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  1. Lai84_

    Restless Legs?

    I've been experiencing this also for about 3-4 weeks. It's unnerving!!!! I wonder what it could be
  2. Lai84_

    Single mom

    Hey bigmama! I'm almost 5weeks post op. I remember being terrified that I wouldn't see my babies for the two day hospital stay. That was harder for me than the actual surgery. The best advise I can give you is make sure you can get as much done before surgery. Laundry. Grocery shopping, clean house, etc. have a support group. My sister helped me the first two weeks. Then I was fine to fall back into a normal routine. You'll be fine!
  3. Lai84_

    Baby Food?

    If you're looking for something convenient and organic, Ella's Kitchen is amazing. It's in a pouch so it's perfect for tossing in your purse for a busy day.
  4. Lai84_

    I week post op:)

    Lemon is fine. I add lemon and cucumber to my iced water. The taste is amazing in the heat
  5. Lai84_

    Pureed Stage

    Oh that sucks! That's what I had for lunch. Unfortunately I haven't experienced much that my yummy doesn't like
  6. Lai84_

    1 month post op

    Thank you so much! Yes, I was training with him all the way up to the Thursday before my surgery on Tuesday 6-4. I started last week. I obviously can't go as hard as I did preop because of my low calorie intake but its definitely a workout
  7. And I hit a stall BUT when I was looking at pictures on my phone I noticed what a huge different a month makes! I'm so excited to see what the rest of this year brings! Kicked but with my trainer today I'm feeling great!
  8. Lai84_

    Sooo excited NSV!

    That's amazing! In 8 weeks you'll be able to make a matching clutch out of the leftover fabric
  9. Lai84_

    Pureed Stage

  10. Lai84_

    Pureed Stage

    Ninja works great. Thank goodness I was able to save the money and use my baby brezza! I love it! It steams and blends on its own.
  11. Lai84_

    Pureed Stage

    Have you tried the ricotta bake? My favorite seems to be cottage cheese with a tiny bit of applesauce. Or Beans with a tiny bit of sour cream. Avocado with a tad of lemon? I love egg whites and cheese.
  12. Lai84_

    Pureed Stage

    While I was playing with my baby's baby food maker it dawned on me I check the website. I remembered they have TONS of recipes that I can enjoy also. Try some! Hope this helps http://www.babybrezza.com/Recipe_pg.php?thisitem=14
  13. Lai84_

    California? Anyone...ツ

    That's great! I tried going back to my trainer on Monday and almost passed out. Didn't realize how fat I would burn up the little bit of calories I take in. Baby steps
  14. Lai84_

    Surgery June 25, 2013

    I'm glad your home and well! Congrats!!!

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