interested in the responses
  24. angry

    95lbs gone!

    you were a brick wall now your a brick house get it girl!
  25. to clarify i know i cant drink during or for 30 mins after (which is still really hard but i dont) i just had never heard that you couldnt drink prior to eating. like i said i usually drink right until i start to eat to try to stop myself from being thirsty but i hold out after