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  1. lorrieann1

    Any july 8 sleevers?

    I don't have a number in mind really. I just figure I will know at the point I feel good. The 150's would probably make me happy. I am feeling so good already. I'm probably thinner now than I've been in 20 years! Haha
  2. lorrieann1

    Any july 8 sleevers?

    Doing well. I was just wondering about everyone myself. Started at 217 and down to 174. I've had to empty my closet twice and need to do so again. My monthly support group has clothing exchanges too. Feeling good and wishing I had done this sooner!
  3. lorrieann1

    Fall cravings

    Thanks to JessicaAnn for the creamy salsa recipe. I made this for my family today and they loved it. I think next time I will add a can of beans for a little more protein boost but the chicken shredded so nice that it went down well for me!
  4. lorrieann1

    Weight gain after surgery

    I weighed in surgery day at 206 i think and I left weighing 219. I thought "what the heck did I do?" But thanks to the knowledgeable people here I realized that was water weight and GAS omg the GAS! I lost it within 10 days or so though. Hang in there!!
  5. lorrieann1

    Fall cravings

    Reading all of these has made me hungry!!!
  6. lorrieann1

    July sleevers please check in..

    7/8/2013 HW: 217 SW: 206 CW: 182 Funny as it sounds, I get confused if my HW was 217 or 219...the 200's almost feel long gone now!
  7. lorrieann1

    9 months before and after pic

    Wow, you look incredible! Congratulations!
  8. lorrieann1

    Any july 8 sleevers?

    I was just wondering how everyone was doing! My highest weight was 219....weighed in today at 182! Feeling fabulous!
  9. lorrieann1

    I lost what?

    A cinder block! Haha
  10. lorrieann1

    Any july 8 sleevers?

    Hope the vacation part is at least fun. I'm one week into a huge kitchen remodel so its really been tough. Thankfully my husband and I don't eat much having both been sleeved or we might starve. At least I can still get in my Proteins via drinks, yogurts, cheese, etc. but we have eaten out more which doesn't always agree with me. Happy with progress so far since we've now made it to the 8 week mark. Down to 186. I just broke a 2nd stall that lasted about 10 days. I have so much more energy now! Feels really good. Hope everyone is doing well!!
  11. lorrieann1

    Weird Noises

    Totally normal and it does eventually stop. I'm almost 8 weeks out and my tummy no longer makes sounds like a freight train rolling through the house! Thank goodness!
  12. lorrieann1


    Congratulations! What a super feeling!
  13. lorrieann1

    Surgery a week apart

    That's so cool that you are embarking on this journey together. My husband and I had ours 15 months apart. If you are like I was, at the end of week 1 I was beginning to feel better. Take care of one another! It's a great journey I am finding out!