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  1. beachsleever

    July sleevers please check in..

    Sleeved July 29th lost about 41 pds
  2. beachsleever

    July 29th?

    I was sleeved on the 29th too!
  3. After tomorrow I will be joining the loser's bench.Thank God! It is finally my turn. Please pray for a speedy and painless recovery and a successful surgery. Thank you all for your support and information thus far. I look forward to updating everyone and taking before and afters to encourage newbies! Blessings
  4. It be nice to talk to you during this journey.
  5. beachsleever

    Any Miami, Fl Pre-sleevers?

    WOOOWZERS! That is awesome!
  6. beachsleever

    Any Miami, Fl Pre-sleevers?

    RanDUMB Question: How do you all get the weight loss ticker to show up underneath your posts?
  7. beachsleever

    Any Miami, Fl Pre-sleevers?

    ClinicalNurse82 I had some set backs so I am finally getting sleeved this Monday the 29. I am so happy for you. You are down 68 pounds A-MAZ-ING!!!! It makes me so sad about all of these set backs but it is finally happening I am will be there soon. Do you go to the support groups?
  8. beachsleever

    July sleevers! Are we ready!

    *no one is getting surgery the same date I am...
  9. beachsleever

    July sleevers! Are we ready!

    I am the 29th ..... I guess no is getting sleeved with me.
  10. beachsleever

    July 30th anyone?

    Close...the 29th.
  11. It has been a long journey but it is only the beginning. 3 months of pending and changes and now it is finally going to happen! So where are my sleeve sisters and brothers at?
  12. My has been pending since May.This post gives me hope. At that last minute my insurance told me, I must see a pulmonologist. I could have done that in May! Anywhoo, I am glad I completed all of the new requirements and have been tentatively scheduled for the 22 of July with the provision of approval. Congrats...I so know the feeling. Everything in its time!
  13. Awesome....Congrats on those arms!!!
  14. beachsleever

    One year Today

  15. Till June....oh well...there is a reason for everything! I am still smiling!????
  16. beachsleever

    Any Singers Sleeve

    thanks everyone.,,
  17. Has the sleeve restricted your ability in any way.
  18. beachsleever

    Addicted to VST

    You are sooo NOT alone in this addiction.... :wub:
  19. beachsleever


    Almost there...trying to imagine the new lifestyle and how I will adjust...just a little nervous.
  20. beachsleever


  21. beachsleever


    That's has happened to me. One moment I am eating things I know I will surely miss and the next I just want to be healthy and hardly eat a bite...disgusted by the ingredients. The catch 22! Lol!
  22. beachsleever


    Thanks I find myself talking to God more these days than ever. I agree it is the unknown...
  23. beachsleever

    Any Miami, Fl Pre-sleevers?

    I receive a date for this month! See you at the meetings.

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