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    Today I got THE call.....well, the email actually...the subject line: "APPROVED!" the body of the email "call me so we can go forward". I had been in touch with Stefanie for a month or so following my progress and keeping her updated with the status of all the tests and various appointments. When I saw the email, one eye started leaking (who, me cry? No, that wasn't a tear rolling down my cheek....I didn't realize how concerned I was about getting approved right away--..that was against the odds due to new ins. rules---but they approved me anyway................this morning I was a wreck---no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't get through to the dr's office w/o interruptions----I started to wonder "is this a sign? perhaps I shouldn't go through with it" But I squashed those thoughts---and quick! People kept coming in and out of my office (usually it's a dead zone), someone set up an appointment with me & an auditor, but neglected to tell me---so I had to stop everything and play gopher, digging through files for the required records---I'm always the last to know LOL.....so I tried to call a little later, and while I'm on the phone, someone picks up a random extension and starts dialing, disconnecting me & my doctor's office--and they did this twice! I was a nervous wreck to begin with, and all of these shenanigans just made me more anxious and shaky----and I was shaky for a few hours afterwards---too excited and thankful and scared to death, all at the same time. It's hard to imagine in 20 days I will be sitting on the losers' bench. It's taken me years to get to this point, and many thanks are extended to the VST members who shared their experience, offered their input, and have been candid about the good and the not so good parts of WLS......thank you. I "think" I'm ready for what's ahead....I've been reading everything I can about VSG---I am absolutely obsessed.....BUT is anyone REALLY fully and completely prepared for this? I don't think so---until after the actual surgery.....I'm so glad that I know I may have buyers' remorse initially, hormones will be out of whack, there can be stalls along the way, and everyone's body does not lose at the same pace.......the liquid pre-op diet is not fun, but hopefully I'll keep my attitude in check....if not, you have the right to call me out due to my bad attitude LOL ..I believe if I can't follow the pre-op diet, I have no right to show up for surgery come 8/6.............because the real challenge will be what comes after the surgery.....Be good to yourselves & those around you......Until next time......

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