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  1. I am so happy with my progress! At my heaviest I weighed 303lbs, at my weigh in today I am now 188lbs, so in total I've lost 115lbs, I lost half before surgery and half after. While I am happy with what I've achieved I am finding it psychologically hard to deal with! I still see myself bigger ( the way I used to be ) and also the attention I am now getting from people! Does anyone feel this way? If so how do u cope and what should I do? I am currently waiting to see a psychologist to talk about it, however, how can I help myself in the meantime x
  2. I was in pain for over a week, bout an 8 but as a single parent I still had to run about after my son, cook clean ect. So I never really had any rest time. However 3 months later and 70lbs lighter the pain and discomfort is more than worth it x
  3. Lol x we don't have those brands ???? but I have been diluting with various juices but seriously running out if flavours I enjoy. Just miss an ice cold water, ill be happy come winter, just trying to get through this heat. X
  4. Hi I was sleeved on the 16th may, but just in the past few weeks every time I drink water I get acid reflux and its driving me crazy as I thought water would be alright!!! I cannot stomach tea as it makes me sick and I'm not a big coffee person. I do drink dilute but with this heat wave the UK is having I really need water! Can anyone advise me on what I can do? Oh and does anyone else have mad cravings for ice? Lol I've suddenly gone mad for ice after having surgery x
  5. Uk.honey

    OMG Surgery Aug 8th !

    Shela don't worry! It can be very nerve wracking, but once all the surgery and adjusting to a new way of life is done, you will realise it was all worth it x I'm currently rocking a brand new pair of shorts! ( I've never wore shorts before) I'm down 4 dress sizes and loving it!!!!! ????
  6. Uk.honey

    3 weeks post op

    And jenlen I also struggle with head hunger at times!!!! It's a real pain but I've learnt to accept that even though I want it, my stomach will not accept it! X
  7. Uk.honey

    3 weeks post op

    At 3 weeks ( I'm now 8 weeks) I was still on liquids only and dying to start pureed. I also struggled with all the liquids but it all solves itself and at my check up I was doing fine. I guess u learn how to listen to ur body, it knows what it needs and will soon tell u if ur not getting enough x it starts to become slightly easier when u move onto soft and crispy stage, u then realise how tiny ur stomach really is!!! I struggle to eat a slice of toast ( really well done and a small slice ) it's amazing how little u spend on shopping!! Lol x
  8. Uk.honey

    OMG Surgery Aug 8th !

    Ur welcome jeanie x and by the way my family was dead set against it, in fact it was difficult to find a person who thought I was doing the right thing. But now they are all full of compliments and commenting on how well I've done x keep ur head held high Hun and be strong! X
  9. It's all normal! I had my sleeve on the 16th of may and I would say the first month is the biggest learning curve when it comes to ur new stomach! My stomach still is noisy lol but that's because it digests foods/ liquids quicker. Another shocker is how much ur tastes change!! I used to love tea, cheese ect but now I hate them!!! I now love peppers and chicken which I didn't like before x
  10. 16th of may and down from 275lbs to 218lbs so 54lbs loss x I feel amazing now but by god what a journey it has been lol x you all are doing amazing x keep up the good work x
  11. Uk.honey


    Be glad you get checked before surgery. I found I had it after surgery and am now struggling to take all the tablets to treat it ( with my stomach being so small) x
  12. I tell them the truth as there is nothing to be ashamed of. ( and I especially had to tell the truth as one of the mothers at school though I was taking illegal drugs as I had lost so much weight lol) had surgery in may and I've lost 57lbs so far ???? x
  13. Uk.honey

    OMG Surgery Aug 8th !

    Hi Hun , it does all seem to go fast but it is worth it in the end. I was sleeved on 16th of may this year and I'm down from 275lbs (pre op diet) to 218lbs! It is such an eye opening journey that will bring out millions of emotions ( mine was head ????) it's so hard at times but everything u experience solves itself ( the head hunger solved itself when I went on pureed foods) good luck on ur journey, ur going to do amazing xxxx
  14. Uk.honey

    mayy sleeverss

    I was sleeved on 16th and I'm STARVING!!! But still on liquids only ( milk, water soup) I start pureed on Thursday and cannot wait!! I walk loads so my energy is gone cannot wait to feel normal again!
  15. Uk.honey

    May sleever

    I agree, it is so difficult to watch everyone but then you get people going wow how much weight have you lost!!!! And you think to yourself hey it's all worth it in the end ????x and yes we are going to make it!!! And ty for your reply xxx